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CrowdFunding promotion My Little Banker Books: Creating Financially Savvy Kids

posted Jun 11, 2015, 12:19 AM by J Shaw   [ updated Jun 11, 2015, 12:19 AM ]

My Little Banker is a collection of children's books that teach children ages 1 to 10 financial lessons using fun diverse characters.

The Books

I've created a lively and inspiring array of characters who will teach your children important financial lessons that will stay with them through life. These books are great tools for parents as they start conversations about debt, earning, saving, investing, and giving.

Nathan and his familyNathan and his family

Book 1: Nathan, who is spoiled rotten, gets everything he wants from his parents and g-mom, until his parents finally say No. It is then he gets the opportunity to learn what it means to Earn, Earn, Earn.

Christian and her sistersChristian and her sisters

Book 2: Christian, a 9 year old girl watches as her older sisters demonstrate the need for balance in their lives through spending and saving.

Tim and his motherTim and his mother

Book 3: Tim’s mom uses the skill of negotiation to teach him how hard work pays off.

Financial Goal

My financial goal is $17,500 this will cover the printing of my books, the cost of giving away the books, and the Kickstarter Fees. I have already had the first 3 books illustrated. However, every extra contribution will help me create more books, and give more books away. 

Thank you

Thank you in advance for your donations. I appreciate your support and ask that you share this Kickstarter Project with your friends and family via your social network links.

Risks and challenges

Please help me Give, Give, Give the next generation a helpful tool to teach them how to navigate their financial future. We're excited to host free teaching workshops for kids and parents.

The risk is that if my project does not get funded these books will never reach the hands of underprivileged youth and their families.