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CrowdFunding promotion My Scars, My Story-Documentary fund

posted Apr 21, 2015, 1:32 AM by J Shaw   [ updated Apr 21, 2015, 1:33 AM ]

Follow three brave trans women as they share their stories - the scars that have made each of them and the scars that are yet to come. Step into their lives, walk their paths and, perhaps, learn something about yourself as well. 

Our Purpose 
The main purpose of this project is to raise awareness and educate people on who trans women really are, how transgender individuals are treated and what they experience on a daily basis.  
The second purpose is to bring hope to transgender individuals everywhere, that we might be the hope that helps others to choose to live.  
The last purpose is to fund the medically necessary surgeries that are currently an unreachable dream. 
Why crowdfund/indie publish? 
The number one reason we are going the crowdfunding route is because we want to put everything we can into this project. What makes us different from the networks currently promoting and/or broadcasting trans-related shows? We, the trans women who are being filmed, get to put everything we can in this documentary versus the network dictating what ultimately ends up on the cutting room floor. Too many times we have seen a show, movie, or interview veer away from the more often lived, more often darker side of what it is like to be trans.

The risks*:

Trans individuals are murdered at a significantly higher rate, because they are trans, than any other group worldwide.

The ugly truths*:

49% of trans individuals have attempted suicide. Trans youth make up 18% of the homeless in Metropolitan areas such as Chicago.

The list goes on and on. These things need to be brought into the light in a way that goes beyond statistics and annual reports. 
About the documentary 
This documentary will either be put on DVDs or Blu-Rays and sales will go trans* programs where ever possible.

We will be working in a team of five people: the three trans women, Phylicia, Sarah, and Elle, a close friend, Heather, to assist with filming, and Mary, Sarah's partner. As team members, Heather and Mary, will help all three trans women throughout the process.

Each trans woman will tell their complete story, from as far back as they can remember. Here are some of what will be covered:

- How they felt growing up.
- When they noticed something was different. 
- How they handled or coped with their feelings.
- How different life events affected them (i.e. becoming parents, getting married, etc.). 
- Their childhoods. 
- What finally allowed them to come to terms with their transgender identity. 
- What happened to them when they came out. 
- How friends, family, and others reacted.
- What happened to them during their transition from male to female. 
- How they picked their names. 
- How transition affected already existing relationships. 
- How they changed during transition. 
- Possible interviews from friends and family. 
- Donor Q&A Session. 
- And more...

Additional information: many of the more important parts of the documentary will be published via YouTube. We currently have a web site with a blog where you can keep an eye on any upcomming events, and view pictures and videos associated with us and this project. Additionally we have a donor wall of fame where we list our donors that would like their name on it.

The following is an itemized list of how the funds raised will be spent while making this documentary.

Surgery: GRS, BA 
- Phylicia with Dr. Chet-$14,642.87 
- Elle with Dr. Chet-$14,642.87 
- Sarah with Dr. Bassard-$16,901.51

- Plane ticket-Thailand 6 people-$8,153.40 
- Plane ticket-Canada 6 people-$1,569.44 
- Hotel-Thailand 6 people~30 days-$9,396.00 
- Hotel-Canada 6 people~30 days-$6,309.55 
- Other-Food, misc expenses-$13,000.00

Passports-6 people-$2,000.00 

Documentary expense 
- Video Camera and DVD producing equipment-$10,000.00 
- Donor Rewards ( t-shirts, etc...)-$3,000.00 
Total needed to fully fund documentary: