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CrowdFunding promotion Seks Beer

posted May 12, 2015, 12:38 AM by J Shaw   [ updated May 12, 2015, 12:41 AM ]

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Seks Beer. Imagine the possibilities.... We have. 

“Everybody wants Seks!”
“Don't just drink beer, have Seks!” 
“Seks Beer... coming to a mouth near you!”

The list goes on and on and on…

     Hi, my name is Greg Pappas. When my partners (Mike, Jack and Billy) and I originally thought of Seks Beer a few years ago, we all laughed aloud at the whole concept. However, as with many ideas, it faded away over time- until a chance discussion recently reignited it. Within hours, the four of us were having a lot of fun coming up with dozens of new slogans and other semi-juvenile concepts. We quickly realized that if we brewed a quality tasting beer that was marketed in the fashion we wanted, Seks could be a really big hit. After all, "Seks" sells!

     Through many hours of taste testing, uhhh "research", we determined that a blonde ale was the style of beer that fit our brand, as it is a lighter craft beer enjoyed by both men and women. We then met with a brewmaster in our home city of Baltimore and were enlightened as to the inner workings of running a brewery and budding beer business, yet just as importantly, how to craft the blonde ale we were shooting for.  While each of us have a background in business and customer service and understand how to operate and help facilitate a successful small business, we aren't looking to open our own brewery- initially. We’d rather contract with one that understands what it takes to run the business properly, from brewing our beer to our specifications, to bottling the beer and shipping it out to establishments that will provide our fine product. This would allow us to start strong right out of the gate- while affording us an easier management learning curve- as we grow. We'll begin locally in Baltimore and the Mid-Atlantic region and eventually branch out to every state, country, and planet that will have us! Now THAT is ambitious!

     The monies raised here will cover the initial cost of the bottles, packaging, ingredients, brewer fees, consulting fees, advertising costs and other expenses for our launch. 

      Finding investors is a daunting task, and since we’re not close to being in a position of funding it ourselves, friends convinced us that the best way to approach raising capital is to go the IndieGoGo route. This is, essentially, a great investment, as we believe that it's vital to forge a community of folks invested in our present and future, building both loyalty and long-lasting relationships. We're genuinely excited by this and we need your help. We can't get this done without you.
           So, after a great deal of time, effort and preparation, we're ready to start having Seks with you!  ;)

P.S. Please feel free to ask a question or leave a comment within the comments section near the top of the page. Thank you. :)