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CrowdFunding promotion The Grand Prince of Moscow - TV series

posted Apr 9, 2015, 2:13 AM by J Shaw   [ updated Apr 9, 2015, 2:14 AM ]

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Make a damn good dark comedy become a reality! LA, Moscow, Idaho, the Mob, Morphine, Bobbleheads...


Well… I wasn’t getting any acting auditions and I was really tired of working as a background artist. Nothing against being an extra in film, I just wanted to really pursue the craft of acting. I’d always been a bit of a writer, so I believed that I should just kind of “write” my way out of my predicament. If I could write a good solid story, I’d be in business.

I thought for a while and decided it had to be about something that I was passionate about or it would not be any good. It also had had to be about issues that people deal with and that I’m familiar with. It had to be a story from the heart. This is how “The Grand Prince of Moscow” evolved. It’s a dark comedy, kind of like myself.

I love to make people laugh. What’s better than laughter, right? Hey, laughter sells too… But for me, it’s important to laugh at our problems and our struggles. It makes life a hell of a lot easier to deal with. This story really cracks on seriousness. I believe that this is necessary. So you’re going to see tons of that in the show.

I wrote this so people can relate. Struggle. We all struggle in different areas and I believe the characters in the series address some of the “life” issues that we go though, bringing in levity. It is a show about people trying to find real happiness in different ways. If there is a goal for each character and really each person in life, that’s it. Trying to find some joy in life. The story brings to life these methods with a dark humor.

It also addresses addiction in some seriousness and how it affects everyone around them, but it also attempts to put some comedy into interactions between patients in the rehab. The story, shows how an LA con-man hiding out, trying to be a drug counselor actually finds the help he needs from the rehab patients. Besides the black humor, there is altruism, redemption, and recovery.

The Grand Prince of Moscow is a series directed by four time emmy-award winner and 30 year film veteran Larry Robertson .  

My name is Edward Reid and I am the writer, co-producer and actor in this series.  My business partner and the co-producer in this production is Kevin Cole.  

The Grand Prince of Moscow already has a massive following, with 21,000Facebook Likes and 21,000 Twitter Followers.  We're a huge hit in the Atlanta entertainment community and we want to  expand our popularity.  

"A small-time drug dealing screenwriter ends up in Moscow, Idaho after a hazy night of drugs, parties, and a botched execution plan. Now he must lay low as he works at a rehab center helping others overcome their addictions while also facing the own demons of his past."  What?   I've never heard of anything like this? Moscow, Idaho? That's a really cool idea for a story!  

This is a story about a guy getting better too... 

Craziness yes!  But redemption and recovery too! Kind of like "Californication" with a  conscience.

This is what we hear from people the first time that they learn about this series. This is not like other TV shows today or anything else that you see coming out or being promoted..  Sorry, there are no zombies, vampires, paranormal investigations or exploding meth labs (yet)... But if you like dark unconventional intelligent humor and in-depth compelling character development with dynamic arresting storylines. You got it! 

We have a phenomenal cast!  Our actors include Sarah E. SpencerJoel Rogers, and Kimber Lee (Click Model of the Year, Playboy). We also have some incredibly talented and trained actors that we can guarantee will blow you away!  Our cast includes Ellie Decker, Edward Reid, Kevin Cole, Jeremy Michael Gray, Mike Biggs, Carson McCamy, Ru Martins, Jennifer Baskette-Ridings, Jenny Jennings, Rebekah Hart Franklin, Eric Kshywonis, Edgar Zanabria, John McConnell, Jupa Lasky, Pierre Perea, Jessica Yoshimura, Karen Carlisle, Barry Victor Piacente, Tari Baker White, Ania Bartelmus, Darian Fisher, Carl Childers, and Diane Oxford.  

The Grand Prince of Moscow would like for you to assist us in our mission to make this pilot possible.   We need a lot to make this 45 minute episode a reality and we assure you it will be a quality, well written, solid piece.  We need gear, some crew, insurance, food, locations, and props.  The actors are doing this as volunteers.  That is how much they believe in the story.  That is an amazing compliment to me.  

We have some unique incentives for you to check out.  I mean really rare incentives for you to REALLY be a part of our production.  We want YOU to be a part of "The Grand Prince of Moscow"!