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CrowdFunding promotion Operation Veteran Cannabis T-Shirt

posted Apr 29, 2015, 2:14 AM by J Shaw   [ updated Apr 29, 2015, 2:14 AM ]

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Operation: Veteran Cannabis T-Shirt Top Secret Details...

Operation Veteran Cannabis Shirt

Our mission:

Designprint, and distribute  a t-shirt for veterans who support the legalization of medical marijuana and the right as a veteran to use medical marijuana to help with PTSD as well as other medical conditions that veterans suffer from. 
We have completed the design portion of our mission!

Your mission should you choose to accept it:

1. Pick a perk over to the right side of your screen ---->
2. Share with your friends and family that you have completed your mission in Operation Veteran Weed Shirt
3. Accept our gratitude for completing your part of the mission. Be proud to know that every veteran who wears this shirt will know there are people like you who care about them and what they go through.

Once Our Mission is Complete:

We will gather your perks and ship them off (within 30 days of printing the t-shirt). 
We donate $1.00 per shirt sold (forever) to Cannabis For Veterans Suffering from PTSD.
Head on over to the perks now so you can start your part of the mission --->

So give you all the juicy details you say? 

Here Ya Go...

We are offering the opportunity for YOU to get in on creating the veterans cannabis t-shirt. Grab a t-shirt, two, three, or four from our perks for participating in the production of the veterans cannabis t-shirt. 

Here are the details on how you can join and be a part of getting the t-shirt printed and in the hands of veterans who suffer from PTSD.
About a month ago we received a message from one of our Facebook fans, who asked us if we could create a tee shirt specifically for our Veterans. There was no way we would say no to that request, as a matter of fact we are more than honored. 
The veteran shirt is very important to us. Aside from being strong supports of legalizing and regulating marijuana we support the men and women who server our country. 
About 30% of the men and women who served in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars suffer from PTSD and depression, according to a 2012 VA report. Research has suggested marijuana may help PTSD symptoms. A recent study found that PTSD symptoms in patients who smoked cannabis were reduced an average of 75%. The good news here is there is currently a bill in place that will allow veterans to receive medical marijuana through the department of veterans in states that it is legal. 
Once the veteran cannabis t-shirt is in production it will show veterans that they are supported, it will give back to the veterans through our donations from each t-shirt sold, and it will no doubt put a smile on the faces of the veterans proudly wearing them. As simple as a t-shirt is you would be surprised how much it means to them. 

What We Need What YOU Get!

We set a goal of $1,000.00 and this will go towards:
  • turning our drawing into a digital print. We will need to send our drawing to a graphic artist who will then transform our drawing into a digital print. 
  • This design has 8 different color separation sets which drives the price up higher as the printer needs to use several sets to print.
  • Purchasing the blank t-shirts for printing.
  • Printing the shirts though the printing company we use for all of our shirts.
What happens if we get more funds then we are asking for?
Any additional funds that go over our intended $1000.00 will go into our business. One of our goals is to have our own printing equipment and print our shirts in house. 
The Perks The Perks The Perks!
T-shirts! Check out below for the images of the killer weed tee shirts that we produce. You are going to love them. These marijuana t-shirts are like no other out there on the market. Our shirts are super cool and designed by street artist ToxicT. We have a street leaf artist spray painting a weed leaf, one of the favorites in our batch among our fans. There is our Sip-Sum t-shirt which is awesome and very detailed, it's a bit of a spoof from your favorite coffee shop. We also have the eviction shirt. This shirt is extremely popular among all demographics from kids to adults. So many people love this shirt. A little known fact, the eviction shirt didn't start out as a shirt. It is an actual painting that ToxicT produced a few years back. There is the original plus 50 reprints that are all signed by ToxicT and some are still available for purchase.

    Other Ways You Can Help

    We understand that not everyone can donate but you can still help! Please share our campaign through your social media platforms and let's get this veterans cannabis shirt printed! 

    Our other t-shirts for the Perks!

    The veterans shirt will be printed on a khaki colored shirt like the military shirts.

    weed tees shirts logo sticker. (1 1/2 in. X 2 in.)

    About Jason our inspiration 
    Jason has served our country since 2004, 2 deployments first one was in Ramadi, Iraq OIF2005-2007 second  deployment Balad, Iraq OIF2008-2009. He joined the army in 2004 fresh out of highschool his job was Combat Engineer at his duty stations including Baumholder, Germany and Fort Leonard wood, Missouri.

    Here is a link to where we will be donating $1 per shirt sold.