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CrowdFunding promotion Time For Wood: Handmade wooden sunglasses and more...

posted Feb 13, 2015, 10:45 PM by J Shaw   [ updated Feb 13, 2015, 10:46 PM ]   Discount code for 40% off

With our lifestyle accessories we want to bring you closer to nature, wherever you are you will always carry a piece of nature with you

About this project

We started this brand 3 years ago from a passion for wood and our love for unique products. But from the start we could have never imagined that within a couple of years we would have grown out to such a well-established brand with over 60 resellers in Europe. 

Down the road we have always been experimenting with nature, as for now we have developed several lifestyle accessories made out of wood. 

For 2015 we have been busy with launching our new handmade collection of wooden sunglasses. This collection of sunglasses will consist out of multiple layers of wood. What better way to show and launch our new collection than through this Kickstarter campaign. We have already started production and a small quantity of the new collection is ready to be shipped. With this Kickstarter we give you the opportunity to be the first one worldwide to walk around with our new 2015 collection of wooden sunglasses. 

What will we do with the funding

Currently we are expanding a lot and to cover all our current and future resellers with the new multiple layered collection we need to raise quite a substantial amount. Luckily a big part of the funding has already been taken care of by the savings and revenues of previous years. If we reach our Kickstarter goal, then the first €3.500 will also go towards the production of the new collection on bigger scale. Any additional funding will go towards the following things:

After using several types of wood in our products, we began to ask ourselves what the next step could be for our sunglasses. For the new collection we got inspired by the ancient Hawaiians, who used a multiple layered technique to build wooden surfboards. We used this design in our sunglasses to create a collection of layered sunglasses. It is no longer a choice of either bamboo or walnut, but we give the glasses a unique look by combining multiple contrasting wood sorts. The result of this unique craftsmanship can be seen here. Please allow us to introduce our four new models:

The first model that we want to introduce combines walnut on the outside with the lighter contrasting oak. Like all other Time For Wood Sunglasses, the “Balano” is equipped with polarized, dark grey UV-400 lenses (Width 14.5cm/5.7inch, Height frame 5cm/2inch, Length legs 14.5cm/5.5inch).

The second addition to our wooden sunglasses is the “Erino Small”. For this model we use a total new type of wood, being Kosso. This wood grows in the east of Africa and is generally found in the higher mountain areas. The Erino Small combines kosso with the very lightweight bamboo (Width 13cm/5.2inch, Height frame 4.5cm/2inch, Length legs 13.5cm/5inch).

Below, the “Castana” is highlighted. This model uses the same woodsorts as the Balano model, only inside-out, so the light oak on the outside is combined with walnut (Width 14.5cm/5.7inch, Height frame 5cm/2inch, Length legs 14.5cm/5.5inch).  

The final model of the new collection is the Zavilo, featuring two unique wood types. The inner layer is the dark ebony, well known for being used in pianos. It is combined with the striped zebrawood which give this model the unique looks (Width 14cm/5.5inch, Height frame 5cm/2inch, Length legs 14.5cm/5.5inch). 

We are a total brand of wooden lifestyle accessoires, this means that we have a wide variation in accessories and price ranges. Below is the list with rewards that you can choose from. On this Kickstarter campaign we offer all rewards for a better price than the regular retail price! We reserved all the rewards and quantities mentioned, so after the Kickstarter is done (and successful), we will ship them out immediately. Beware: All rewards are limited though, so pick your favorite before it's too late! As for shipping, there is no extra shipping charge for all rewards in Europe. For the US and others, a shipping fee only applies for the sunglasses, which is €10.

Make your iPhone unique with a lightweight bamboo case. With our design all the keys and entries can be operated without removing the case from the phone. We have a case for either the iPhone 4(S), 5(S) and 6. We will contact you later on to find out which model you want!

We just launched our cork collection one week ago. One of the highlights of the collection is our cork bracelet. We have one model (Cambio) which is meant for men and one which is meant for women (Maca). The Maca is available in the natural cork color and the Cambio is available in two different colors as shown on the picture below. Both bracelets are available in two sizes. Pick your favorite bracelet and we will contact you later on regarding the size!

Our main products and eyecatcher are still the wooden sunglasses. The excellent finishing, quality of the glasses and popular design will definitely get you through the summer. We have a range of different models, wood sorts and sizes. Choose your favorite model below and we will ship it out the 28th of February together with a nice jute bag and a cloth for your sunglasses! 

Now you don't have to choose one sort of wood anymore, with the new collection you can choose out of two types of wood. We will give you the opportunity to be the first worldwide to walk around with the new collection, for only a fraction of the retailprice. Pick your favorite pair of the new collection below!

The ultimate Time For Wood package... If you choose this package not only will you be the first to walk around with the new collection, but you will also get the Time For Wood headphones made out of bamboo. The sound quality of The Meloca has been praised by internationally known DJ's! Experience music the way it should be... 

But be fast, there are only 5 packages available!

At Time For Wood we don’t only care about offering the coolest wooden lifestyle accessories but we also care about preserving the environment. Since our products are made entirely out of natural materials, we want to give something back to nature as well.

To make this happen we have formed a partnership with the organization Trees For The Future. Trees For The Future plants trees where they are most needed, for example in Cameroon, the Philippines and Brazil. So far we already planted over 3000 trees, will you help us in reaching 5000? 

We started this Dutch brand at the end of 2011. It all began in a dusty studentroom with the two of us (Philip and Wouter), but now we have a cool and inspiring office, where we work with 8 people to pursue our dream in becoming one of the biggest wooden lifestyle brands worldwide. Within a couple of years we want to have resellers in a vast majority of the world. 

Philip van Gorcum (co-founder): Mainly responsible for the building the brand image and always coming up with new designs and unique products from surprising natural materials!

Wouter Heuterman (co-founder): Mainly responsible for maintaining contact with resellers, always looking for new partnerships and the supply chain management of the operation!

Emilio: Country manager Spain and besides that also does a lot of work in the website and the marketing area !

Manuel: Country manager Portugal and a real professional in the area of graphic design.

Florian: Country manager France and responsible for our social media channels 

Chris: Always busy with designing new products and responsible for photography 

Alex: Country manager Germany and always coming up with marketing campaigns to improve the Time For Wood brand 

We'd like to thank you for reading our Kickstarter campaign and would absolutely love it if you support us! 

Risks and challenges

The last couple of years we have formed a very good relationship with our suppliers. Together we have overcome several big challenges and we have already a lot of experience in fulfilling big orders.

Besides that as mentioned before, we already have a limited quantity of the new collection which is ready to be shipped. Compared to other Kickstarter projects, we can assure you that you will receive your reward right after the Kickstarter ends!