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CrowdFunding promotion RED ARMY

posted Feb 20, 2015, 2:53 PM by J Shaw   [ updated Feb 20, 2015, 2:59 PM ]   Discount code for 40% off

RED ARMY is the first clothing company to create ginger themed t-shirts and hats for both Gingers and Non-Gingers to enjoy!

bout this project


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AND Also check out: - check out "songs" and search him up on spodify too. - to hire the guy behind our web, graphics and video editing. - to check out our afro dawning ginger. - to learn how this afro dawning ginger stays in great shape. - to check out our red headed female. - our official site for Red Army.

Risks and challenges

We are very confident in our team, our suppliers and vendors ability to keep up with our schedule and deliver on time. Having said that, we cannot always control everything life throws at us and there are always uncertainties and risks for delay in any manufacturing process. Although very unlikely, things sometimes do take longer than expected - but we are prepared for it and are engaging in precautionary steps to prevent any such event. Throughout the duration of the project - we will be in contact with you, frequently updating you in vivid detail, every step of the way!

Also, things like total number of shirts and hats ordered will impact this process. And please take into consideration that we are based in Canada so as mentioned at the side shipping costs will be based on location and availability. One of our suppliers is in the US and shipping there will be very easy but for the rest of the world there may be some slight delays and additional shipping fees.

Also in regards to other perks that require setting up a date or may require travel on your end or our end. We can make all of these arrangements either during or after our kickstarter has ended.

And lastly in regards to some rewards where we set out stipulations that a certain number had to be purchased such as the Movie Producer options please read the alternative that will occur in its place if you donate to that section but we don't reach the quota.

Our supporters and customers are very important to us so we will do whatever we can to make dealing with us a very pleasant experience.