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CrowdFunding promotion Unity of Disparate Men - The Indian Dream

posted Apr 15, 2015, 12:49 AM by J Shaw   [ updated Apr 15, 2015, 12:49 AM ]

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Who are you? What is your story?

Our names are Harikrishnan, Ayush Param and Sanjay Reddy, and we are students in Bangalore, India.  We've always been dance aficionados, especially Western hip-hop and break dance routines. 

From left to right: HarikrishnanAyush Param, and Sanjay Reddy. 

One day, Harikrishnan had an idea for a film featuring dancers, with contrasting themes of love and hate, loss and accomplishment, trust and betrayal, and other such themes.After hitting dead ends in all attempts to raise sufficient funds, we had almost given up, until, one day, we accidentally found IndieGoGo online!! So, here we are!! Support the Dream Today!!

Describe your campaign.

We are campaigning to raise funds to make a film about two dance groups who compete with each other in a citywide competition. This campaign aims to fund all the five stages of development i.e. development, pre-production, production, post-production and distribution. 

Why is this campaign important?

This campaign is important for more reasons than just the film. In India, no process moves quickly, ESPECIALLY if you have no high-profile connections whatsoever, or refuse to bribe low-level executives to speed up the process, or both. Once our campaign ends, we will be financially capable of funding all five stages of developing our film. The film will release nine months from the end of our campaign (February 1, 2016), and in the opening credits and the ending credits, we will mention that WE FUNDED OUR FILM ON INDIEGOGO, AND WE DIDN'T NEED TO BE PART OF THE ELITE OR BRIBE ANYONE TO DO IT!!!!. Once we show that we funded our film online, the proverbial window of opportunity will open to other unknown dreamers who could have released BLOCKBUSTERS, but for the sheer impossibility of getting people to fund non-high-profile dreamers, no matter how good their idea. 20% of all profits from the film within the first three months of release will be used to set up a fund, which we will name Indiegogo Dreamers, the sole objective of which will be to promote the crowdfunding campaigns ofothers.

How much funding do you need?

2.7 crore Indian rupees, or 450,000 American dollars (Average ratio of dollar to rupee = 1:60) 

What will these funds be used for?

The cost of living in India is lower than the cost of living in most places in the First World. This, along with the average value of 1$ being 60 Indian rupees, makes it possible for us to finish all five stages of our film on $450,000. The breakdown of finances are as follows:-

Main cast:                                                                   15 persons
                                                                                       $5000 per person

Sup. cast:                                                                   10 persons
                                                                                       $1500 per person

Extras:                                                                        300 persons
                                                                                      $83.33 per person

Guest stars:                                                              3 persons
                                                                                      $25000 per person

SFX:                                                                             $5000

Director:                                                                     $41666.66

SFX Technicians:                                                    $13333.33

Junior college venues 

(for dance competitionscenes):                       $8333.33                  


 Film editors +
Costs of editing:                                                      $50000

Cost of set(s):                                                          $16666.66

Food costs concerning
those involved in the
film, while on set:                                                    $16666.66

Marketing:                                                                 $16666.66

Advertising:                                                              $25000

Contingency costs:                                                10% of total

Total:                                                                           $430830.4

However, we ask for $450,000 instead, on account of IndieGoGo fees once we reach our goal.

What unique perks do you offer?

Well, we offer nine different kinds of perks, from a link to watch the film and customized online wallpaper for $25, and to getting you in the credits for $100, to ALL other perks + naming a character in the film for $1000. 

What if funds don't reach the entire goal?

Well, I suppose if we have a substantial number of contributions in spite of not reaching our goal, we will start and finish as many of the stages of filmmaking as we can manage, and then then approach film producers and ask them to fund the stages we have left. We are not optimistic about getting them to take us seriously, though. More about that later.

Why is this campaign valuable to me and to the world? 

This campaign, and by extension this project, is valuable to you for one, and only one, reason. PERSONAL SATISFACTION. Supporting this campaign will mean that you can take pride in the fact that you supported the production of a dance film. Whether this film is a good thing to support or not is for YOU to decide. YOU must decide whether this campaign is worthy of your money and time.

The reason why this campaign is important to the rest of the world is extremely long winded, not to mention boring. If you wish to bore yourself to sleep, read our blog by following this link:

What are potential pitfalls for your campaign?

Unlike a few of the IndieGoGo campaigns we have browsed through, whose managers clearly did not put in enough effort with respect to research prior to the campaign, we have done a fair amount of research. We know that only about 3 out of 10 IndieGoGo campaigns succeed in reaching their goal. Now, we did a statistical analysis, factoring various variables, and found we had a 5.05% (1/20) chance of reaching our goal amount, not least because of how high it is. Now, we know we are trying to crowdfund a COLOSSAL project, but it's a genuine project. Our campaign is genuine, our perks are genuine, our intentions are genuine, and WE are GENUINE. 

What if we can't contribute, or don't want to?

Well, you obviously have a certain degree of interest in our campaign, or you wouldn't have read this far  If either of the above (in the question) is the case, if you believe in the importance of our campaign and the future of our project, spread the word about our campaign by sending our IndieGoGo campaign page and our links to as many people as you see fit, who can spread the word more at the least and contribute at the most i.e. MAKE SOME NOISE FOR US!!