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CrowdFunding promotion The Deadline

posted Apr 11, 2015, 12:52 PM by J Shaw   [ updated Apr 11, 2015, 12:52 PM ]

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Help Film Producer Josey Wells Bring Life to the Story of a Great African American Western Hero.

Hi I'm Josey Wells,   and thank you for visiting my fundraising page!
I was born in Fort Smith, Arkansas, raised in Fort Smith and Vian, Oklahoma. I've been shooting, producing, directing and casting Indie films for over 10 years. My most recent film I Produced and Co Directed was "The Ouija Experiment," a no budget film, which has had great success  worldwide. I personally haven't been fully compensated for my efforts nor has the cast and crew.… This film was a mere after thought until I saw potential in its original version and set a path out of how this film could be reproduced. I reached out to some very talented and passionate people who believed in the project. Under deferred contracts, we were working for free in hopes the film would later make money to pay for our hard work and help elevate our careers.  That is how, and the reason, that this film was ever even created. This is why I'm asking for your HELP in funding this film, "The Deadline," and I'll let "litigation" handle the past and move forward. My story is nothing new and plenty of talented people, including actors and filmmakers go through it everyday. I ask  at this moment, for us to pull together and support each other's journeys through fundraising and social media. 

 Now I'm dedicating my time, passion and efforts into a story I believe in down to my very core. A film with meaning and purpose, a film I've been wanting to produce for years, one that can enlighten America, lift your spirits, and rewrite old wrongs with an amazing story hidden in our darker past. A real Life story that is long overdue for some historical western American heroes, and that film is "The Deadline". 

This feature length film called "The Deadline" is based on the novel "Frontier Justice" by Charles Ray, which is a tale of the first U.S. Duputy Marshal Bass Reeves who broke through the restraints of race to become one of the most heralded US Marshals of all time. We need your help to fund this once in a lifetime film!  

 In 1875, Indian Territory, in what is now the state of Oklahoma, was a haven for thieves, swindlers, and murderers, all trying to escape the reach of the law. When President U.S. Grant appointed Judge Isaac Parker, judge of the Western District of Arkansas to Fort Smith,  which included this territory, Parker's intent was to bring ALL fugitives to justice. He authorized U.S. Marshal, James Fagan, to hire 200 deputy marshals to help police the 4,500 square mile lawless territory. Among those deputies stood the first African American U.S. Deputy Marshal, Bass Reeves.

To learn more about Charles Ray, please visit: 
(His amazing life of American Service speaks for itself)         

To learn more about Josey Wells, please visit:

This is a story that people can believe in and support. Now stands a 25 ft. bronze statue of Bass Reeves in Downtown Ft. Smith where he served as a U.S. Deputy Marshal.…

American hero films are always loved, cherished and honored. "American Sniper" is the most recent and is the highest grossing war film ever! That tells me right now people are ready for real life heroes. So let me introduce you to some of the greatest in American history with this feature film called "The Deadline".  We ask that you Please don't leave without making a small contribution of $5,  your support brings change to a worthy cause and a beautiful story hidden behind our early undocumented history for this African American hero Bass Reeves.