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CrowdFunding promotion PRODIGYGOLFER Young Adult Golf Apparel

posted Mar 1, 2015, 1:19 AM by J Shaw   [ updated Mar 1, 2015, 1:27 AM ]   Discount code for 40% off
Be Exceptional. Be You.

My name is Tom Wayne and I am the founder of PRODIGYGOLFER® target="_blank">PRODIGYGOLFER® is a progressive young adult golf and sports apparel brand created for the 12-18 year age group typically referred to as the young adult or young millennial or tween/teen demographic group.  Over the past 20 years in various sales and marketing roles for early stage and Fortune 500 tech companies, I decided to put my efforts and experience into something I am truly passionate about.  The game of golf.  I grew up in an entrepreneurial family and understand the level of work and commitment that goes into building a company and so I relied on my process driven tech background to build this new and exciting brand.  With your investment, I feel confident that PRODIGYGOLFER® can become a success. 

This campaign is important to me because it addresses a very common problem to the game.  PRODIGYGOLFER® fills a gap in an under-served market that is critical to the future of the game.  The concept of my company and products are based off of almost a decade of involvement with junior golf.  Over the years, the same conversation continued to come up among parents, “Where can I find performance based cost effective apparel for the younger modern golfer?”  There isn’t anything for the modern golfer to call their own.  Currently, the only option is to find one of your parent’s brands (assuming it fits correctly) and pay painfully high prices for those major brand labels.  Let’s face it, those brands started out as adult apparel, continue to market to adults and have all but forgotten the younger generations that will likely end up as one of their future customers when they become adults.

With your help and contribution, you can have a direct impact on helping to offer a “NEW ALTERNATIVE” to the legacy adult brands but at affordable prices.  Together, we can bring a new younger look and attitude to the beautiful and storied sport of golf.  Golf provides many lifelong skills that are transferable to everyday life.  Our mission is to inspire confidence, individuality and fun through an apparel brand that they can “call their own”.  Long term, we see our brand expanding into other sports as well as casual-wear further contributing to today’s “millennial” demographic customer base.

We are looking to raise $30,000 to be put towards production costs (i.e. – fabric costs, cut and sew costs and marketing costs to raise awareness).  In addition to our current "Tee IT Up" Collection", we are looking to produce 2 more shirt collections and 1 skort collection.  To give you an idea of the factory costs associated with a single "collection", I have broken it down for you...

8 styles (4 Male/4 Female) x Min Order Qty (MOQ) of 400 units x freight = Approx $30,000.

* This cost includes hang tags, care tags, bar coding and production man hours.

If we hit our stretch goal of $125,000 we will look at introducing a men's pant to compliment the men's shirts or an outerwear collection.

Shirt Collection #1: Tee It Up Collection (Currently in inventory and available today)

Shirt Collection #2: Pin Seeker Collection (Delivery scheduled for April 2015)

Shirt Collection #3: The Medalist Collection (Delivery scheduled for June 2015)

Skort Collection #1: The Champ Collection (Delivery scheduled for May 2015)

Headwear Collection:

Poker Chip Collection:

Production Pictures:

We are happy to offer some unique and exciting perks for each level of contribution ranging from receiving apparel pieces and accessories to having the opportunity to determine a color scheme for a single shirt design on a future production (We will provide available color options).

All funds collected through your contributions will go directly toward ongoing production costs as well as marketing efforts to continue to create awareness of the brand.

With your help, PRODIGYGOLFER® can become a catalyst of change that is desperately needed in the golf industry. By connecting the sport to its future players we aim to become a trusted and recognizable golf and sports apparel brand. The fact is, the game has suffered from aging baby boomers not playing as much and  years of limited support around attracting younger players.  However, there are some very specific areas of growth that have emerged and currently injecting new life into the sport.  Those growth areas all align withPRODIGYGOLFER® apparel.  They include; younger generation players, female, and multi-cultural.  I feel that the timing is right for a fresh new generation to get introduced and grow with their style and their game.  The future of the game depends on the younger generation and I am passionate about making a contribution to the game.


2014: Soft launched at 2014 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, FL.

2014: Validated the need in the market by doing a soft launch in 2014 where we received feedback from both end-user customers and commercial customers that helped shape our latest designs and color stories.

2014: We started to make waves in the golf apparel industry by partnering with one of the U.S.'s strongest PGA sections, the Southern California PGA (SCPGA) section. Through that partnership, we were the title sponsor for 3 of their 2014 Junior Golf Tour tournaments.

2015: We have also had a successful 2015 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, FL this past January by landing the most awarded golf facility in the US as a new customer right next to some of the game’s major apparel brands.

2015: We are currently filling orders for our current delivery called the “Tee It Up” collection as well as taking pre-orders for our upcoming releases called the “Pin Seeker”, “Medalist” shirt collections as well as our most recent release, our “Champ” skort collection.

Risks & Challenges:

Leveraging my experience and knowledge for solving complex problems, I foresee several critical hurdles that will need to be overcome. 

First, there is a barrier of entry into the golf industry which has traditionally been dominated by major "adult" apparel brands.  

-- Answer: A major difference and advantage we have over them is that we are being born into this specific demographic.  This benefit allows us to remain closer to our customers and focus on a customer base that is loyal, independent and cost conscious.  All major brands in the golf industry began as adult brands and will always focus on that demographic in order to keep their market positioning among their peers.  For us, this leaves open the opportunity to become the leader in this segment and industry.

Second, the cost associated with creating brand awareness and educating the industry and its buyers is high and requires many different strategies.  These strategies include marketing to end users, golf course pro shop managers, resorts, specialty and big box retailers.  

-- Answer: We were sought out by and eventually partnered with the same sports marketing firm that brought both Softspikes® and SkyCaddie® to their mainstream market leadership positions. With their almost thirty years of selling to the golf industry, we are leveraging their expertise and relationships to open various sales channels for us.

Third, the cost of production requires a significant financial investment. 

-- Answer:  Up to this point, I have bootstrapped everything.  This is where your investment comes in.  In order for us to keep opening doors and offering unique new apparel to aspiring golfers and introducing a new targeted revenue stream for retailers, we will need your support in us and our products.

All of these hurdles can be addressed and overcome with your contribution.


Where is the apparel and accessories made?
Our shirt and headwear collections are both designed in Orlando, FL. Shirts are manufactured in Colombia.  Our headwear is made primarily in China with the exception of our #GIMMIE (White/Black) hat which is made in Vietnam.

What is your apparel and accessories made of?

All of our products are all made from 100% polyester.  With the exception of our #GIMMIE hat, our hats are made of 100% polyester.  Our #GIMMIE (White/Black) hat is made in Vietnam and is made of a 50% Polyester / 50% Cotton blend.

When are the perks expected to ship?
We will fulfill perks in the order they are received. We are aiming to start fulfillment according to current and future delivery dates.  If a product is currently available, we will ship it right away to you.  If a product is not currently available, we will ship it to you once it becomes available.  All dates have been listed above – please refer to those for specific timelines.  In the meantime, we will be do our best to hit our future deadlines, but product development often has unexpected hiccups, so we cannot guarantee this. We will keep our backers apprised of our expected delivery time frames as we get more information. Delivery time frames will also depend in part on how many orders we receive. If we need to re-order to accommodate your perk, we will be sure to reach out to you individually to keep you up to date on the status of your perk. We will scale our production based on how many orders we receive.

What is the Warranty?
We provide a limited warranty guaranteeing you receive your PRODIGYGOLFER®apparel piece or accessory free of manufacturing defects.

Can I change or cancel my perk?
Indiegogo policy dictates that campaign owners have no ability to adjust your perk selection. That means we cannot upgrade your perk, we cannot change your perk and we cannot cancel your perk. Please note that contributions made on Indiegogo are also non-refundable. Sorry, no refunds or exchanges.

How is shipping handled?
We will be shipping via the United States Postal Service.


For press and bulk order inquires please contact us at

Last but not least... If you are unable to contribute, we understand completely.  If you believe in our vision and understand where we want take this brand, then please help get the word out and make some noise about our campaign. You can start by using the Indiegogo share tools!


Thanks for taking time to learn more about our PRODIGYGOLFER® apparel project.  We look forward to your support!