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CrowdFunding promotion Next Gen Airline in India

posted Feb 1, 2015, 8:45 AM by J Shaw   [ updated Feb 1, 2015, 9:03 AM ]   Discount code for 40% off
West Pacific Airlines is a Next Gen Airline.Flying For The Common Man

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Short Summary

My name is Marvin Sekar.I am the Founder of West Pacific Airlines. I am a young entrepreneur and an airline enthusiast. Having an experience working as a Customer Service Agent for United Airlines (Livewel Aviation Services) in Mumbai International Airport, I have learned how an day to day operations in an airline functions. Also have a Flight Dispatcher certificate with RTR( Aero). 

West Pacific Airlines is a Next Gen Airline.Our Mission is to make air travel easy by providing Hassle Free & Luxury Air Travel at affordable cost and increase air connectivity in Tier 2 & Tier 3 cities and change the way people travel in India.

In West Pacific Airlines, we believe that every passenger deserves a "Comfortable & Stress Free travel.

So let me tell you what's so unique about west pacific airlines

1. We "Don't have tickets, We have membership"..Let me explain "How this works"

Sample Membership Card :

Whenever a person is flying with West Pacific Airlines for the first time, he needs to go through the following procedures:

a. He needs to visit

b. Then he needs to register himself by entering his Name, Email Id, Address, and Contact Details and has to submit an ID proof to successfully register.

c. After Registration, Membership Name, ID and Password will be generated.

d. He needs to enter the Membership ID & Password to book a Flight.

e. Now he has to take a print out of the Ticket & Membership details generated and bring it at the date of travel along with the ID proof that he submitted while registration.

f. Once at the Terminal, he needs to submit the printed copy of the Ticket & ID to our Customer Service Representative,and HE/SHE will issue a Membership Card.

So, next time whenever this person travels with West Pacific Airlines, he does not has to  go through all these procedures, "HE CAN SIMPLY BOOK A FLIGHT, BY ENTERING HIS MEMBERSHIP ID & PASSWORD"

A person can also go for a "Family Membership", instead of getting membership for each individual in the family.(It's an option they can opt for)

2. "Flying From Secondary Airport "

Our Aircraft Pilatus PC 12NG has the ability to operate from unpaved runways as it has got a high lift wing for an exceptional short field performance.

The Pilatus PC 12NG has gained a reputation for outstanding versatility, performance, reliability and operational flexibility. With a cruise speed of 280 kts or 519 km/hr, & 6+2 executive seating configuration. The Pilatus PC 12 NG has a max operating altitude of 30,000 ft with a rate of climb of 1,920 ft/min 

"Aircraft Interiors"

The Interiors of Pilatus PC 12NG are designed by BMW, this will make sure that the time you spend with West Pacific will be enjoyable and comfortable.

Our Members will get the following benefits, when flying with West Pacific Airlines :

i. Complimentary car parking space, as he/she will be flying out of secondary airport.

ii. No Check In, once the member enters the terminal building, he/she will be greeted  by our staff and he needs to scan his membership card at the counter to get access.

iii. He/She will be offered a complimentary snacks, drinks & can enjoy the drink at the lounge till his baggage is checked in.

iv. Now he/she can sit at the lounge and enjoy there drinks, or can proceed straight towards the aircraft which will be waiting for them on the other side of the terminal building.

Witness the PC-12 NG's remarkable capacity to easily carry 6 people and a full load of luggage from 2 SUVs.

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3. "No Lost or Mishandled Baggage"

 There will be  "No Mishandled or Lost Baggage" as the baggage will be loaded in front of the passenger and as the baggage does not have to go through the conveyor belt because we will be flying from secondary airport and the baggage will be loaded in the aircraft by our baggage handler.  

4. "Our Routes "

We will be having Juhu Airport and Surat Airport as our Hub, and will be connecting other cities.

From Juhu Airport, we will be flying to the following cities :

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What We Need & What You Get

We need a total of 4 Million USD  to get started, You can contribute $1 to $10,the funds will be used to lease aircraft and to train pilots & Staff.

Wait! we have something special contributors as you are one who will be making these dream possible,

A.The photos of the contributors will be painted on the body of the aircraft in the form of collage. 

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B. The contributors will be getting a free life-time Membership.

The Impact

I registered my company last year on 18th October 2013,  for the past one year i am trying to raise funds to get these Next Gen Airline  started. I have approached various Venture Capital Firms, Angel Investors and even banks but had NO LUCK. The reason being it's an Aviation Sector. 

With your support we can change the way people travel in India and make air travel affordable and comfortable. 

The Process 

We will be applying for a Non-Scheduled Operators Permit(NSOP). We are considering two options either we will be going for a used NSOP, so that we can launch operations within 2 months, If not available we will be applying for a new one. 
To make things smooth, I have contacted the best Aviation Consultant in India who will be helping us with all the regulatory procedures.  
I am backed by amazing team of Aviation Experts who have more than 20 years of experience in aviation industry, having worked in Airline Management position and as Airline Captain. 

Other Ways You Can Help 

There are also other ways by which you can contribute and support our campaign, by sharing it with your Friends & Family and help spread the word of our Campaign.