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CrowdFunding promotion The Adams family need a family vehicle! You can help!

posted Feb 23, 2015, 11:14 PM by J Shaw   [ updated Feb 23, 2015, 11:14 PM ]   Discount code for 40% off

My husband and I both came from poor families. We got married in 2011, and we have 2 children together, and 2 from previous relationships. My husband has always been self employed, and he's always been looking for his 'big break'. I have worked on and off, but having small children, its been so hard to save, so hard to make enough to do anything major. My husband really really works hard. We've had to move twice because we could not afford the rent. We got an apartment again and its been hard because, we had to take all the money we had saved to pay the 1st mont and also the deposit. Since then which it has been a couple months now. Its been hard settling in because its just been bills after bills. I cannot get to see my son from my past relationship because I cannot affford the money to go see him. If my family and I could just buy a family vehicle, spending time for all of us together will become a reality. We would have enough to start saving for or children, because I really really worry about their future. I want to provide for my kids, just give them opportunities, give them a chance. I do not want to tell my kids, the same thing my parents had to tell me,' they don't have anything, saved for me, I have to make it on my own'. That hurt a lot, I couldn't believe what they were telling me. But it was the truth and I had to live with that. I really just need the help, if not to get all that would help, but even just help, to make a start at saving up for a vehicle, would be a bledding for me and my family.
 Thank you