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CrowdFunding promotion Selfie - When You Cross the Line

posted Feb 20, 2015, 3:15 PM by J Shaw   [ updated Feb 20, 2015, 3:15 PM ]   Discount code for 40% off

YouTube Video

"Selfie" is a movie about the affection of this social trend in a lonely man's life.

About us

Hello everyone, I am Panos Karachristos, born and raised in Greece. I am a graduate of University of Patras, school of Theater and Cinema Studies. After I finished my studies at 2013, I decided that I love cinema more than I do theater, so focused in video production. Together with my friends, that thankfully happened to have studied similar specialties, we created Black X Films, our team of cinematic effort. In almost two years, we shot plenty of commercials, live events, ceremonies, but also we created experimentally short films, most of them with a funny, or sarcastic content. Now is our time to move forward and with all our gained experience, create something bigger, a drama short film, destined to be so well shot, that can participate at international film festivals

Here is a sample of our work, during 2014: 

YouTube Video

About "Selfie - When You Cross the Line"

Selfies are a worldwide social trend this moment. You can see them everywhere, from social media sites, to TV news and newspapers. Most of the people report which selfie a celebrity did and sometimes, they try to reproduce it. All this big fuzz though, about an act of someone in their private moments and all of this enthusiasm about selfies, drove us into decide to create a film about this whole thing. Almost everybody takes a selfie nowadays whenever they go.  Is an overestimated act of our modern society. But, what happens when you exaggerate and become obsessed with it? 

Details: The movie will be filmed in English language and subtitles will be in Greek. 
Length is estimated about 20 minutes. 


What We Need 

Our own budget is enough to make a film at experimental level, just as our previous ones. But to complete our goal and take a step further, we need your help. We set our funding goal at 5000€ because we need money for equipment rental, crew and actors expenses, as also required money for location permitions and short travel expenses. 
Our calculations suppose that we need ~2000€ for renting proper video and audio gear, for 4-5 days. Which include cameras, lenses, microphones etc. 
We believe also that we can cover actors and crew expenses or salaries with a total ammount of 1000€ and travel expenses together with permissions with another 1000€. 
At last, we need 1000€ for publishing purposes, posters, dvd's, studio mastering to DCP (Digital Cinema Package) profile for Cinema screening and possible festival entrance fees. 
We have covered by our own a big amount of equipment, but we need some more in addition. Also, most of the help needed will be voluntary, but we need to hire, or at least cover the expenses of professional stuff, such as director of Photography and sound editor.

Detail: Movie will be shot in digital format and edited with Adobe creative suite. 

    The Impact

    We believe that this film will have a big impact in social media world, but also at cinema/art world. It is a sensitive subject, that depending of the way that we will present it to the audience, will bring the equal emotions. We believe, it will be a strong message for some people and a food for thought for others. 

    Detail: Our latest short film, even without a budget and with a sarcastic subject, was a great hit in Greek young society and social media sites. 


      Risks & Challenges

      In every video production there are risks and potential failures. Despite that, we eventually have some experience facing difficult circumstances at a video production set, even on a hurry or stress environment, such as weddings and Christenings, when you don't have the opportunity to reshot a scene. So, with that in mind, we believe that we will successfully encounter every possible obstacle in our production. 

        Other Ways You Can Help

        If you live in Athens and you are willing to help us as a volunteer, of course you are welcome. A spare hand is always welcome in these circumstances. 
        For everybody else in every corner of this world, you can help us by spreading the world about our project. Share at social sites is also welcome. Remember, if a big amount of people learn about our project, is easier for us to reach our goal!