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CrowdFunding promotion Real Prize Arcade -- Real Games & Prizes--Live Over Internet

posted Apr 11, 2015, 10:29 AM by J Shaw   [ updated Apr 11, 2015, 10:29 AM ]

REAL games played over the internet. REAL prizes you can WIN using your Phone, Tablet, or PC. We Ship WORLDWIDE. Pledge For Success!

About this project

World's First Globally Accessible Arcade

"A uniquely addicting game experience for people that like to win stuff" - Dan Harris

"The next BIG thing is here!" - Wayne G.

REALPRIZEARCADE.COM is an online arcade where you control and play REAL machines to WIN REAL prizes from machines located in Bend, Oregon. When YOU Win, we ship you the prize.

New technology has enabled us to modify real claw machines with computer boards and live streaming cameras so that they can be controlled and viewed live over the Internet. Use any PC, Phone, or Tablet to play.

The Vision 

The Real Prize Arcade has the potential to have hundreds of games and thousands of prizes if the foundation for success is built strongly. We believe Kickstarter is the proper platform to present our game to the world. If you are reading this, you are proving our point. With your support, we will be able to build a solid foundation to flourish. Please help the Real Prize Arcade come to life!

Why Do We Need Funding?

  The website and mobile apps are currently in development. We need help raising funds so we can finish building the Real Prize Arcade and load the machines with awesome prizes. If we meet our goal of $10,000, we will be able to bring our 6 machines online and refine our development. Its our goal to get even more machines online, and offer some awesome prizes to our players. If we get to $30,000 we will build an additional 4 machines, and offer a special bonus to all supporters! 

Your pledge means you believe in us!

 What do you say Kickstarter? Do you want a chance to play in the Real Prize Arcade?

Brought to you by: Daniel Harris(Top) and Wayne G. (Bottom)

Wayne G

Risks and challenges

The biggest challenge faced was getting the machines to work remotely. The technology that our team has developed has given you ability to play our machines connected to the internet. The biggest challenge we are still faced with is the access to the funds needed to finish development and load the machines with prizes. We need YOUR help to get the final components paid for! Please PLEDGE for success!!