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CrowdFunding promotion "Motorcycle, We Are Family" car window Decals and Shirtz

posted Apr 17, 2015, 12:16 AM by J Shaw   [ updated Apr 17, 2015, 12:16 AM ]

get as many decal/shirt out, that motorcycle enthusiasts Have Family and Are Family, high enough for people to read while on the road.

About this project

Hello my name is Tammy, I am a Single Mom Of a 14 year old, and I would like to let you know I am part of a group of motorcycle enthusiasts. I've been riding for about 4 years I've been with the group for about 5 years  I love to ride, I love my wind therapy as we call it. it's beautiful, it's refreshing and I wouldn't miss it for the World. and Neither would my Framily.  (Friends=Family)

I Would like to make it my personal mission to be able to make more motorcycle awareness, Make People Aware we are out there, maybe we can save a life here and there. we won't be able to save them all but we will be able to save some. I would like to be able to start, not a Program, so to speak but to involve each and everyone out there to do a little part in making someone see. with anything i get will be going towards more individual Awareness, instead of billboards it will be sitting on the car Window in front of others. A Community Supporting a Community. we won't know how many people actually will be affected. but i figure if we can put support for College sports, Pro. Sports, Elections, Etc... we can support Our lives, or our Families lives as bikers, on our car windows.  

I have seen in the first three months of this year, January February and March, at least, if not more, within a 45 mile area 13 riders go down, That I know of, because the people in the cars did not see the motorcycle when they pulled in front of that motorcycle. The last one that I know about was going to visit his 7 week old son and someone pulled in front of him and he went down and he died two days later. sometimes we make it after going down, but this one didn't and this one had a 600 bike memorial ride and a little boy with no Father.

Everyone can Usually see us when my family is riding in a big group its when we ride by ourselves that hardly anyone can see us and I want to put on the back of cars and vehicles windows Motorcycle Decals, up where people can see them , and remind them while they are on the road. oh there's a motorcycle and they are Family, maybe they'll see the next Solo motorcycles that comes by.

if I can get enough Motorcycle Awareness decals/shirts out there maybe we'll have less motorcycles Going Down. yes I understand there are jerks out there who ride really bad. But there's always bad apples in a basket. But Most Riders Are Angels on the Road. as they are part of Toy Runs for children, Bikers against child abuse or Kid abuse, Drunk Driving, Million bikers Rides and many other worthy causes that they support in their everyday lives. Bikers Know the Feeling of loss of a brother, sister Friend, or Family Member. this is my way of trying to Give back and Help Protect these Angels on the road. what I'm looking for is people to recognize when a motorcycle comes down the road whether it's just the decal in the window, or someones shirt they saw 5 minutes before in the store, that triggers people to look and whether you love or hate motorcycles  if it gets them aware and makes them stop and look twice it could save a life and that there's motorcycles out there and they look for them even for 5 minutes so be it. Maybe it will keep them from pulling in front of a Motorcycle. Nobody should have to live with the conscience of knowing they were the reason someone died in a accident. Help Me get the word out by pledging a minimum of $15.00 so you can keep your conscience clean and save a life.

On every bike there is someone's Dad, Brother, Grandpa, Son, Husband, Boyfriend, Uncle, Mom, Sister, Grandma, Daughter, Wife, Girlfriend, Aunt someone belonging to someone, part of a family, on the back of a motorcycle.

All I ask is to watch for us bikers. And please help save a life. Get the word out... Look Twice save a life. WE ARE FAMILY Thank You 

Risks and challenges

the reason it will take so long to get your decals or shirts is the fact Kustom Shirtz W/Attitude will be hand making all decals and shirts, Here in Salem Oregon, there is no factory Just a Small Company wanting to Help Me do more for Motorcycle Awareness we will get them out as soon as they are ready. all should be out and received by July and August. If not Sooner...