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CrowdFunding promotion One Man's Dream to become a certified Internet security professional

posted May 12, 2015, 1:00 AM by J Shaw   [ updated May 12, 2015, 1:00 AM ]

Have you ever thought about taking a risk?

My name is Lloyd Patricks. I am the firstborn of three in our family, Currently we live together with my mom a strong woman battling breast cancer. Before my mom  had cancer she was the breadwinner in the family and life was awesome for all of us. Sadly, we now have to adjust to rather sad situations which have had us go through financial constraints almost emptying the family funds account. I have dropped college and picked a job at a Coffee shop to help in the family needs. The job is part time and pays $20  an hour though i can only work for three hours a day and the rest to take care of mom and my two sisters.

I am about to take a risk of a lifetime and I need your help to succeed.

The Risk: Leaving the safety of part time employment and paying for six months of IT Security training courses.

This for us this is quite a risk since every day our savings get low and whatever i make is really needed for the family's survival. This step is aimed at getting a long term solution for our family since after i am  through with my course, i will  get a job enough to feed us and support my moms medication and my siblings upkeep.

The Goal: $11,000 provides the tuition, living expenses during the  IT Security training courses And some medical care for mom through her therapy. The funds will also cater for some of the debts we have at the moment .

This opportunity allows me to obtain a Internet Security position which will provide consistent revenue for our family's future needs.

I have been motivated to initiate and develop my career within the IT industry in order to provide for us. During this time I received my Dip in Software Development, carved a path through help desk, desktop support  and have been teaching myself rudimentary programming skills. The final push is here and I need to spend six months fully devoted to learning at , an online information security school. This means no job, no distractions, no play, just 100% of time focused on getting the most out of this training. With my prior work experience, degree and this training behind me I will be able to find employment as an Information Security officer / penetration tester and make a huge difference for my family’s future. Thank you for helping me any way you can!

Our Goal-- $11,000

4k for elearns tuition, an intensive  9 IT Security training course.

2K for clearing debts we  have for moms medication

1k for a simple laptop

4k for living expenses and moms medication during the six months of training and unemployment

Why Fundraise?

Being in my position, i am obliged to help in any way possible to ensure a bright future for my siblings and also aid in family expenses.

Now with no one else to help mom around in raising my two sisters (April 10 & Amanda Patricks 6) i am unable to take another job and the salary from my current one ain't enough for us.I am doing what i can by trying to seek God’s guidance and putting our need out there. I cannot do this alone, all other avenues of financial assistance have been exhausted. I would appreciate if you would consider giving a donation of any amount to assist us towards having a stable future.

What are the IT Security training courses?

These are intense training sessions focused on specific aspects of technical coding and hands on training . They are designed to train their students for full-time jobs in entry-level information security positions. They are as listed below:

Penetration Testing Student

Penetration Testing Professional

Mobile Application Security and Penetration Testing

Web Application Penetration Testing eXtreme

Web Application Penetration Testing

Practical Web Defense

Practical Network Defense

Advanced Reverse Engineering of Software

Coliseum WAS 360

How you can Help

You can help us by donating any amount to us. we really need the donation and value your sacrifice and assistance

Being new in New York we haven't had a lot of friends as yet to help us in the campaign so we would be very greatfull if  you can help by being part of our team to make this dream come true. You can in your own words tweet or use any mode to rally aid for my campaign , we appreciate your  help  and may God bless you.

Contact Me!

I look forward to providing you with more information and answering any questions that you may have.


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