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CrowdFunding promotion The Napelace: A New Category in Jewelry

posted Feb 5, 2015, 1:25 AM by J Shaw   [ updated Feb 5, 2015, 1:26 AM ]   Discount code for 40% off

The Napelace the first jewelry piece especially designed to adorn the nape of a woman's neck.

About this project


 Webster's Dictionary defines the word "Innovate" as to start or introduce something new; to be creative.

The Napelace is a Category Creator, a new, elegant jewelry piece that is chic and wrapped in class. Never before has there been a specific jewelry piece created to adorn the "Nape" of  woman's neck. All of my current designs are made with Rhodium plated 925 sterling silver, fashioned with Swarovski Zirconia and crystal pearls.

 The earrings can also be worn alone, which gives two completely distinct looks from only one purchase. Consisting of three pieces, two of which are earrings, its precise weight distribution and symmetrical design allows for a comfortable feel without restricting mobility.

 Why do I choose to use Swarovski Zirconia instead of regular zirconia? 

The Swarovski Pure Brilliance concept for zirconia achieves a new dimension of sparkle and luminosity in their stones by applying ideal diamond cut standards to their Zirconia Fancy Cuts. The maximum radiance of each stone is realized with consistency by strictly adhering to the exact standards of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) for grading diamond cut quality.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            REWARDS...            

What should women expect while wearing the Napelace? Expect to be the center of attention, turning the heads of both inquisitive men and women alike, followed by the inescapable questions: "What is it?" and "Where did you get it?" And also expect to relish the feeling of elegance and grace that wearing this extraordinary piece provides.

 1950 to Present day... In this generation we have seen beautiful, contemporary designs from the aforementioned timeline. With your help we can make history by adding a new CATEGORY to the jewelry timeline.

 The Strength of a Utility Patent protects not only the particular design of a creation, but the creative concept itself. The concept of the Napelace is the way the "Nape Chain" lays across the back of the neck or "Nape".

 "Forever Fun" mold and CAD 

 "Play Day" mold and CAD

 "Play Day" mold and CAD

 "Amber Rays" CAD earring deisgn

 Trendy casual with "Forever Fun"

 Casual evening with "Forever Fun."

 Whether its a high-fashion ponytail, a trendy side braid/ponytail, a ballerina bun, a chic pixie cut or your long hair swept to one side, the Napelace will compliment various hair lengths and styles.

 The Napelace is perfect for all occasions, whether its up-scale casual, evening attire, Bridal or gracing the Red Carpet...Lights, Camera, Action!.. That's right ladies!!... for those days your're just feeling like the world is your cat walk!!

... And gentlemen the Napelace makes for an excellent gift, Don't forget your anniversary... It's ok you can thank me later.

 Why we need your support...

It's been two years of getting international suppliers in order, finding reputable manufacturing, testing and designing. Now that all the moving parts are in place, I feel the time is right, I have the right protection and I'm in right place with Kickstarter being the #1 crowd funding platform. Now I'm absolutely ready to introduce the Napelace to the world of fashion. When my production quantity is high, it forces the price down. I need your help to fund my initial order. In return for your support, I am offering a special discounted price and a variety of packages.

What do you give the woman who has everything? The Napelace by Gwendolyn G.

Risks and challenges

I have manufacturing in place, and I am beyond the "proto-type" phase, all casting molds for designs are completed. I have pre-production samples of my designs being worn and tested and my manufacturer can produce full orders as soon as funding is available.

Ordering lead times are of major concern , and I have manufacturing and shipping ready to go, if there are any set backs my team and I will work through them swiftly.

Quality control is a major focus, I and my team are prepared to insure the highest quality according to industry standards.