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CrowdFunding promotion Stereoscope 3D App for iOS

posted Mar 27, 2015, 12:14 AM by J Shaw   [ updated Mar 27, 2015, 12:14 AM ]

The app will able anyone with an iPhone to take a 3D photo/video or to convert one from library.

I love 3D and love taking 3D pictures and movies even more. But it would be even better to do this on my iPhone — or if everybody could do this on his iPhone. But the few apps which convert pictures and movie clips in 3D on the App Store or old or not effective. That's why I wanted to create my own app to do this easy and wonderful. Here are a few characteristics that will be there : 

- Take 3D photos and videos or convert from the Photos app easily 

- Different 3D modes: anaglyph (red/blue, cyan/magenta), side-by-sideup & downinterlacedwigglegram...

 - "Onion Skin" mode to help the user to place the iPhone after the first shot (to combine them and make a 3D pic) 

- Exposure control, filters, slow-motion...and other photo effects of iOS 8 

- Share the photo/video on social networks, iCloud or Phereo (biggest 3D lovers social network in the world). 

- The first $2,000 will be used for the development, the design, the icons and the submission to the App Store, and the other $7,000 are part of the marketing budget. 

 See more on my website Thanks in advance for your support