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CrowdFunding promotion Mobile App Giving Everyone access to Sign Language

posted Feb 5, 2015, 3:24 AM by J Shaw   [ updated Feb 7, 2015, 10:35 AM by David Khorram ]   Discount code for 40% off

Mobile app which translates speech/text to sign language and allows everyone to communicate using sign language raising deaf awareness

About this project

I work within an organisation where I have contact with deaf families and members of the public who reply upon communicating via Sign Language.  This is where my project idea was born!

As a result of this I decided to plan and develop a mobile solution which could give anyone and everyone access to speak or type in text on a smartphone or tablet and have this translated to Sign Language.  I have worked with a mobile app developer to create the initial version of my app and I have financed this myself.  I set about submitting a patent application for the idea and concept and wanted to ensure I could apply for the global patent to safeguard the app.  With this all completed I now am seeking the funding to allow me to achieve the following:

1) Develop my app onto the IPhone/Ipad platform

2) Further develop and expand dictionaries to include at least 2000 additional words and phrases

3) Create a professional website

4) Utilise professionals to market the app and drive downloads

5) Develop new dictionaries to expand the languages available

6) Enable everyone to have the app as a tool on their phones or tablets much like other language translation apps

I fully intend to use the development company I have already been working with, but also seek to use other organisations to market the product and make it as accessible as possible.

Here are a few screen shots of what my app will look like:

Example of sign language clip being playedExample of sign language clip being played
Starting a conversationStarting a conversation
Signature screenSignature screen

Risks and challenges

The main risk is that people won't fully understand the concept of the app or it's potential benefits. I am a solid communicator and passionate about the app. I have developed lots of good contacts particularly via my twitter page for the app and will be able to positively promote the app.