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posted Apr 9, 2015, 2:39 AM by J Shaw   [ updated Apr 9, 2015, 2:39 AM ]

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"Seductive Affair" is a story about a Latin-American husband and wife, Amber and Jose Picena.  Amber Picena  endured a lot of heart-aches and lonely nights being married to Jose Picena; a United States Marine. Amber spent  many years glued to the television in turmoil, cringing in fear whenever reports came in of American troops being killed;  praying whole-heartily that it wasn't her husband. Every night, she sat on the sofa motionless praying for new dreams and a new life. Once Jose Picena return home from Afghanistan both his and Amber's worlds will shatter. while Jose Picena struggled with life away from war, Amber began to lose patience with her husbands' lack of affection towards her. One day in a state of rage, Amber got up from her sofa and demanded a divorce. Jose Picena who's been raised Catholic becomes conflicted with the idea of divorce and tries to attempt to get Amber to change her mind. Dealing with her own afflictions,  Amber turns down the road of deceit and sends Jose on a roller-coaster of events.

I am really passionate about this story for many reasons. I wrote this story with a simple idea of wanting to direct a project that had a strong message, but one that I could be able to relate.  I wanted to tell a story that contains authenticity, revolve around human relationship, and contain dramatic situations. I am extremely passionate on how humans interact with one another, especially with the opposite sex. As I wrote, the story Seductive Affair came to life. This is a story that is about divorce and how it conflicts with Catholic beliefs. I included a military aspect to the character since a vast majority of my family is in the military. The story started to take on a lot of my own personal experience without me realizing it. I come from a divorce family. I wanted to show that divorce usually sends both individuals into negative areas and the lack of communication is what's lost as the marriage start to fall apart.

This story is important for its unique way of touching on the topic of divorce and showing how the breakdown of communication can drive a wife to do extreme things (luring her husband into an affair to get a divorce). On the other hand, her husband is face with a dilemma that turns him against his Catholic beliefs. This story carries a powerful message about divorce and the key component that either person (husband or wife) can make or break a marriage. I am the voice of many children who seen the destructive nature of divorce. I hope that I magnified the breakdown of communication or inability to compromise that leads to two people going from best friends to complete stranger who cannot tolerate each other.

I am an up and coming writer/director that hopes to gain the blessing of the community. Every day,  I strive in continuing to evolve into as accomplished writer/director. I am certain that this is my G d - given purpose and hope to spread the ambitious message of humanity: every life matters.