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CrowdFunding promotion Meteorite : A Unique Paperweight

posted Apr 13, 2015, 12:16 AM by J Shaw   [ updated Apr 13, 2015, 12:17 AM ]

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A specially designed Paperweight, a unique blend of art and technology,hand - crafted to perfection.

Meteorite Story 

We exchange gifts on all special occasion be it Birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, or sometimes even without a reason. Every gift is a key to a memory which reminds us of those special occasions we shared with our loved ones. But despite their great beauty most of those gifts end up in dusty cupboards and attics. This was our tipping point that led us to the thought of making a gift that could be both beautiful and useful in our daily lives, something that won’t end up in the dump. We wanted to make something unique, something that was never seen before, entwining artistic beauty and technology. From these thoughts it evolved “The Meteorite”.

Finally we were able to create something that sits on top of everything else. Meteorite serves not just a paper weight, it is a stress reliever and an exciting toy for kids. Every meteorite is a carefully crafted piece of art with love. 

How Meteorite Works ?

The Meteorite glow when you shake it. The custom made motion sensor detects the shake and initiates the glow which last for nearly 40 seconds. The embedded circuitry is a masterpiece evolved from months of R&D. The ultra-low power electronic circuit consume 1 Nano ampere when the “Meteorite” is in the sleep mode and about 40 micro amperes when it glows. The circuit is expected to last for very long period of time.

Meteorite is available in two shades the elegant blue meteorite called the Blinky Blue and the funky green variant called the Green Lantern.

Meteorites Spreading Their Glow

Every meteorite is unique. The electronic circuit is enclosed within the 3D printed base. An array of handpicked stone is glued on to it, giving each product a unique texture. It is then embedded into the transparent outer shell through a die casting process. Once the casting is finished, the product passes through a series of finishing process to achieve unmatched glossy finish. The possible ways of having fun with the “Meteorite” is endless; everyone has their own way with it.

Meteorite has a rugged design. It is water proof and can survive occasional falls making it suitable toy for kids and pets.

    The Awesome Perks


    Risks & Challenges

    We are confident about our abilities to deliver this product on time with the best quality. Keeping in mind that there are always issues that can arise; that may delay our schedule. We would love to ship earlier and will do everything to make it happen, but the delivery of the product depends upon the service providers, we will do our best to get it to you.

    The electronics is specially designed to withstand shocks and rough handling, but like any other electronic device subjecting the same to intense magnetic field or extreme forces can damage the circuitry. Subjecting the meteorite to intense and extreme loads can also damage the product.

    The production of every product takes about a week from start to finish, since it’s a hand crafting process it will consume considerable amount of time to complete and deliver it to you. We will do our best to get it to you within the stipulated time. In events of any delays or changes we will keep you updated. For any queries, our support team will be ready to offer assistance.

    We will do our best to make this campaign a great success.

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