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CrowdFunding promotion My daughter needs your help

posted Mar 13, 2015, 1:32 AM by J Shaw   [ updated Mar 13, 2015, 1:36 AM ]

My daughter is  mentally ill.   She has struggled with her illness most of her life.   Sometimes things have gone pretty well, and she has been able do volunteer work, something she loves.  Sometimes they go very poorly, but she has always worked hard to keep herself healthy and safe, with a lot of help from doctors, therapists, and groups. 

About two two years ago things began to really deteriorate, and it seemed nothing was working, though she continued to do everything that was asked of her.  Then in the last few months her condition became truly acute, with six local hospitalizations since May. 

It it has now become clear that what treatment Medicaid affords her is not enough at this time. She is struggling day to day. It is not working. She is giving up on her own life and I am scared to death. 

Everyone who who works with her agrees that what she needs is an extended inpatient period of treatment in a safe environment, so she can develop the coping techniques and behaviors that will not just keep her safe but even help her thrive. 

After considerable research we've identified several highly qualified treatment centers that focus on these issues. One of the best is here in NC, near Asheville.  They focus on patients with these diagnoses who have not responded to hospitalizations or medication. Their track record is excellent. 

This is is a fantastic opportunity to help her get back to herself again and see her life as a life worth living,  after so much time suffering. Because none of these options are available to Medicaid patients however, we have to raise the money on our own.  The cost is substantial - more than $15,000 a month.  This is far more than I can afford.  I will do anything I can to get my daughter back. 

We have begun the application process, including seeking what financial aid may be available, but we will need a substantial deposit before she can begin treatment. I am running out of options and need your help. Anything helps - every single dollar is a dollar closer to getting her safe. 

I am reaching out to update you on my daughter's urgent medical campaign. Your generosity has allowed us to move well past the halfway mark to the first and most important goal - the deposit which will allow her to begin receiving the treatment she needs! We must raise the rest. I am researching prominent sports figures who either give to mental health and/or have a mental health issue in the hopes of a matching campaign or perhaps the donation of a signed (football, baseball, etc.) we could auction off. I am open to all ideas! Please share this in any way you can, and thank you for caring! Every post, every dollar, and every lovely word of encouragement is helping.
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