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CrowdFunding promotion The Third Side On The Road

posted Jan 20, 2015, 11:28 PM by J Shaw   [ updated Jan 20, 2015, 11:35 PM ]

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The Third Side On The Road covers the creation, presentation & travel of a new dance work.

What Third Side On The Road Is About

The Third Side is a new dance work I am creating for inclusion in dance Immersion's Queen's Calling Choreographers' Showcase scheduled for February 6-8, 2015 in Toronto. We need your help in making this a success.

I am Artistic Director of A Company of Dancers (ACOD), a federally tax exempt organization based in Detroit, MI. ACOD currently uses 6 dancers although we've had a roster of as many as 12. Our number of dancers depends on the dance pieces being performed. 

Personally, I am a performing artist who works in more than one genre of the arts. I have received grants for creating a number of multidisciplinary works using artwork, music, film projection and, of course, movement. I am an Assistant Professor of Dance and for the last two years been a Master Teacher affiliated with Michigan State University's Michigan Museum's Michigan Traditional Arts Apprenticeship Program. In 2012 I was given the Heritage Award in the Performing Arts. In 2008 I was ArtServe Michigan (now the Creative Many) Arts Educator of the Year.

I created a poster to represent our project. This poster, also, speaks to the unique voice within the piece. Titled from lines written by Stirling Silliphant, the piece explores all kinds of social dance for the stage as elements integral to the development of this contemporary ballet. It is, also, a world premiere filled with emotive call-and-response voicings that looks at the sensibilities of the personalities within it. It is an abstract mélange, which uses social dance steps of the 20th century, ballet and contemporary/modern dance to look at three sides of a coin – the voices of mother, daughter and abductor.

Although based on the abduction of the Nigerian schoolgirls in 2014 the topic has more universal issues within it that can resonate in any community. I feel strongly that the loss of a child, the violation of the sanctity of one's home, domestic terrorism can certainly be found in any community. Predators, theives and gangs live somewhere near you. As the only American choreographer invited to present I feel strongly that coming from Detroit, MI USA allows me to apply an urban outlook.

Our Budget and Investor Perks

I am asking for $3500 to make this dance a reality. Our expenses include - 
studio rental for rehearsals 
travel to and from Toronto 
accommodations while in Toronto 
per diem for the dancers (food and incidentals while away) 
stipends for the dancers 
a stipend for the choreographer 

We are planning on online showing of the piece. As an investor of at least $5 your name will be added to our credits as a backer. As a $25 investor you will be sent a photograph from the production. As a $50 investor you receive an A Company of Dancers t-shirt. As a $100 investor you receive a signed copy of the original poster I created for this project. (See it below.) Each of these levels also gets the donors name listed in our credits. As a $250 investor you will be listed in our credits as a producer and receive a copy of my swing dance instructional video, Lindy Hop, An Open Class. As a $1000 investor you would be listed as a producer in our credits and receive 4 tickets to the American Lindy Hop Championships, August 21-23, 2015, It is a wonderful weekend of dance, live music and dance performances and classes.

Artspectrum/A Company of Dancers would also give each investor a charitable receipt for your contribution.

If we are not fully funded as always I'll be the last person paid and the last person whose expenses would be covered. My goal is to take care of my dancers and not make working with me or our company or traveling with us a hardship.

The Impact

Your investment 

  • allows me to have a voice in a time when so many people need one
  • allows the United States to be represented in the Showcase
  • supports the arts in a country where most politicians want to eliminate arts support

    Risks & Challenges

    First risks. This dance work has a dancer en pointe, a barefoot dancer and a dancer in athletic shoes. Each of these scenarios is a risk for injury. I do a lot of lifts in my work so falling, twisting muscles, sprained ankles even broken bones are aways a possiblity.

    And, our biggest challenges are

    • finding the time and space to rehearse. Studio space is not free. In most cases renting space costs more than what the dancers get paid. 
    • dance Immersion curates dances that grew out of the African diaspora. So weaving Lindy Hop and other vernacular dance styles with concert dance has been a hurdle to my creative juices. 
    Though we realize the risks and challenges and will do everything we can to avoid them, taking care of everyone involved.

    Other Ways You Can Help

    If you can't contribute you can always help.
    Help us get the word out. Share with your friends and colleagues.
    Take a look at Indiegogo's sharing tools
    Like our Facebook page and encourage others to do so by going to A Company of Dancers on Facebook

    The Third Side poster is available at the $100 level. It comes signed.