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CrowdFunding promotion Plugg: Suitcase & Self Energising Battery Charger

posted Feb 1, 2015, 11:20 PM by J Shaw   [ updated Feb 1, 2015, 11:32 PM ]   Discount code for 40% off

The only suitcase that can charge your cellphone's battery during walking. Do you hate low battery? JOIN US!

About this project

100% Free and Green Energy on the go!

Free yourself and get independent!

Your staff, your battery charger, your backup battery all in your suitcase.

Benefit of PLugg  

Less devices, less worry.

With many battery chargers you have to carry the charger device with you and any adapters you might need to plug it in, ( for world travelers this could mean several different types depending on where you travel ) and then you have to find an outlet to plug into. With PLugg all you need is your suitcase and your exciting destination.
By testing the prototype we’ve got the results that by rolling the luggage for 200 meter at a medium speed of 2,8 km/h (a standard pace) PLUGG can increase the battery of an iPhone by about 10%.

How it works

PLugg is the first USB battery charger that combines a USB mini generator powered by the suitcase wheel.

When you plug your cell phone into the USB port on your PLUGG the phones battery is charged by the rolling motion of your suitcase wheel as you are walking or by PLUGGs internal battery if you are seated. 

This extra battery, located inside Plugg, acts as an emergency backup battery should you need one, and it’s also automatically charged while you drag your suitcase.

 When you need, you just connect your device to the USB port.

On full charged battery an electronic cyrcuit will stop the charging phase in order to protect the battery.

A mini USB port on the PCB and a supply cable will allow to recharge the Plugg’s battery on a standard home plug in order to have your energy reserve ready faster.

You can remove the battery frame and carry it with you so you will always have a charged backup battery with you.

 The button on the front panel allows you to disable the generator if you don’t need to recharge your battery.


  • Suitcases made of synthetic textile fibers;
  • Plastic wheel frame + wheel;
  • Plastic cover for frame with trigger button incorporated;
  • Small Plastic box container;
  • Special plastic cogwheel;
  • 3.7v1150mah 553450 rechargeable li-polymer battery;
  • Electronic PCB (printed circuit board);
  • Small alternator;
  • Spring.

Evolution of the Plugg

About us

 PLugg is a new start-up company that focuses on designing innovative, problem solving products for today’s mobile lifestyles. We are a partnership founded by a group of longstanding friends that have unique and experienced disciplines, ranging from engineering, industrial design, graphics, international sales and marketing. Our initial area of focus starts with a battery charger that uses Green Energy to aid people traveling in this wildly mobile world we live in. Vincenzo,while on a trip to the USA, discovered his cell phone battery had gone dead just when he needed to make a very important phone call. The events that followed inspired him to come up with a viable solution to this problem that he and countless others have encountered. We found that the market was filled with many different kinds of battery chargers and related products but they all needed to be plugged into an electrical outlet in order to charge your battery. This presents several different problems , especially for those traveling. First you have to find an available outlet and then you are tethered to that spot for a period of time while your battery charges sometimes sitting on the floor near the outlet It was then that we put our heads together and devised a product idea that would solve all of this frustration. After many discussions, iterations and renderings – PLugg was born. We developed a working prototype and today we are very excited about what PLUGG brings to the marketplace. We believe we’ve solved some real world issues with cell phone batteries ,and other small battery powered devices, and that we’ve developed an innovative battery charger with very strong differentiation. PLugg is the only mini generator USB charging device that is integrated in the suitcase wheel and activated by the rolling motion of the wheel. No need to sit by an outlet as you can charge your battery as you continue your travel. We are looking for your help and support so that we can bring PLugg to the marketplace.

Why we need support.

Where we need your support is to help us raise funds to put the PLugg into production. We need to buy all the components, pay for the first production run, and pay for all the certification like CE, RoHS, and WEEE. We need to complete all developmental steps, from tooling, molds, parts procurement, certification, packaging etc., all this leading to final production. We require $150k to complete the development and to produce our first line run. We believe PLugg is an awesome product and we are really excited about it, but we need your help to turn it into a reality. There are lots of exciting discounts and offers available to our early backers, and we want to turn this product into a something special that you are going to love!

Plugg step by step.


Richard Grandinetti

YouTube Video

An Engineer and fabricator.Studied engineering at Johns Hopkins University. Owned and operated Boomers Rods and Customs, an automotive fabrication and restoration facility. Designer, engineer, and businessman, well versed in all aspects of business operation. Committed to bringing Green Energy into the marketplace.

Risks and challenges

We have worked extremely hard to ready this product for Kickstarter and full-scale manufacturing and fulfillment, but any technology project will carry certain risks, and surprises can occur at any point in a project. 
We have done our best to mitigate and minimize the risks associated to bringing the PLugg to market in several ways: 
– We have well tested and working prototypes. We started work on the PLugg project in November 2013, and had our first housing in February 2014 and our first working PCB in Mars 2014.

– We are experienced. Many projects fail not because of lack of enthusiasm, but due to lack of knowledge by the entrepreneur outside their core-competency. Part of our team is based in Italy and USA and has worked in the country with multiple factories for many years. We have a partnership with most important electronic producers and luggage producers of Italy and China. 
– We use high quality components. 
– We know how to ship product. We understand issues like shipping and logistics, merchant payment terms, insurance, safety certificates.