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CrowdFunding promotion The VexBox Internet Throttle for Parents

posted Feb 1, 2015, 9:40 AM by J Shaw   [ updated Feb 1, 2015, 10:00 AM ]   Discount code for 40% off

The VexBox lets Parents control the speed of the Internet. Chores not done? See if your teen likes 56k. A great tool for Mom & Dad.

About this project

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Why The VexBox?

For teenagers, technology is their currency, and managing it every parent's nightmare. School work, chores, attitude, a decent night's sleep all hijacked by always on, lightning fast devices, never out of arms reach.

The Vexbox changes all that. It's a one step throttle that controls the speed of each device in the house using a web browser right from the parent's own smartphone, tablet or computer. No fuss, no arguments. Your high schooler hasn't finished that essay? Bam, they're back to dial up until it's done. Once completed it takes a few seconds via a web browser to restore full speed to the child’s internet as The VexBox is also a working router.

Parents Need Another Tool

In many households with a teen, there are countless struggles when it comes to homework, chores or attitude often resulting in a total ‘digital grounding'. It was no different in my home. I was tired of this relationship with my teen and technology. Why were my only choices 'On or Off' when it came to the internet? There had to be a better way; less punitive, more motivational!

I couldn't find one. The VexBox was born. 

What is The VexBox?

It is a secondary device about the size of a puzzle cube that attaches to the main router in the home and creates an entirely new hub for your children's devices. The parent has total control over the internet speed to those devices without affecting speed of the main internet.

The VexBox is a parenting tool for the average Mom and Dad who don't know how or don’t have time to use QoS commands or how to set up SSID on a router. The VexBox is for the average parent who doesn't know how to interact with their main router or just doesn’t want to be inconvenienced with it and needs an alternative tool for the issue of their child’s connectivity to the internet. When all else has failed (taking away the devices unplugging the devices etc), motivating your kids with this simple tool that easily just plugs in and works. No complicated instructions trying to learn tech speak for how to manipulate permissions on your router. 

If you are tech savvy and can set up SSID on your router for all of the devices of your children, yourselves and throttle the speed of any individually from the comfort of your smartphone or iPad or computer, then The VexBox is probably not for you.  

We have personally used this for six months. It improved our relationship with our teen and each other because we are no longer fighting over these issues. My wife even uses it to limit her own time online to increase her productivity working on her computer at home. This device has been a blessing for our family and we hope it will be one for those families out there struggling with these issues as well.

It turns family dynamic away from unnecessary fights and tension to no hassle, sea of tranquility, get it done and you're back up to speed clarity. I developed it to work in my house for my family.  I don't limit screen time anymore for my daughters it just goes to slow time.

What My Son Thinks

My son Jonah is a typical teen, loves hanging with his friends and sometimes dodges his responsibilities. In the past, this was a struggle. Since I started using The VexBox the fights over chores, homework or attitude are a thing of the past. This is what he has to say.

The VexBox in Action

From set up to a speed demonstration this video this video has it all.

The VexBox has 4 speed Options

  • Full Speed
  • 56K
  • Custom
  • Off


The Vexbox has been through several stages - see Prototypes below. I wanted to make sure that the design was aesthetically pleasing, not just another piece of ‘hardware'.

After a year of research and development, The VexBox is ready to put into production. Manufacturing is ready to go. It's time to tool up, make the molds and create the stock.

Prototype Images  

Front ViewFront View
Back  1 WAN 2 LAN
Back 1 WAN 2 LAN
Back and Side with CAT 5Back and Side with CAT 5
Side with CAT 5Side with CAT 5
Pew Research Stats on Teens and the Internet
  • 95% of Teens are on the Internet
  • 60% of Teens will be Digitally Grounded by a Parent
  • 63% of Teens go Online Daily
  • 67% of teenagers say they know how to hide what they do online from parents
  • 73% of Teens are on Social Media

The time for a product like The VexBox is now.


Manufacturing is in place and ready to go.  With a successful Kickstarter Campaign The VexBox will be arriving in homes by June.

Prototype Specs

  • Mt7620A Chip Set 
  • 300Mbps wifi
  • 1 wan 2 Lan
  • WEP, WPA

You heard straight from the teenagers. The VexBox is a strong motivator.

 The VexBox Internet Throttle Patent Pending

Risks and challenges

While we all hope projects run smoothly one thing I have learned is that things happen even with the best laid plans. A potential short term obstacle could be at the production level with the manufacturer. Sometimes schedules don’t time out. On paper, I have built in enough production time for the first deliveries starting in June. However, I plan on updating all backers if any unforeseen events arise to help manage their expectations of delivery.