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CrowdFunding promotion VOD Release

posted May 12, 2015, 12:04 AM by J Shaw   [ updated May 12, 2015, 12:14 AM ]

A streaming offer which allows you to watch films online as soon as they come out in the theaters.

Promote the first global community for movies: Cinema comes home!

The need to watch films as soon as they are out: Day and date release for movies!

Tom’s an avid film fan. He knows that Hunger Games 3 came out in cinemas on November 15, but he doesn’t want to wait for the film’s release  and he certainly would rather not have to pay over USD 10 to see it in the theater. The choice for him is simple: either he’ll patiently wait for the VOD release, at best, some four months later, or he’ll rush onto an illegal streaming site. For the moment,Tom’s likely to go for the latter alternative although he would be willing to pay less than USD 10 a  streaming film just released in theater.

What people usually think: "People want to see films they are interested in, and they want to see them now. Day-and-date release is when a film becomes available in theaters and VOD all on the same day…". 

We are currently creating the first global offer (app and website) for film fans with the lastest movies in Premium VOD from Monaco. We develop the ulimate release date for movies "worldwide".

Our offer: 

VOD Release®  will propose a new experience for film fans (Digital Home Cinema)! This experience has already begun, it only needs the latest content available to all on the global web from Monaco.

The advantage we have over indirect and direct competitors is three-fold:

- Legal Offer, Immediate Availability, Ultra High Definition.

- Launch in 3 languages: 

English, Spanish & French, we will offer movies in these languages and original version  with or without subtitles.

In a second time an easy muti-lingual player will be launched.

At the beginning we will offer transactional VOD business model, between USD 6.99 and USD 9.99 per film. Each cost will be an added bonus for turnover major film studios.

An experienced team with exceptional partners:

Pascal Vallat is the Founder  of VOD Release®, with 15 years’ experience in the media as Advertising Director in large groups (CCTV, Bertelsmann). In the past he succeed it to develop the internet Lycos offer across Europe (search engine) and he recently created the CCTV (Chinese Channels) broadcasting offer across Europe (team recruitment and sales management).He worked for different kind of medias (Press, Web & TV). After 3 years of work on the project, he left his last job a year ago with the goal to develop the first Day & Date global movies offer for all, at anytime, anywhere & on any device, Cinema comes home... 

He is seconded by Sourabh Singh, CTO. EPITA graduate (Masters of Engineering International), he worked as an engineer for the following companies: Amadeus, HP and ATOS. 

VOD Release®already has the network backing of major U.S studios. VOD Release® has already negotiated with several major Hollywood film studios. 

Moreover, a Telecom Operator has already signed an agreement with VOD Release® to implement this offer across Europe to start (OTT*). *Over the top is a non-linear TV broadcasting system.

The solution: the first legal & global streaming platform, we propose the most disrupting offer for global Premium VOD users and films fan. We release the Date!

We need you to join our crew now!

We need you and your support to create the first worldwide same day release for movies over the internet, together we could create the best worlwide cinema experience at home!

The VOD Release® project is set to create the first platform broadcasting just-released American films worldwide, from Monaco. Thanks to its internet platform and its partnership with large American studios, anyone in Europe will be able to watch just-released films as soon as they come out in the US, legally and easily. The videos will be available on PC and Mac computers as well as on a range of mobile devices and also on connected TV sets. Our mission: raise funds, create an internet platform and our own player video player, draw film fans to the platform and nurture a new community around movies.


Our target:  

Families who want to watch the latest movies at home, fans who want to watch movies quality content on connected screens and all those willing to pay for new films and who do not necessarily like to use illegal website to find the movies of their choice, viewers who cannot, or don't want to, visit a movie theater. 

USD 1.7M funding from investors:

VOD Release® requires funding in two stages: USD 600K first, followed by USD 1,1M in order to:

o Develop the internet website.
o Set up applications for related support media (such as smartphone).
o Invest in communication (AdWords).
o Cover losses related to investments in the first two years.

Many thanks,

See you soon!