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CrowdFunding promotion Publishing and Marketing for Danger Awaits, A Romantic Novel

posted Jun 11, 2015, 12:12 AM by J Shaw   [ updated Jun 11, 2015, 12:13 AM ]

Publishing and Marketing Danger Awaits, a contemporary romantic suspense.

Publishing and Marketing Danger Awaits, a contemporary romantic suspense.

About this project

This a romance novel that I've worked on (one of many) and am looking to publish through a top POD publishing company.  I am going to be thoroughly editing this book and putting it through the top publishing package and marketing package.  I take this very seriously and have every desire to put out a good story and quality product. I want to thank everyone who helps with the completion of this project.  It's very much appreciated.  

Here's the synopsis:

After the mysterious death of her parents, Jessica Harper encounters a flash from her past. Now it seems there’s something evil lurking and will stop at nothing to get her. Then there’s Philip, the flirtatious bad boy whose appetite for women is unparalleled and is the only one willing to help her. The problem is… Who will protect her from him? Philip Thyler believes he has finally escaped the shadows of his father’s scandalous past, one he wishes he could forget. Of course the past always has a way of catching up. Being a regular at Mitsy’s restaurant, he is enthralled with a waitress whose character is as appealing as she is easy on the eyes. Though the attraction is mutual his carefree lifestyle conflicts with her conservative nature. The more she resists him the more complicated things become until he realizes that to have her he must give up the thing he values most, his wild and reckless ways.

Risks and challenges

After the book is published there will be marketing and placement issues as far as who/what stores will accept the book. It will take time to go through the process due to editing and selecting a proper cover photo, etc... A lot of back and forth. If all goes well, it will hopefully be available through Amazon, B&N, and many other online stores. If I'm lucky, some physical stores may pick it up as well.