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CrowdFunding promotion THE SLOT SHELF SYSTEM. Swedish design & engineering

posted Feb 5, 2015, 3:08 AM by J Shaw   [ updated Feb 5, 2015, 3:08 AM ]   Discount code for 40% off

The Slot Shelving System is the most modular and flexible of its kind and offers the best in Swedish design, quality and practicality.

About this project

Introducing The Slot. A modern, modular shelving system that offers the best of Swedish design, quality and practicality. The Slot can be customized for any living or work space and expanded and reconfigured to suit your needs. 

The Kickstarter rewards consist of pre set packages of varying sizes. Please contact us if you would like to create your own Slot shelving and we can help you put a customized system together.

We are showing Slot at Stockholm Furniture Fair Feb 3 - 7, Stall C18:49. We would love you to visit if you're in the neighbourhood.

 Why Slot?

  • Design - fresh & innovative
  • Flexible - adapts to fit your wall
  • High spec - outstanding quality 
  • Modular - endless configurable
  • Environmentally responsible - sustainably sourced
  • Made in EU - by highly skilled craftsmen
  • Lightweight - assemble & mount singlehandedly
  • Strong - as a viking

Design. Slot is minimalist and light with a strong design edge. It features crisp detailing and simple, warm textures. It is fresh, innovative and complements any interior style.

Flexible. The flexibility of Slot is infinite. The system can be customized to fill an entire wall and can be expanded in all three directions. Once you have attached the bands to the wall, the shelves are endlessly configurable and no tools are needed to add or move shelves around.

High Spec. We have been true to materials and have gone the extra mile to source the highest quality possible.  

 Modular. The Slot Shelving System will adapt to your storage demands allowing for easy reconfigurement, adjustments and expansion. The depth of the shelves can also be mixed which is great for larger items.

Environmentally Responsible - The Plywood is from a sustainable FSC and PEFC certified source.

Made in the EU. All the components of the Slot System are sourced and manufactured in the EU by highly skilled craftsmen.

Lightweight. The Slot is super lightweight which makes it possible to assemble and mount singlehandedly and the compact packaging means the retro days of borrowing your dad's estate car and arranging extra manpower are behind you. 

SLOT. A closer look  

  • THE SHELVES - There are two types of shelves that are designed to slot together. The shelves sit securely onto rods and the three slots attach to each rod giving stability and strength. Opt for a single 15cm (6in) or combine two for 30cm (12in) depth. Width is 76cm (30in). Each shelf can take a load of 15kg.
  • THE RODS - Stainless steel rods hold the shelves in place and are fixed to the bands. Additional rods can also be used for bookends. 
  • THE BANDS - The bands come in lengths of 300cm. Simply cut the band to the length you need using scissors. The bands are made from high end Swedish stainless steel and can theoretically withstand a load of 200kg+. 

How to mount the Slot

I like it. What now? 

The Kickstarter rewards consist of pre set packages of varying sizes. Please contact us if you would like to create your own Slot shelving and we can help you put a customized system together.

The pre set packages below are inclusive of all the components. A standard shelf is 76 x15cm (30 x 6in). The depth and width of these packages are fixed but there is flexibility with the height of the shelves. You simply cut the band to the height you require. Max height dimensions are listed in each package. 



A unique picture rail with slots to put those favourite books or art pieces on display.


The package consists of 1 standard 15cm shelf, 2 bands/wall fittings and 2 x 15cm rods. Unit dimensions W76 D15 cm (W30in D6in).

3 SHELVES SYSTEM W76 x D15cm (30 x 6in)

The package consists of 3 standard 15cm shelves, 2 bands/wall fittings and 6 x 15cm rods. Unit dimensions  W76 D15 cm (W30in D6in). Height can be adapted to a max of 125 cm (H49in).

3 DOUBLE DEPTHS SHELVES SYSTEM W76 x D30cm (30 x 12in) 

The package consists of 6 standard 15cm shelves, 2 bands/wall fittings and 6 x 30cm rods. This creates a unit of 3 shelves W76 D30 cm (W30in x D12in). Height can be adapted to a max of 100 cm (H39in).

3 DOUBLE DEPTH + DOUBLE LENGTH SHELVES W149.5 x D30cm (59 x 12in)  

The package consists of 12 standard 15cm shelves, 3 bands/wall fittings and 9 x 30cm rods. This creates a unit of 3 shelves W149.5 D30cm (W59in D12in). Height can be adapted to a max of 100 cm (H39in).

                                   CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD EDITORIAL PHOTOS

Our Story

Tue and Rickard, friends and avid sailing enthusiasts started discussing a design collaboration during a sailing race in Stockholm. They won the race and - champagne in hand - the idea of Slot was immaculately conceived. 

The first sketches and the first home built sampleThe first sketches and the first home built sample

We sketched a shelving design using a band - inspired by a tape measure - to support the shelves. The idea of using as much band as needed, like a tape measure, seemed genius. 

Next job - we invaded the infamous Swedish DIY shop, Clas Ohlson, for tape measures and constructed the first sample. It was surprisingly strong and stable. 

Over the course of the next year we selected our materials and manufacturers. Our 'fine-tuning' visits to the manufacturers have been pure joy; it's fabulous to see modern machinery working hand in hand with the traditional skills of carpentry. There's no compromising quality with these guys...

With the Slot pre production samples now complete, we're now putting together the final plans to exhibit them at the Stockholm Furniture Fair in February. There's a heady mix of proud-parent anticipation and excitement. 

We need your help!

We are a small, organic team of talented individuals with experience and expertise in product design - and obscene amounts of creativity and energy to add to the mix.

Having worked tirelessly to get it to this point, we need your help in transforming Slot from a prototype to a manufactured product. You are our support network and your backing is essential. To get production rolling, we need to develop the moulds and reach a minimum order quantity for the factories. Literally, every dollar counts!


  • Beginning Feb/ early April: Campaign launch to our friends at Kickstarter. Confirm suppliers and manufacturing agreements.
  • Early April: Place orders for the tooling and moulds. 
  • Mid April: Pilot production, quality assurance and product validation. Fine tune design and boom! 
  • End of April: Hit the big green button to get production started.
  • Mid May/Mid June: Ship to our hungry Early Bird backers.
  • Mid June: Ship remaining orders to our KS backers with a super sized thanks for supporting us.

Meet the team 

There are three member of the Slot Sweden team. Tue is a Swedish designer with an impressive portfolio. Rickard brings a wealth of knowledge of the industry. Having followed the project from day one, Jemma joined the team to set up the marketing department. A small but formidable task force!

What next?

Future plans include the development of components that will add greater functionality to The Slot Shelving System. A cabinet and desk are in the pipeline and due to be released for sale later in the year. 

As for our long term aspirations for Slot, we plan to continue developing a new generation of storage solutions for our customers. These products will have the same strong design edge as Slot, in an expansive range of functionalities. Watch this space : )

Many thanks for your support!


Risks and challenges

Our manufacturers have a reputable client base, extensive experience in the production of high end furniture and quality control and logistics so any lumps and bumps we experience along the way should be easily rectified.

We have done all we can to get Slot prepared for production and we have absolute faith in the factories we are working with. However, as with every new production run, there will likely be a few unforeseen issues along the way. Here are the potential risks that we could encounter;

We can't see any changes that need to be made from the pre-production prototype of Slot that we have made. However, we may need to make a few minor adjustments once production has started. On a positive note, all the components are pretty straightforward so the risk of something going wrong here is minimal. The added bonus is that should there be any minor changes to be made, it will only improve the quality of your Slot.

FULFILLMENT: Sometimes things go wrong: a supplier misses a deadline, a machine breaks down, or a shipment gets lost. Everyday stuff that we have no control over. These issues can cause a delay in you receiving your shelving which we understand is frustrating. We will ensure complete transparency and will keep you informed and updated throughout.