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CrowdFunding promotion TRIX - A Portable Power Strip for Sharing and Traveling

posted Mar 17, 2015, 10:31 PM by J Shaw   [ updated Mar 17, 2015, 10:31 PM ]

Sharing to foster ideas and cultivate friendships. A desktop companion that provides inspiration and solid connection.

About this project

There is always a need for power. This is why we thought sharing power should be as easy as having conversation with your closest friends.

We live, we share and we travel.

Our idea starts with simply wanting supply power to benefit people in any places. So we designed TRIX; a portable power strip for people to share their ideas with ease, discuss business with style and travel with convenience.

We realized that people expect to receive power in the most convenient way, however we often end up reaching beneath household furniture and around awkward spaces. This gave us the concept of TRIX: A power strip that could always be on your desktop, but is also functional and stylish.

 Almost any devices and home appliances could be connected. 

  • Amazingly small

Size matters. TRIX is only the size of your palm and could easily be taken along while travelling.

We spent efforts in reducing the size and tried several samples, to finally come out with a product of 90mm x 90mm x 38mm in size.

  • For sharing

Meant to share power. We design TRIX for people to achieve sharing with ease. The sided port at each corner differs from ordinary plugging direction, providing a wider range of power distribution.

  • On the road

It’s about setting everything in order, just like at home. While travelling with multiple electronics, bring TRIX along to show your style.

  • The TRIX Universal Converter

Universal converter for worldwide travel is essential and allows you to travel further in the world. With some color choices, our specially designed converter brings style and fun to your journey. 

The appearance of TRIX universal converter is similar to the one in reward tier; we plan to release the actual outlook and colors if we did achieve our goal. Let’s say it’s another way to celebrate the birth of TRIX!

  • From outside in

After weeks of discussion and taking all the features into consideration, we finally settled on the size and shape for TRIX. It is important to us that style also equates to sustainable quality. Thus, we put our efforts on the inner structures in order to have a solid foundation for holding up the PCB and the brass sheet.

  • Components

Other than performance, we also considered the safety of our products. That is why the best power IC, breakers and electronic components have been used throughout the whole developing process and of course the final production stage. The final units will be sent to labs for testing to make sure TRIX meets every safety requirements. We aim to deliver a high quality product.

  • Assembly

A big part of manufacturing is putting components together. To ensure the quality meets our standards, we worked with local assembling company in Taiwan to oversee the manufacturing process. These factories are experienced in providing ODM and assembling services; recently known for working with companies such as HTC, ASUS and ACER.

Production is in sight, we are currently finalizing all the resources to insure they are ready for production. As the outcome of prototype testing has been relevantly well, we are more confidence to provide our product on time. We truly need your support to bring this final stage into reality. 


We will be shipping worldwide. Backers could refer to shipping fee under the pledge prices you have selected. Please be aware, the outlets of TRIX are  Type A and Type Bwhich works in certain countries including North and Central America, Japan and other countries.(Please add $6AUD shipping for US, $19AUD for international shipping).

To thank our backers who supported us from the very beginning of this campaign, we are planning for some special edition and various add on.

True friendship always begins with sharing. We achieve bigger goals together, brainstorm fantastic ideas with colleagues, and create unforgettable memories with friends. By making sharing easier and comfortable, we believe people will be more inspired.

Before we decided to bring TRIX to fruition, our team had always shared a vision that became the foundation and concept for this project, that is: To live better and share enjoyment. We believe a product is not only the combination of function and form, but also our attitude of living.

We love what we do, especially having an idea become a reality. There are many excellent design teams out there, but our talented team has passion in finding the right ingredient for living moreover to create enjoyment and provide better user experiences. 

We formed by a group of friends and partners in different background including electric, production, marketing and commercial design. Every member on our team has over 5 years of experiences in the electronics industry. In addition, our designer has accumulated multiple achievements by winning several world known awards in the past few years. We strive to achieve higher and express how living should be through our designs. As a team, we always encourage each other to “think bold and outside the box!”

We thank you for your support!

Trix Point Team

Risks and challenges

Production plays a big role in every project. We have people specializing in manufacturing to insure schedule and quality could meet our expectation. We also carefully consider every material we use and assuring these key components could be acquired from at least two different suppliers. Furthermore, we have partnership with an ISO certified assembly factory to ensure the production quality.

Despite uncontrollable factors or unexpected issues that may occur during shipping, we will do our very best to keep our production schedule on time. If manufacturing and all the testing goes well, we will even consider accelerating the production plan to minimize potential risks.

Our team is committed in supporting every single backer to receive the rewards you selected while keeping you updated with the latest news. We humbly ask for any advice or suggestion, just go to our website or write down your thoughts under the comment section.