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CrowdFunding promotion On. Smart measuring tape to shop fashion online

posted Feb 11, 2015, 12:54 AM by J Shaw   [ updated Feb 11, 2015, 1:21 AM ]   Discount code for 40% off

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Measure yourself using "On" Create your personal XYZE ID Get the right size!

on is the new way to interact with your favourites garments by using your body measurements. All you need to do is take your body measurements withon, our digital measuring tape.

Create your digital profile XYZE ID by following our App and translates your measurements into a brand’s particular size specifications, then be sure that whatever you are going to buy will fit perfectly.

on has got a revolutionary technology inside: up to 160 cm (63 inch) of circular tape, a 3V removable battery that lasts 48 months, a compact and soft design developed in Italy.

Smart Connection

Our resize technology makes you take accurate body measurements and have them automatically sent to the app via bluetooth.


It is the most innovative tape ever and a really user-friendly product. It sticks on you. on has a comfortable, soft-touch, extractable tape. It can take your circular body measurements with the same force winding till 160 cm (63 inch).


on is powered by a 3V battery that lasts up to 24 months and can be easily substituted.

Design made in Italy

on is of course an interplay between mechanic and electronic technology developed in 18 months’ R&D. It is entirely designed and produced in Italy, it's design is very compact and light and extremely portable anytime, anywhere.

We have designed an amazingly user-friendly app that collects all your body measurements, chest, waist, hips and so on, and translates them into your XYZE ID, your personal digital profile that makes you get the right size.

Oh yeah. We will also develop apps for the smartwatch users out there, so you can keep on hand all your body measures.

Do you shop fashion online? How often have you returned the items you ordered?

Every day people buy online without fitting, and they are afraid of buying online because might choose the wrong size and then return their purchase.

We are solving this problem and now it's coming the perfect solution for you!

The heart of our algorithm is based on an uninterrupted research & development with our special retailers and e-stores partners. We combine great professional experience in fashion modeling and sizing and digital quality activities.

A high-quality algorithm calculates the ratio between your body measurements and the brands' clothes specifications for each item category.

The XYZE app translates your measurements into a brand’s particular size specifications, so if you order one brand of tops, you will know precisely if you are a small, medium or large – no guesswork.

We are implementing also this solution on all operating systems. It's a very fast and highly scalable integration! Just find the WHAT'S MY SIZE? integration in your favourite brands' e-shopping portals and use XYZE.

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The reasons why we created XYZE is to dramatically enhance your online shopping experience, by increasing your confidence in fashion brands and your capability to choose the right size. You won't have to return your favourite clothes any more!

XYZE is an innovative Italian start-up conceived in 2012 during the MA.D.E.E – MasterLab in Digital Economics & Entrepreneurship – held at Digital Accademia (H-Farm Ventures) in 2012. XYZE was then established at H-Farm, Treviso, in July 2013.

H-Farm is a Venture Incubator based in the Treviso countryside. It operates internationally in the fields of Web, Digital, New Media and the Internet of Things. It fosters the development of start-ups based on innovative business models. Founded with the aim of helping young entrepreneurs launch small innovative enterprises, and Italian companies enter the digital world. H-Farm offers its partners qualified services in the fields of strategic consulting, financial planning and training.

Our management team consists of three founders with very diverse experiences and skills, coming from the fields of marketing, product and digital development. The XYZEDEV team consists of eight professionals working on digital development and product design.

We are cooperating with the best industrial partners, advisors and consultants to get on the market.

We have been working for more than 18 months developing on and getting it ready for production. We know what the next steps are for manufacturing and fulfillment and have great partners ready to start. However, we know that before mass production begins, we may encounter some problems. We have plans to mitigate all the risks and have enlisted great advisors that will also help.


We need to create the tooling to manufacture different parts of the product. This process is complex and requires time and money. Complications could potentially emerge and delay the manufacturing schedule. To tackle this risk, we've selected partners that can work closely with us through the whole process.


The software and app are functional, but we still have work to do building all the features that we want to include in the XYZE app. Software development sometimes gets tricky and takes longer than expected, but we have a lot of experience in this area and if necessary will look for additional help to solve any problems that could emerge. We will undoubtedly have surprises on our journey, but we trust that we have the team to overcome all challenges, as we’ve done so far. Our goal is to make the best possible product for you and deliver it right on time.


What is on? What does it do?

on is the first wearable measuring tape, and it's a device that helps users take their body measurements to get their right size when they shop online.

What is included in your package?

  • The on device with its battery
  • Quick start connect on with app
  • Operating instructions and warranty

How do I set up on?

on is already set up and ready for use.

What are its size and weight?

[sketchfab]80bcfb2dfd9b4c29b2a4352e4d06265d[/sketchfab] [url=]On. Smart measuring tape for fashion online[/url] by [url=]xyze[/url] on [url=]Sketchfab[/url]
  • Height: 52 mm
  • Width: 60 mm
  • Depth: 28.5 mm
  • Weight: 60 gr
  • Tape maximum extension: 1600 mm

What’s the range of the proximity sensor?

The Bluetooth signal range is about 49ft (15m) without any interference.

Is the product certified?

Yes, we are working to deliver the Bluetooth 4.0 and TUV certifications.

Are there any additional costs?

VAT, customs duties and shipping costs are not included.

Can I choose a colour when I order?

At the moment only the black and the white versions are available, the colours that you see in all of our videos! However, other colours will be soon available, and we'd actually like to make a survey to find out what colours you like most. You can currently add a comment before checking out.

Is on Water Resistant?

on is not water resistant so keep it away from water and wash it carefully.

What is does the blue light mean?

  • off: that's when on is not operating work
  • fast flash: that's when on is waiting to be connected
  • slow flash: that's when on is being used for body measurements
  • on turn off when you will finish to take your measurements

I have some other questions, how can I contact you?

Yes! Please leave a comment on the COMMENT tab at the top of the page, or email us and we'll reply to you as soon as we can!


How does it works?

Our mobile app provides instructions on how to take your body measurements with a user-friendly tutorial. This application also registers the measurements taken by on and turns them into your XYZE ID and into a brand’s particular size specifications, so if you order one brand of tops, you will know precisely if you are a small, medium or large – no guesswork.

What kinds of smartphones and devices will work with XYZE?

XYZE works with an iOS app but we are also developing an Android app.

How can I get the app?

The app is soon available on the apple store.


What's “WHAT’S MY SIZE?”

”WHAT’S MY SIZE?” is a revolutionary e-shop integration system to get the right size.

How does it work?

”WHAT’S MY SIZE?” consists of a mathematical algorithm that calculates the ratio between the users' body measurements and the brands' clothes specifications.

How can I integrate this widget?

This is very simple. You just have to add a few code lines into your e-shop and that's it. It will take only a few minutes. For further information, please email


When will on be shipped?

We’re planning to start shipping on to our crowd funding supporters till towards the end of July 2015. Shipping times may vary based on the destinations. The XYZE Team will keep you updated of your on ship date!

Why do I have to wait so long?

Since you're helping us to build the device, we need to know how many devices we have to produce to plan the industrial production with our partners. on is going to be launched on the market as first mover of its kind and will be honoured if you wait for it! We will keep you updated as to when the production is going to start.

Where is it shipped?

Anywhere. We will cooperate with the best shipping companies to have it shipped all over the world.

Can I split a bulk order into multiple shipments?

The Indiegogo system doesn't support shipping to multiple addresses at this point. Please make a second contribution if you would like on to be shipped to multiple addresses. For any questions regarding bulk orders, please email us at and use "BULK ORDER INQUIRY" as subject line.

Am I supposed to manually add shipping?

Yes, you have to add shipping on top of your selected perk before checking out! Add $8 for shipping within Italy, $20 for shipping within the EU, and $45 for anywhere else.

I preordered on but I didn’t get a confirmation email. How can I check the order status?

Please refer to How to Check if Your Contribution is Successful. If there is still an issue, then you may need to contact


Who are you?

We are a team of fashion entrepreneurs and we love fashion, tech and digital.

How does XYZE protect my privacy?

XYZE believes your data belong to you so we take all responsibility for seriously protecting your data and privacy. When you create your XYZE ID you are asked to accept the App terms and conditions, as well as our Privacy Policy.

Who can I contact for investment opportunities?

Please email us as

I’m a member of the press. Who can I contact?

We encourage you to use our images and video as long as you credit XYZE and link Press assets are also available on a specific section of our site

I can’t see my answer here. Who can I contact?

We get many customers' emails per day, so our customer care staff is very busy. So please be patient and we will surely get back to you at our earliest convenience. Please