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CrowdFunding promotion Tweet Rocket - Twitter taken care of

posted Apr 9, 2015, 1:26 AM by J Shaw   [ updated Apr 9, 2015, 1:30 AM ]

The ultimate Twitter tool strengthened by our experienced social media team

Tweet Rocket completely takes care of your Twitter campaign, leaving you to focus on your business

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Tweet Rocket is a powerful social media service for organically growing your Twitter audience, with the backing of an expert social media team. This is it, in a nutshell:

What makes it different from any other social media tool, is that there is a real, human team of digital marketing experts who set up your campaign to work effectively no matter what industry you’re in.

Working prototype

In November 2014 we built an internal prototype of Tweet Rocket and launched it to the public as a proof of concept.

Worldwide signups

So far we’ve had customers sign up in over 6 countries, including:

Our customer base spans across over 12 sectors, including:

What people are saying:

Developed at the Sussex Innovation Centre at the University of Sussex

Tweet Rocket is being developed in Brighton; the 'silicon valley' of the UK. At the heart of it is The Sussex Innovation Centre, where we're based. Mike Herd is the executive director here and he shares his thoughts on Tweet Rocket so far...

We use basic information about your business when you sign up and immediately begin building your campaign. Upon going live, Tweet Rocket completely takes care of the following activities:

We always play nice with Twitter. So our team manually take care of:

...and of course:

We do deep research into your brand and industry niche, to ensure that we’re tweeting relevant and engaging content to your followers. We use feeds from around the web and create some of our own, so that we can tweet out the following types of content to your customers:

Automatically inserts relevant hashtags

Tweet Rocket automatically finds and replaces keywords with popular hashtags as well as adds relevant hashtags to the end of your tweets for maximum exposure and more growth.

After only a few months, we’re seeing excellent growth across all of our campaigns. The rate of growth varies depending on your industry.

Here are just some examples:

Clean and simple to use

We've made Tweet Rocket super clear and user-friendly unlike most other tools available. We designed the dashboard in a way that is easy enough for 'our parents' to use, yet advanced enough that us as a digital marketing agency can take full advantage of its capabilities.

Your own Tweet Rocket assistant

Tweet Rocket doesn't let you fend for yourself. So to make things even simpler, we're giving you your very own social media assistant, who will provide you with tips and assistance on anything that will help improve your account. 

Advanced feed finder

Our advanced feed finder lets you enter some basic keywords around your niche, which then automatically finds you high authority and powerful feeds that produce great content for your Twitter account and your followers.

Built for resellers

We've built Tweet Rocket with resellers in mind. Our customers are already reselling Tweet Rocket to their clients with a healthy markup and they've given us invaluable feedback on how Tweet Rocket should allow them to effectively manage their clients.

Customers are already reselling

Manage your account from anywhere

Tweet Rocket looks and feels great on every device. Monitor your campaign growth or make changes to your campaign on the go at any time.

Tweet Rocket Score - A measure of quality

As part of the beta, we have developed our own algorithm which scores all Twitter users on the quality of their account. To help score users, we look at factors like tweet activity, age of account, following/followers ratio and much more.

We use this score to suggest users to follow and unfollow, which we recommend to do on a daily basis. On certain packages, our team will do this for you, meaning you can take an entirely hands-off approach to your campaign if you wish.

Campaign timeline

We strive to deploy your campaign within 24-48 hours from sign up. Below is what a typical campaign timeline looks like:

We are Wonderlabs, a small digital marketing agency in Brighton (UK) and we’ve taken everything we’ve learnt over the past 8 years and created Tweet Rocket.

We’re using our wealth of experience of delivering successful marketing campaigns to our clients and packaged it up into a hybrid service to empower businesses all over the world to take advantage of social media no matter what their capabilities are, what their budget is or how much time they have.

The people behind the magic

Tweet Rocket is for anyone looking to grow their audience on Twitter without the time or knowhow to tweet interesting and engaging content to their existing followers. We’re making Tweet Rocket competitive and affordable for businesses of all sizes and hobbyists alike.

We recommend Tweet Rocket if you are a:

Right now, Tweet Rocket is still a side project as we still have existing clients whose digital marketing campaigns we manage. Getting funding would allow us to realise our dream and make the transition from a digital marketing agency helping dozens of businesses, to full-time Tweet Rocketeers, helping millions.Design and development for customer dashboard (with oAuth)

Funding will pay for design, development and testing costs for our most requested feature: a customer-facing, powerful dashboard. One that would give customers complete flexibility and control over their campaigns. By using Twitter oAuth, the dashboard will be fully integrated with Twitter’s API, which also makes signing up even simpler.

Full-time scalable team

The new version of Tweet Rocket will be more accessible, more affordable and quicker to sign up. With this in mind, we expect an increase in new customers. As all campaigns are setup manually by our team, more customers will require a larger team to setup the new campaigns. Funding will help us do this. Our goal is to also decrease the setup time from 48 hours to within 24 hours, so customer campaigns are up and running even quicker.

Improved infrastructure

Tweet Rocket currently runs across 4 local servers and is expensive to scale. We also have to pause campaigns in order to make adjustments to them. Funding would allow for scalable, secure and stable cloud hosting, making the platform more sustainable and wiping out any campaign downtime.

First-class customer support

Most of our time is spent carrying out our day to day work, whilst trying to set up new campaigns and maintain high levels of customer support for Tweet Rocket customers. Super difficult with multiple time zones!

With funding, we would be able to significantly reduce customer support time, whilst increasing customer satisfaction. We’ll be integrating systems like Intercomto ensure that feedback and support is always on hand, right within the dashboard.

We'll have a special beta version of Tweet Rocket for backers to use in June 2015. We'll get feedback from you and implement changes and suggestions and follow up with a full public release in late Summer 2015. All backers will get early access ahead of a public release.

We're giving away some great perks for you to enjoy when you contribute, including huge savings on Tweet Rocket subscriptions.

On the top perk, we're reserving 5 spots in our super secret global marketing campaign, where we're producing something really innovative to get the word of the rocket out there. We'd love to have you on board the Tweet Rocket.

Limited edition Tweet Rocket tee (as seen in the campaign video)

Risks and challenges

With every campaign being built manually, a challenge we'll face is turnaround time for campaign setups. When the new version of Tweet Rocket is open to the public, we estimate an influx of sign ups (hopefully). A good problem to have, but we're determined to keep setup time short to get you up and running as soon as possible. 

Funding will not only allow us to expand the team to cope with the load, but the new system will cut down setup time by 50% using our advanced feed finder, which takes up the majority of the time when setting up campaigns at present.

Please help spread the word about Tweet Rocket to your friends, family, enemies and co-workers via Twitter, Facebook, email, or any other means. You can find the share links at the top of this page. With your help we can reach our goal!

This FAQ is being continually updated as more questions are frequently asked

How come the new version is cheaper than the prototype version?

Right now, Tweet Rocket requires a lot of maintenance and updating campaigns is a very manual process. Customers email us the tweaks they want on their campaign and we go in and make the changes. With the dashboard, customers will be able to make their own changes, meaning less time spent on campaigns by us, so we can afford to lower the price.

I'm an existing Tweet Rocket customer. What does this mean for me?

If you've already been enjoying Tweet Rocket, you can continue doing so and your existing subscription won't be affected. When you contribute to this campaign, your subscription price will lower to the new pricing, meaning you save more money and receive a better product.

Can I still signup to the alpha version of Tweet Rocket?

Yes. You can still sign up at You'll still receive the high quality campaign setup and prompt customer service should you require changes to your campaign. Still a great option if you want to get started immediately.

Does Tweet Rocket support other languages?

Not at the moment, no. If we secure funding, we'll be exploring multiple language support for Tweet Rocket so that it can truly go global.

Are there discounts available for resellers?

We're still finalising pricing plans for resellers. But it's likely that you will be able to sign up a standard single user account and then you'll be able to purchase additional accounts in packs of 5, 10, 20+ etc at a discounted rate. Keep checking the campaign page for new perks related to reseller accounts.

What are the business benefits?

There're tonnes of resources out there that explain why Twitter is an effective marketing tool for businesses. But we'll summarise by saying that Tweet Rocket allows you to grow an uncapped, laser-targeted audience for your business, all of whom could be potential customers. This is at a fraction of the cost of other marketing channels and in a shorter space of time. 

What’s the best way to use Tweet Rocket?

The best way to use Tweet Rocket is to let it do its thing, whilst tweeting yourself every now and then. Because you know your business better than anyone (even Tweet Rocket!) and it adds more personality to the campaign. Whilst your account is growing, we encourage you to utilise your new found audience and build relationships with people by starting conversations with them.

How much of Tweet Rocket is automated and how much work is done by the team?

We strictly adhere to Twitter's guidelines to ensure that everything is above board and no accounts are suspended. Following and unfollowing are always carried out manually as automating these tasks is prohibited. The rest is all taken care of for you by Tweet Rocket.

How quickly will I see results?

This varies on your industry. Some sectors have a large presence on Twitter, others not as much. However, we've never run a campaign that hasn't shown significant growth within the first 3 months. 

Does Tweet Rocket support other social networks?

This is our long term vision for Tweet Rocket. At the moment, we think other tools do a pretty poor job of incorporating all social network management in a clean and simple way. So we want to nail down Twitter, take on board your feedback and make it awesome and then we'll move onto support for Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram etc.

Your website sucks...

Hey, that's not a question! But we'll address it anyway. Our current website was quickly thrown up as part of the proof of concept. It really is temporary until we get the time or funding to allow us to show off Tweet Rocket in all its glory. It's certainly in the works though.

I have questions, how can I reach your team?

For questions related to the Indiegogo campaign, feel free to email us at Otherwise, you can always reach us