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CrowdFunding promotion Tiny Life game

posted Mar 3, 2015, 12:29 AM by J Shaw   [ updated Mar 3, 2015, 12:30 AM ]   Discount code for 40% off

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Smallest exploration/simulation/sandbox journey of your life

Hi everybody,


In the video games world dominated by space shooters, violence, pay to win MMO'S and simulations of bread we would like to bring something fresh and unique (ok the bread idea is quiet unique too :)). 

This game will let player take on epic journey of discovery, to explore the most important thing in the world: YOU. 

Tiny Life game brings player into unusual and strange environments of human body in micro scale.

We don't want scare people with hard science rather in funny and interesting ways brings basics of human biology for everyone especially kids. 


We are enthusiast professional game developers working in video game industry for over a decade. We worked primarily or as outsource for many titles from table type games, shooting galleries, flying arcade/simulations, fantasy RPG ...

We developed games for Nintendo 3DS, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Microsoft XBOX 360, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, PC and cash-operated machines. 

Company works with latest technology available on the market, including 3D displays, Sony Playstation Move, Microsoft Kinect, Nintendo 3DS, VR Oculus rift and others....

This project is collaborative work of: studio


Game is set in strange and beautiful world of human biology.Our bodies are extremely complex structures with incredible balance of so many factors. From brain to nails, everything has its purpose.

Explore colorful rich environments and get challenged.

Game has two main modes:

1. Exploration sandbox mode

2. Arcade adventure mode


In this experimental mode player is able freely to explore different environments of human biology. Game is driven by wonder and exploration.

Player is controlling different ship like objects(white cells/nanobots) navigating through variety of environments and is able to interact with some parts of the environment to see actions and reactions.

This is more explore focused, less challenging game mode.

Support VR technologies to enhance experience.

More sandbox style gameplay. Visuals are more realistic and mature. 


Is focusing on challenging game play with quick thinking and planning as key to success.

Game progress by player finishing challenges, unlocking new environments, unlocking new abilities. Player is constantly challenged by different types of danger.

Arcade mode contains 3 separate mini games:

2.1 Micro racer

2.2 Roll them up

2.3 Central defense

2.1 Micro racer

This mini game is letting player control white blood cell/nanobot. Player is able to fly/dive with small ship like object through various environments. Diving in everything from tight tunnels to wide open fluid spaces. Collect nutrients, avoid collisions and destroy intruders along the way. Relatively fast paced racing/diving/flying arcade. 

2.2 Roll them up

This mini game is based on classic twin stick shooting concept. Fight in various environments, flat or rounded “terrain” and stop invading intruders using various abilities. 

2.3 Central defense

In this mini game player taking control of rather stationary “turret” and defend structures against invading intruders using different abilities (projectiles,pull/push tool, slow motion...) .


Once Upon a Time... Life - animated Tv series

We would like to bring theme of human biology in similar fashion as this 80’s Tv animated series did. We dont want scare people with overwhelming approach but in funny ways introduce bases of human biology in similar way as mentioned series did.

Real world observations

There is lot of real world inspiration in our art and design. Rich visuals and dynamic environments is one of the main focus points. We choose Unreal 4 engine to use mainly for his real time rendering capabilities.

Other Games

As inspiration for mini games gameplay we also look in lot of similar games which are around and mixing lot of features with different concepts to suit it in our environment. Just to mention a few games for inspiration: Crash Bandicoot , Wipeout, Super Stardust, Waves,....