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CrowdFunding promotion PAVARA sink tidy-kitchen accessory/gadget

posted Apr 21, 2015, 12:37 AM by J Shaw   [ updated Apr 21, 2015, 12:37 AM ]

A stylish rotating sink tidy, revealing its contents at the touch of a button.Finished in gloss, to match a modern & minimalist kitchen

About this project

Black gloss PAVARA sink tidyBlack gloss PAVARA sink tidy
Black gloss PAVARA sink tidy, rotated to the 'in use' position.Black gloss PAVARA sink tidy, rotated to the 'in use' position.

PAVARA stands for Providing A Viable Aesthetic Result Anywhere

The PAVARA sink tidy has been made to a high specification, exclusively to match the aesthetics of a modern and minimalist kitchen.

The PAVARA sink tidy has been created to combine functionality with elegance. With it's unique rotational spring system, its contents (washing up liquid, hand wash & sponges) can be accessed easily at the touch of a button. Then when not in use, it can be simply turned around, to match the aesthetics of the modern kitchen. It contains a drainage system for wet sponges. 


It is the first ever sink tidy to compliment a gloss kitchen.

This is YOUR chance to own a PAVARA sink tidy before anyone else at EARLY BIRD PRICES

All current sink tidies simply act as holding devises for their contents, they do not actually hide them

This product has been made to a high specification, so that its presence compliments and enhances a modern, stylish kitchen. With its patent filed and design registered, the PAVARA sink tidy hopes to add a touch of resplendence to kitchens everywhere. 


You will be the envy of your house proud friends!

There are HUGE SAVINGS to be made from purchasing on Kickstarter as these prices are less than the eventual retail price.


The PAVARA sink tidy makes a unique Christmas gift, so why not buy one for yourself and one as a present.


The PAVARA sink tidy stands 285mm tall and has a diameter of 140mm.

Made of polished steel and finished in gloss.

Operates with a unique rotational spring system, that allows the contents to be accessed at the touch of a button.

Contains a drainage system for wet sponges.

Weighs 1.15kg.

Black and white gloss PAVARA sink tidiesBlack and white gloss PAVARA sink tidies


As a mother and amateur cook, I couldn't wait to embark on my kitchen renovation. As I went through the plans with the kitchen designer, the sink area seemed to compromise the modern aesthetics of my minimalist kitchen. I spoke to numerous kitchen designers, hoping that someone would have a solution to my problem. But to my surprise, the response was always the same, store everything away in the cupboard under the sink and take it out when you need it and use the dishwasher more. Sounds simple, but not practical at all. If my hands were dirty, did I really want to be opening a cupboard with dirty hands, to take out the hand wash. Not all dishes could be or would be washed in the dishwasher. Did I really want to store wet sponges in a cupboard, which would not only make them smell but would also be unhygienic? Even storing wet sponges in the sink, looked unsightly. I trawled the internet trying to source a sink tidy, that might even vaguely compliment the kitchen, but was surprised that these sink tidies acted as only holding devises. So they did not disguise or hide the washing up bottles and sponges. In addition, most sink tidies were made of plastic and looked out of place in a modern kitchen. It was at this point, that I took out a piece of paper and sketched what was to be the PAVARA sink tidy.  My passion for great design and determination to create a sink tidy for modern kitchens, has delivered me to this point. Now, its up to you to believe in this product. If you share my vision for stylish aesthetics combined with functionality, then please back my campaign. But if its not something for you, then please just forward the link to your friends and family, as it may interest them. 


Our goal is to raise £24,700, so that we can make the first batch of BLACK gloss PAVARA sink tidies.

Our stretch goal is £34,700, so that in addition to the black gloss, we can also make the WHITE gloss PAVARA sink tidies.

Our further stretch goal is £44,700, so that in addition to the black and white gloss, we can also make another colour, decided by an online survey from my customers.

Where does your money go

We are so close to making this product a reality. With your support we can make this a successful campaign.

All funds received will be used for tooling, manufacturing and delivering the PAVARA sink tidy to your door.

If we reach our stretch goal of £34,700, then we can make the PAVARA sink tidies in WHITE gloss too.

If we have reached our further stretch goal at the end of the campaign, then we can make the PAVARA sink tidy in another colour. This colour will be decided following an online survey on our website.

Any additional funds will enable us to grow as a company and brand to bring you even more products. Let's make this happen.

As Kickstarter is an ALL or NOTHING campaign, if we do not hit our funding target of £24,700 the PAVARA sink tidy will not be put into production and your pledge will not be taken from your bank account. So PLEASE support us and if sadly the PAVARA sink tidy is not for you, you can still support our campaign with pledges starting from £1 and share the link with your friends and family, as it may be of interest to them. EVERY PLEDGE COUNTS!


Monday 20th April 2015: First day of the Kickstarter campaign

Friday 29th May 2015: Last day of the Kickstarter campaign.

November 2015: We anticipate a production timeframe of 12 weeks after reaching our goal. Freight 6 to 8 weeks. We will then be preparing the shipments at our fulfilment warehouse in Lincolnshire, England. From there we will ship our products domestically and around the world.

We have sourced experts to fulfill each stage of the manufacturing, freight and delivery process.

February 2016: PUBLIC RELEASE

Did you miss our campaign?

We are ready to make this product a success. The PAVARA sink tidy will be available to the rest of the public. Follow us on social media (Facebook and twitter).


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Risks and challenges

What happens if you don’t reach your target? 
Kickstarter is an all or nothing model! If we don’t reach our target no-one gets charged. That’s why we need you… and your family and friends! So please, even if you can’t donate, help us by spreading the word on Twitter, Facebook or word of mouth.

How do we contact you? 
Via our Facebook page and website.