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CrowdFunding promotion Plz help feed the homeless God bless!!!!

posted Apr 9, 2015, 1:15 AM by J Shaw   [ updated Apr 9, 2015, 1:16 AM ]

Its truely a blessing to be able to help the homeless,I have assisted other organizations with feeding the homeless on my spare time when i get off work,as well as even taking money and food from my own home to help others who in need of a helping hand,the most enjoyable moment is when you can put a smile on ppl faces that you dont even know,not only that but making other ppl life that much better,so if anyone in a position to donate and help with any amount towards helping others is greatly appreciated God Bless!!!!!


Please help us support the homeless today,we need a blessing hand right now,I know its some ppl out there that's in a position to help and won't because they dont know the ppl there helping but just remember God will bless you for it thx for you support...