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CrowdFunding promotion UON - First modular Android monitoring device

posted Mar 21, 2015, 10:11 PM by J Shaw   [ updated Mar 21, 2015, 10:11 PM ]

First modular device that ensures safety of the people you care about and the things you treasure.

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About us

UonMap is a company that provides a complex monitoring solution for home and business worldwide. Our services are focused on many aspects of life and combine Vehicle Monitoring, Smart Home, Security, Tracking and Safety of people. Up till now we haven't found a device which would let our users get maximum of our software services, that is why we decided to develop our own device. UON is a multifunctional Android smartphone which brings monitoring to a new level.


On the picture below you can find how we see UON design:


The design is not final yet and we may still change it in order to improve the device's appearance.  

And here's our first engineering prototype looks right now:


What makes UON different?

  • Modularity


UON is the first modular monitoring device. We're going to develop additional modules to increase the number of UON's features and meet all demands of our customers. The phone has 2 micro HDMI connectors at the bottom which allow you to connect the additional modules to the smartphone and get the data from them.

  • Cam Module


A Cam Module with 2 adjustable cameras allow you to use UON for effective remote video surveillance.

Here's how engineering prototype for tests with Cam Module looks without shell:


And here's how it looks on our prototype right now:

  • BLE (Bluetooth® 4.0)


Bluetooth® 4.0 provides connection with all external sensors (ex.: proximity, fuel level, motion, gas, smoke, temperature sensors and others) and prolongs the smartphone battery life. It works perfectly with our Security and Smart Home services. It is also used to connect to OBD-II scanning tool and monitor vehicle speed, rpm, engine temperature, fuel level, etc.

  • External GPS Antenna connector

The external antenna provides a better GPS signal which is needed to increase the location data accuracy, especially in buildings or cars where the signal is low.

  • High-sensitivity sensors

Such sensors as accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer are needed to detect an emergency situation and reproduce the car's motion path with the help of a 3D car model. We call this feature ESNaR – Emergency Situation Notification and Reconstruction.

  • SOS Button

SOS button on the back panel of the device. In case your seniors, kids or other relatives are in danger, they can instantly let you know about it by pressing the button.

  • Extended battery life

UonMap application uploads the data through the Internet that greatly decreases a battery life. UON battery has a significantly higher capacity and maintains operation longer than a usual phone battery.


UON Holder


The holder allows users to fix the phone in a car and fasten the Cam Module. It can be modified into a Black Box.

Black Box

Our special holder can be modified into a Black Box. It allows you to put UON into any hidden space in your car protecting it from scratches, physical damage, slight water splashes and dust. You won't see the phone working but will still be able to get the data from all sensors.

Here's our Black Box engineering sample:


NOTE. The Black Box case is not completely dust- or waterproof.


UON is carefully created to become a core part of UonMap services and provide the best user experience to its users.

Vehicle Monitoring allows to track the location of a vehicle; monitor what is going on inside and outside of a vehicle with cameras; remotely see current speed, rpm, engine temperature, etc. and read vehicle error codes with On-Board Diagnostics service. In case of an emergency you will be instantly alarmed and will be able to see a 3D model of a car, that exactly repeats the motion path of the car during the accident. This is our unique feature — ESNaR.

Safety. Our users can keep an eye on seniors, kids and other relatives using cameras; be notified if somebody enters or leaves a special geo-fenced zone; be the first to know about any emergency situation with the help of SOS button pressed by their relatives; be instantly alarmed in case of a car accident with the help of ESNaR system.

Smart Home. You can see what is going on inside and outside of your house with cameras, create a comfortable climate inside with temperature and humidity sensors and control all Smart Home appliances remotely from our website or mobile app.

Security. Protect home and office using cameras to monitor what happens inside and outside online; motion sensors to detect every unexpected movement, and gas and smoke sensors to be alarmed in case of fire.

Location. Track people, pets, vehicles and cargo online. We use GPS, Wi-Fi Positioning System (WPS) and A-GPS systems to provide the most precise location information.

For more information visit our website:

ESNaR - Emergency Situation Notification and Reconstruction


If UON is fixed in a vehicle, it will show you the vehicle's motion path with a 3D model of it in your UonMap Account. In case of an emergency situation you will instantly get a notification in your account and take actions to help people in the car. After that with the help of the 3D model you will be able to see exactly what happened at the moment of the accident and analyze the driver's actions on the road.

Top 7 Reasons why support UON

1. This is a completely new, promising project.

2. It may become extremely useful in your everyday life.

3. You can use UON together with our services as well as separately, without them.

4. The device is multifunctional and you can use it for various purposes, in different spheres.

5. UON is just the beginning. We will continue working on new modules and units. Share your ideas and suggestions! We'll be glad to hear them!

6. We invite software developers to cooperate with us and create software for UON.

7. Our services can be integrated with any other service with Web API.


Get involved!

We are willing to create an excellent product which will meet all requirements of our backers. Anyone is welcome to come up with new ideas which could make UON better. We will be happy to bring them to life!

Have an idea on how to improve hardware or what a new additional module should be like? Feel free to tell us! You have software in mind which may be useful for UON? We will be glad to know about it!

We also invite software engineers to cooperate with us and develop their own software for UON. We can offer UON without our services to other soft- and hardware developers or users who just want to enjoy UON. If you have your own platform and see our device as a part of it, we are glad to offer it.

Our appeal to you is to get involved and interact with us. Imagine what you would do with UON. We too will interact in Updates/Comments and on social networks.

The retail price for UON will be 250 USD (excluding shipping), so you're getting a deal by supporting us here. We're not going to sell UON in retail until all Kickstarter rewards are shipped.

Risks and challenges

After years of working intensively on UonMap, it's clear that we need your support to make it to the finish line. We will do our utmost to deliver UONs as promised, however our project has some risks which include:

1.  Manufacturing or certifications delays. We have specified a long delivery time-frame hoping that we will end up surpassing your expectations. However, we can not be absolutely sure that we will be able to produce UON by our published date. We will be 100% accountable with updates for every delay in the manufacturing process. We are dedicated to UON and won't stop until it is in your hands.

2. Some changes in product design and its specs may be implemented, as we're passionately waiting for your thoughts and ideas and want to make UON meet all your demands.