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CrowdFunding promotion WO-FI - revolutionary wood 3D printing filament

posted Mar 13, 2015, 1:19 AM by J Shaw   [ updated Mar 13, 2015, 1:43 AM ]

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WO-FI - Wood filament for 3D printing with the largest percentage of wood content so far!

"Hello world, I am here and I am on my way to you!"  (by WO-FI)

Hi everyone, we are       

        Jure                  and Rok.      

As for the movie goes: "Dammit Jim, I am an engineer, not an actor!"

We are two young engineers from Slovenia, each specialised in it's own field of study (Rok studied chemical engineering, and Jure studied geology). Our combined knowledge was enough to get us through most of the obstacles in the field and in the laboratory.

We would like to introduce our idea, in which we are trying to produce a 3D printing filament, that would have a high percentage of wood in it and would consist of only one wood type.

Nowadays, 3D printing is already knocking on your own front doors, it has become affordable to almost anybody. The eye to hand coordination is no longer needed, you don’t have to excel in sculpture or in carpentry. You only need to know how to get your idea from your head on to a computer, and 3D printing capabilities to extract it from your computer into reality. 

But (this may sound old to you) there is a catch. The filaments for the 3D printers are very expensive, the special hybrid ones in particular, but NOT WO-FI. It will be affordable for everyone. 

WO-FI (as we like to call it), stands for wood filament and is a new type of filament for 3D printing. It has the highest percentage of wood content on the world market, it is made entirely of one wood type (example: pine, spruce, beech) It is biodegradable, recyclable and above all, environmental friendly!


(Why should you choose WO-FI?)

Highest wood % on the market



Different wood types are used (would you like some pine with that oak, Sir?)

Different colour according to the printing temperature

(Note that the colours on the Chart are not the ones you get during printing)

No odour


(get to know WO-FI quite a bit better)


Our goal was to create a filament for 3D printing with high percentage of wood content. As you know, the highest nowadays wood filaments made by others have reached a good 38 % of wood content. But our formula is better – we have reached a 50% wood content! The other half consist of a mixture of biopolymers.


When trying to come up with a new mixture for 3D printing filament, a lot of different parameters were had to be taken into consideration. 

Step by step, we established a testing protocol, which every wood type had and will have to pass in order to be even considered for a later test extrusion. 

We tested the temperature responsiveness of wood types themselves, the interaction of wood, the lignin inside the wood, and the added bio adhesives, all according to different temperature changes. Than we tested the wood type’s interaction with PLA and other bio polymers as a function of temperature, and the material’s durability was tested before and after each test. 


Those biopolymers are 100% biodegradable, naturally that goes for the wooden part of the filament as well. The tests of biodegradability and recyclability were conducted in controlled laboratory environment - respirometer (controlled air temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure) under changing boundary conditions. The product will decay in 60-90 days when exposed to the right outdoor conditions. So don’t make any support beams for your shed with it, or you may find your roof on the ground in a month or so. 


When doing our lab experiments, we were already aware, that certain types of filament change their colour due to temperature of printing. We were however surprised, when we found out, that this mixture of biopolymers and wood reacts consistently with the right temperature.

In other words, the colour stays the same when the extruder head’s temperature does not deviate too much. So, want to print in different colour with the same filament? Choose WO-FI!


The mixture that is latter used in our filament was carefully chosen, so that the characteristics of the filament would not differ too much from the existing ones on the market. We wanted to create something new, but still compatible with most 3D printers – meaning, that the diameter will be set at 1,75 mm, and that the printing temperatures will be set at 170° C to 210°C. The filament will come in 0,5 kg and 1 kg variety, so that you can test it first completely before moving on and buying a larger filament more suitable for you needs. The first prototype was tested on multiple 3D printers, and the results were encouraging.



Due to the biopolymers non existing smell, the only odour during printing is the wood’s one. So, remember those pine tree air-fresheners you like to keep in your car? Did you like something like that? Choose WO-FI!


The first product is out now, and it is currently on its way to get the CE certification approval. The first tree, that contributed its wood to our research, was a spruce. We have successfully merged the spruce’s pre-grinded saw dust with the biopolymers, and the results are in front of you:

The filament is 1, 75 mm in diameter, so it can be used on variety of 3D printers on the market. Its operating temperature is between 170-210°. 



At this moment, the only thing we require is an industrial extruder, with a double mixing input option, with which we can start to mass produce our filament. Such extruder is essential for our needs, because it will provide us with the capability of precise control of the mixing procedure. 

Ofcourse some of the founding will be spent on the transport costs for the extruder to get to us, and the installation procedure, but overall, no additional cost are predicted for the raw materials needed for the filament, for we already have those at our disposal. 

What are you going to get from our venture?

Nothing more and nothing less than a complete 3D printing experience. Sure, you need a 3D printer for this, and some basic knowledge on how to operate it, but as for the filament goes, leave that to us.

Our perks consist manly of huge discounts when buying our filament, but don't miss out on the cool promotional material too.

Examples - Keyring with logo 


or a T shirt with logo (there will be more colours available later on, check for updates):

We are predicting issues with the new types of filament, which has never before been tested, but we have succeeded with one wood type, so we are very optimistic on tackling the next challenge. Our team consist of engineers from every branch needed to cope with any problems thrown our way. 

What ever problems we had with the first one, we already know how to overcome them, so there shouldn't be any major setbacks heading our way. 

We have the know how, the raw resources needed and the will do go on a larger scale production, there is just this one piece of equipment missing. Please help us get it and allow us to share this wonderful new product with you.  

Similar products?

We know there are more similar products on the market, and some will say that WO-FI is not a new product, and we’d like to clarify this. 

WO-FI may not be a NEW IDEA of a product, but it is an ENHANCED one! The wood content in other filaments is way lover than in WO-FI. So, would you like to print with PLA plastic that looks like wood, or do you want to print with wood, which uses plastic as “mortar”? 


If you like our project but you can't contribute, please consider sharing it via E-Mail, Facebook or other social media with your friends and family. This will help us a lot to spread the word!

Thank you in advance!

Shipping cost (Regular international post): Pay with your contribution to receive your items:

Rank 1:

  • Internal shipping in Slovenia: 5 EUR
  • European countries inside the European union 19 EUR
  • European countries outside the EU:  20 EUR
  • USA & Canada: 40 EUR
  • Other countries: 40 EUR
Rank 2:
  • Internal shipping in Slovenia: 7 EUR
  • European  countries inside the European union: 28 EUR
  • European countries outside the EU:  30 EUR
  • USA & Canada50 EUR
  • Other countries50 EUR
Rank 3:
  • Internal shipping in Slovenia: 11 EUR
  • European Countries inside the European union: 40 EUR
  • European countries outside the EU:  42 EUR
  • USA & Canada: 60 EUR
  • Other countries60 EUR
Tracking of shipment is possible, contact us via e-mail for the tracking code!
Important tips:
Be advised, in some countries you may be subjected to customs inspection and payment of additional tax. Contact your customs administration to check if your package could get submitted to examination. 
For people donating via Paypal we would like to make clear, that we will not be able to deliver the perks within the 30 days deadline as per usual on Paypal. Our estimated dates of delivery are listed with the perks themselves.
We have decided to send shipments via regular post, due to the nature of this campaign and the unlimited shelf time of our product. Later on, we will send packages via UPS, DHL and TNT regularly.

Need more information?

If you have any question or concern, please contact us on email at and we will answer as soon as possible!

"Give wood a second chance!"

Your H'nR Team