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CrowdFunding promotion Publish and distribute new novel for teens

posted Jan 18, 2015, 7:08 PM by J Shaw   [ updated Jan 19, 2015, 4:58 AM by David Khorram ]

I have written an exciting story of teenagers banding together to fight teen drug dealers.

My second novel is an exciting glimpse into the world of teenagers and the obstacles they face in today's society. My first novel was published a few years ago. My poetry has been published in online venues. You can read some of them on my website  My songs have been published and recorded several years ago. As a grandmother of 13, I have a vivid insight into teenager's lives and love writing about them.    This novel is very important to me because it tells the story of a group of teens finding ways to combat their town's teenage drug dealers. Combating drugs is a world-wide problem and this inspiring story deals dramatically with that issue.

Now that my story is completed, it needs professional editing before sending it to the printers, followed by a publicity campaign from a well-organized and highly successful publicity agency. The publicity alone runs as much as $5,000 and up for a solid representation. 

This novel is important, not only as entertaining reading, but for the message it sends to young readers. It shows that there are ways teens can overcome iossues hat they face in today's world.

Following is a brief passage from this novel which I am calling The Teenage Wars:

When I looked back, Teddy wasn't there. I looked all around, began running,and finally saw him being led away from the crowd by the assistant Principal, Mr. Martinez. "Oh, God, what's Teddy done now?" I mumbled. I ran in their direction as fast as I could. I heard Teddy yelling for me. Out of breath, I caught up with them.

     "What are you doing to my brother?" I almost shouted. I grabbed hold of Teddy and tried to calm him.

     "I'm sorry, but I saw him handing a plastic bag to another boy. You know we have to ask some questions in a case like this." He reached out to Teddy, but Teddy backed away. 

     "Teddy, did you give something to someone?"     

     "No, Michael," he responded.

     "Think, Teddy. Tell me everything that happened."

     "I was watching the team come out. A guy said he had something for me. He put a plastic bag in my hand." Teddy stopped and kind of hung his head. He looked at me for help and I nodded my head for him to go on. "He asked me if I wanted to buy it. I didn't have any money. I handed it back to him."

     "Is that all?" I asked him.

     "Yes, Michael."

     Mr. Martinez told Teddy to turn his pockets inside out. Teddy looked at me, scared, but he did what Mr. Martinez asked. Of course there was nothing inn them, so I figured the matter was done with. But Mr. Martinez put Teddy on OCS just for handling the bag. I blew up at that.


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