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CrowdFunding promotion Support to provide a better living

posted Feb 11, 2015, 1:38 AM by J Shaw   [ updated Feb 11, 2015, 1:40 AM ]   Discount code for 40% off

Support to provide a better living to the Unkown Artisans.

Artisans are their but the Beauty of the art is lost somewhere. To make an ARTFULLY beautiful world, IndiCraftStore is a VISION to take a startup. 

We think all of us like handmade products and the art, which has been explored globally to your reachable platforms. 

But do you know behind the scenes of those artisans who gave birth to that art or keeping that art alive.

Well supporting with some amount of money is not only a support for a good vision, we need support to make these facts explored and what we want here is you just go through the facts and let people make aware to help promote the artisans who deserve to get what they own. 


We go to the retail and get the best and beautiful we can, but the underestimated artist behind those beautiful creations are just creating those art just to survive, but have we ever thought what if a artisan gets of what he deserve, what affect will it make ? ---> It makes that artist to create the finest art which he has not showcased yet. 

This is a vision which needs to be grown bigger and need more support. Lets motivate these artist to work full time for themselves .

The facts we should know :-

More then  75% artisans in India are being under waged and do not get an exposure of their art or talent. Artisans in India under this 75%, usually make an per month earning of $80-$150 on an average, even though this is not a fixed income to them.

A handmade necklace you purchase for $100, takes a day to get manufactured, but what artisan here gets for that ? It is just $5 maximum. 

Okay it takes material and other stuff to get the total value of a product consumed, but even after all the expenses, A Wholesaler or A Retailer earns upto $25 profit which is a pure income he can spend on himself. 

But why not this profit gets into the pocket of the artisan only ?


These are the facts we have came to know when we took an initial step to get into the Vision and came in touch with the artisans and the retailers   

A journey starts with the first step.

When Annant Bhardwaj, son of a ex-sculpturist and commerce graduate who is the Visionary of the name and motive of  IndiCraftStore came to hardcore business  after the completion of his graduation a year back, he found that world is full of beautiful art, but most of the beauty has been bounded by some limitation a artist have to face.  Instead of having interest in art, he has to opt out for a different field where he can earn a fix income. While in the college Annant and his friends discussed about this vision and finally when they felt to be capable enough to make it happen, they got into it. But the challenges are like a mountain which seems to be smaller when you are far to it. 

Finally the journey started with one of the friend and a Company who is ready to help supporting the vision.

The Challenges we faced yet and we have to face.

When it came to provide a platform to the artisans to go directly and make they art get sold for a good price, artisans don't know where to get themselves explored and if they find it, they face the challenges to get funds for the team and products which will make it happen. 

Team IndiCraft is here to make a team and get the platforms to promote the artisans and their art, so that the artisans give a full time in making the art more beautiful.  

What we have done so far ?

We have funded around $3200 till date with a part of the contribution got through the promotion at a small level. We have used these funds  to get the raw material and required stuff to get to know that how vision can get into existence. 



How we have planned the future :

With the funds we will collect through this campaign and other methods, we will 

  • Get raw materials 
  • Get a website 
  • Get more Artisans to work with the organization 
  • Get promote on the well known platforms like ebay and etsy
  • Get the Artisan 70% of the profit when his art gets sale, the rest will be invested as a saving for the future and unkown expenses. Here, the investment will be made by the organization so that till the art gives a profit the Artisan do not have to borrow funds and pay interest or anything.
  • Get a better infrastructure
  • Launching some loan schemes for the Artisans
  • Get a team to work on the selling platforms and the support.

Suggestion are invited here, please get in touch with us if you have an experience or any idea for a organization same like this.  ( If you want to have more more art to opt with, then please wait for a while till we add new products after we get the funds )

    * You can find our etsy shop indicraftstore.etsy.comand make use of the perk.   

    ( If you want to have more more art to opt with, then please wait for a while till we add new products after we get the funds )

    * You can also use the perk on One of our supports shop on etsy i.e

    OPT ANY OF IT FOR $500 perk.

    FOR $1000 perk this is the handmade marble antique look buddha statue that we will ship 

    We will keep you informed about the new products and website launch.


    This vision needs to be grown bigger and need more support. Lets motivate these artist to work fulltime for themselves .

    But there is one  small problem , we need products of our own to get them reached to you. So make this happen.  

    Beyond money we need your help spreading world.

    Ways you can help :
    * Share it over your social networks 
    * Give us new ideas for perks and other promotions