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CrowdFunding promotion Sponsors wanted for participation in yacht race

posted Jan 30, 2015, 12:41 AM by J Shaw   [ updated Jan 30, 2015, 12:46 AM ]

Sailing team sponsorship opportunity in one of the most famous international yacht race

The Dream…

Let us introduce to you our sailing sport project!

We are non-professional sailing team from around the world. Our driving passion is sailing. Every of us have enough skills and experience. Every of us truly love sea and wind. We have been taking part in several local competitions and has thousands Nautical Miles behind in offshore.

At this moment we are ready to realize our growth potential in international event.

Moving from words to action we decided to prepare for the one of the famous Rolex Cup regattas which will start in June this year. This is a good opportunity to begin the racing career and then continue on a professional level. There are the route and dates (see attached picture on the top):

Sanremo – St. Tropez – Genova (12 - 20 June)

Regatta info

At this point we don`t have any sponsors and funding the project from our own savings but researching potential sponsorship. We would thankfully accept any amount you can contribute.


The name and logo of your company or project will be placed on the boat and team clothes. Be sure that advertising on international sports events will get your business noticed efficiently. This is definitely an original way to get your brand in front of big audience so they take notice. Our yacht will be in the race all eight days close to your potential customers. This is a unique opportunity to reach them a fresh new medium and associate your brand with the exciting sport of sailing.

Detailed sponsor levels and benefits are listed in the perks section. Options for advertising are (in accordance with ISAF Regulation rule #20):

1. Hull 2m x 0.5m on one side or both Vinyl stickers which are placing on the hull side during the whole race

2. Lifeline banners 2m x 0.5m on one side or both PVC banner which are bounding to the lifelines during the whole race 

3. Boom stickers 1.5m x 0.2m on one side or both Vinyl stickers which is placing on the boom side during the whole race 

4. Flag 1m x 0.7m on the left spreader Nylon flag is raising in the left spreader during the whole race 

5. Forestay flag 7m x 1m Nylon flag is raising only while staying in marinas between races 

6. Team clothes 

Branded tshirts and caps which crew is wearing during the whole race 

7. Adverts in team blog (coming soon!)

8. Monobrand is still availaible!

This is option to adopt the whole boat for only one brand

9. Free donation :)

Branding scheme of the right side is below:

Branding scheme of the left side is below:


Preparation for this contest is a very serious task. First of all it`s beginning from crew and appropriate boat for race. And we have already achieved it! Our team is made up of six friendly, passionate, energetic and talented individuals. The boat is especially prepared for the race and already rented. Next we should plan racing and training budget. And last but not least we should make and agree in advance any advertising materials with the race committee. Please contact with our PR manager to conform requirements of printed marketing materials.

Team blog will be provided soon and everyone is welcome to follow our training progress then racing results and official tracking. 

Many thanks and best wishes! :)