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CrowdFunding promotion Training to be an Entrepreneur through Mentorship

posted Mar 15, 2015, 2:10 AM by J Shaw   [ updated Mar 17, 2015, 3:02 PM ]

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#StepUp2Inspire Young Girls & Women on the Path to Success through Mentorship!


The Step UP to Inspire campaign is about training young girls and women to be an entrepreneurs through mentorship.  It's a call-to-action for successful women to step up and reach back to help 15 young women realize their own success by mentoring and sharing their value.

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Have you ever been inspired, motivated, and guided by a woman who cared about your success?  

A long time ago, someone reached out to me and saw my potential when I didn't see it myself.  I was insecure, confused, and didn't know how to share my gifts and talents with the world. She took me under her wings and helped me on my path.  That is what mentoring is all about, and I believe as a successful woman entrepreneur, it is my responsibility to step up and inspire another young lady on her path to success.

My name is Kim Harris and I am the Creator/Visionary for the Stiletto Business Strategies™ brand.  You can learn more about me by clicking here.

I am very passionate about sharing information that transforms business and lives, and that is why I created the Stiletto Women Business Owners Symposium™, a live tour that travels across the U.S. and abroad.  This platform engages the most successful women entrepreneurs in their industry to share value and make a difference.  

The Stiletto Women Business Owners Symposium™ 2015 tour is on tap to visit 3 domestic cities and two international cities.  We have committed to awarding 15 scholarships within each city.  This represents 75 young girls and women between the ages of 16-30 who will be empowered with the information shared at our symposium and making important, possibly, life-long connections with successful women entrepreneurs.

Mentoring plays an important role in young lives, and this campaign will help us bridge the gap between those girls/young lades who don't have access to inspiring role models so they can realize their greatest possibility.

Here are some statistics on the importance of the mentoring relationship and how it impacts:

What We Need & What You Get
  • We need $7,500 to scholarship 15 young women and girls in Washington, D.C. on April 10, 2015.  Here is how it will be allocated:





1-Day Training Scholarship




Training Materials




Plagues & Acknowledgement Awards








Gift Bag









Grand Total for each City


  • We want to acknowledge your contribution and support in the most valued way we can provide, so here are some creative ways we will do that:
    • Stiletto Spotlight Business Coaching with Top Coaches from across the U.S.
    • Signature Step Up 2 Inspire T-Shirt
    • Stiletto Business Strategies Compilation CD
    • Radio Ads on Stiletto Business Strategies Show
    • Value-priced Tickets to the Upcoming D.C. Event
If our goal of $7,500 is not reached, we will lower the number of sponsored participants to match the amount raised, so that we can still implement our goal of empowering young girls and women with our platform and connecting them with successful women mentors.

The Impact

The impact of Step Up to Inspire Scholarship campaign is a far-reaching and lasting one.  The information learned by sponsored participants from our symposium format provide practical action plans that can be easily implemented.  Additionally, mentoring resources are open to participants in an ongoing relationship.  Resources are continually compiled and contributed to our online training center and available to access at any time.  The right information delivered at the right time, can change lives.

Your support will magnify our efforts to reach our goal to positively impact 75 young girls and women. It will provide a means to attend the event to receive valuable information that can enhance their lives.

    Risks & Challenges

    There are some challenges we face when planning our symposiums in different cities. Tickets sale benchmarks, venue location, other major events happening at the same time.  Having successfully hosting several symposiums, and evaluating the success of each one, I have discovered creative ways to address challenges that would enhance the experience.  Here are some ways we do this:

    • Target Ambassadors within each city who have established networks to champion the event process and tap into existing networks
    • Seeking non-traditional venues such as museums, campuses, and community centers to host the event provides a feasible alternative to hotels, or convention centers.
    • Identify local businesses and organizations that we can provide connections with so that cause related partnerships can be formed for sustained support.

    Other Ways You Can Help

    We know that there may be some who want to contribute, but are limited, however, sharing this campaign with people in your circle of influence can help would be your gift.  Please ask others to help support the Step Up to Inspire Scholarship campaign, and use INDIEGOGO tools to spread the word about your own project, so that I can support you, too!

    Thank you so much for taking time to read through this, watch my very modest video, and supporting the project!