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CrowdFunding promotion Small Business Operation

posted Jan 30, 2015, 12:52 AM by J Shaw   [ updated Jan 30, 2015, 12:56 AM ]

Starting a successful business requires the investment and fusion of time, knowledge and money.

Please follow us first and foremost!


The I.T. project phase one - Welcome!

Thank you and welcome to this campaign.  The video below will allow you to see the property for the model building.  This is the purpose of this campaign.  This I.T. project needs this building.  

Here is the objective for phase one:

1.  Acquire title to the property.

2.  Complete foundation for building.

3. Beautify Landscape.

4.  Utilize financing from a National Bank - 50% of campaign´s projection, which is $125,000K.

Goal for phase one - $15,000

The video shows the project´s desired property for the Testing Center.

YouTube Video

Who I am - an Information Technology Professional - 25+ years experience. 

I am a business professional with immense knowledge in Information Technology.

For the past ten years, I have been promoting I.T. education via the internet as an online alternative - specifically, e-Learning. At present, I have access to over 5,000 online e-learning I.T. and business preparation courses. However, the price far exceeds that for the normal student to pay and therefore is not a very attractive pursuit.

A list of I.T. courses participants will study.

I.T. courses are web-based.  Each person will be given their own username and password, which will allow easy access from any internet-ready computer at any given time.  Once a score of 70% is accomplished, a certificate of completion can be printed and the next step is to sit the certification examination.

A certificate from the United States Embassy in Belize - Exhibition 2006.

This is the reason why I believe that there is a path that is worth the while exploring and that is financing of online education. What it means is, I would need to provide financing to students for them to find the project attractive. This would allow students to make a commitment of paying a small monthly fee until the course series program that they are committed to are paid in full.

A model of the testing center room.

For this to work, the project would need MONEY from a source that is interest free. In turn, the project would then be able to extend credit to the students to obtain the courses to study online. Once the students take a course series and are ready to sit the certification examination, they can schedule a date and time. Likewise, once the student sits and pass a certification examination, they will then earn college credits from an accredited institution in the U.S. These credits can be used to matriculate into any accredited colleges´ or universities´ undergraduate degree program. In addition, they can even use their newly accredited credits, with a passing grade, to earn an increase in their salary and employment status.

  [This is the model room for the I.T. building]

So, here is the process. Students would receive financial credit from us to pursue an education in I.T. They would in turn repay that finance on a monthly basis. We in turn, would establish a building site that would include a testing center for the I.T. certification examination - fully furnished with computers, cubicles and internet connection.

The monies that students would return as monthly payment, we would like to further consider re-investing in other small business project via this site.

Unlimited web-hosting - more benefits.

Seeing that this is a public forum, I would like to show my appreciation to each sponsor who donates $100.00 or more, whether in one payment or by installment. As a business venture, we would like to make available 7 years web-hosting for your contribution to the above terms, which is transferable. Contact me at

Unlimited email addresses to your domain - FREE!

This is our latest offer that you can benefit from when you become a donor.  You can easily provide email addresses to all your business employees without the added cost. 

It is quite an easy process for us.  This is our newest offer for our campaign.  All you need to do is become a donor to our campaign - $15 or $25 is a good start.  We will get it done for you. 

We will provide email hosting to your domain for free.  All it takes is just a few clicks.  We will change your email hosting and point it to our grand email hosting when you become a donor to our campaign. 

Let us get your domain email hosting activated today.