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CrowdFunding promotion Scuba Dive Aquipment Need To Work.

posted Jan 30, 2015, 1:01 AM by J Shaw   [ updated Jan 30, 2015, 1:02 AM ]

As a little child I had dreams as become a airplane pilot or Scuba Diver, and do a World Travel.
Now I'm some older and stil want to let My dreams come 
To follow My dreams I take some Scuba Dive lessons and the 
experience whas better then in My dreams so a bueatiful and good feeling experience, afther that I know I wanne go for My Scuba Dive Master/Instructor and make My work and living from ut , with posibileties to work as Scuba Dive Master on Scuba Dive Schools World Wide. 
The Dream to become a Scuba Dive Master and olso the wish to find a good jobs to work for My own money, on the moment I dondt have work what olso have to do that I dondt have school diploma, whitout school diploma ut is difercult to find good work, and when I have My Scuba Dive Master Papper that stands as a Diploma in the Scuba Dive World with I can find easy work by Scuba Dive Schools World Wide.

My private financial situation is momently so that I cannot pay for the lessons with My social payments, so I askt a local helping organization to help paying for the lessons, they now offer to pay a part 1500,-,eury if other Funds or Good Willing Crowd People Like You want to help My so I can pay the rest of the studie Scuba Dive Master / Instructor, lessons, 
First I lookt for lessons in west europe ware the prices for My Scuba Dive Master lessons are higher 4000,- eury, 
last night I googled to the prices for My lessons in other countrys and I finded more Scuba Diving Schools in East Europe and Middel East ware I can take My Scuba Dive Master lessons for the 1510,- 
I olready have, Party.
Now I can take olready My Scuba Dive Master Lessons, 
the only thing I stil need is Scuba Dive Aquipment, what is needed by the Scuba Dive Master level, and the Scuba Dive Aquipment cost +/- 750,- ,
So You Can Stil Help My To Get My Scuba Dive Aquipment Ware For I Stil Need 750,-.
Al Your Help Is Welcome. 
I look out to Your Good Willing.

Thank You,  

My Personal Compliments to this Good Crowd website and Good to seePeople Stil Do Good.
some text.:

Doing Good feels Good
Doing Good gives Good Karma
We All Want Have ut Good.


Thanks for now , and of course later more.

See to the update that for Your GoodWilling I want to do same GoodWill Back.