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CrowdFunding promotion SODAPTER - Reuse your PET bottles with your soda machine !

posted Apr 13, 2015, 12:09 AM by J Shaw   [ updated Apr 13, 2015, 12:09 AM ]

The new alternative way to drink sparkling water & sodas taking care both of your health & our planet. Reuse, Recycle, Reduce !

About this project

SODAPTER is an adapter which allows you to reuse sparkling PET [PolyEthylene Terephtalate] bottles with soda makers in order to reduce the global PETs demand, PETs consumption & by the way is supposed to reduce every day the PETs emission in the World.


Because struggle against the pollution that those PETs can represent if they are not properly recycled is the final purpose of the OMNIBULLA Ltd, company.

The good paradox: Use CO2 & reduce your carbon footprint.

Let's stop the "PETs or secret continents" expansion & why not reduce each existing plastic gyre step by step.

Reuse, Recycle, Reduce !


SODAPTER prototypeSODAPTER prototype
  • The SODAPTER has been developed to be 100% biodegradable through agro-materials using thermoplastic injection moulding (EN 13432 standard)
  • The SODAPTER is available in 8 colors: blue, green, orange, pink, purpple, red, white, yellow
  • The SODAPTER prototype weights 12 grams
SODAPTER 3D drawingSODAPTER 3D drawing


  • Screw or clip your SODAPTER on your soda maker
  • Screw your sparkling PET into the SODAPTER
  • Fizz 
  • Unscrew or unclip
  • Drink
SODAPTER on PET bottleSODAPTER on PET bottle


The fabrication of a high technology mold is necessary to launch the production of the SODAPTER which will be used with the widespread soda makers available for sale on the market. The draws have been made. The quote has been received. Just is missing the green light from funds.


  • Savings made on every liter of sparkling water or sodas
  • Healthier drinks with organic syrups: SIROBIO
  • Do cocktails melting syrups' flavors
  • Manage sugar you drink in your sodas
  • No PETs transport from supermarket
  • No PETs storage
  • Less PETs in your containers
  • Less PETs to recycle

We are looking forward to your help


The OMNIBULLA Ltd,team


Risks and challenges

The challenge of this project is first to fund the mold to launch production. The supplier has been sourced. The proposal has been received. Its realization will take 8 weeks maximum & first SODAPTERs will be produced a couple of days after.

In the meantime, the team will work to prepare any logistics & shipment details of the rewards.

For the moment we are working on different aspects about the SODAPTER, such as legal, marketing, packaging...

The other big project of the company is the developement of the OMNIBULLA machine which is a soda machine that will allow to use any size of sparkling bottles from 25 cl up to 2L. You will be able to support the project on Kickstarter as well.

The OMNIBULLA project will be followed by the SIROBIO project: the democratization of the organic syrups available for healthier drinks espacially sodas. they will be sold within glass bottles compatible with OMNIBULLA machine.

Those three projects & associated products will be sold under their own trade mark.

But they will support the OMNIBULLA Ltd, company's global purpose.