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CrowdFunding promotion MONDAY: A Short Film

posted Feb 7, 2015, 10:23 PM by J Shaw   [ updated Feb 7, 2015, 10:25 PM ]   Discount code for 40% off

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In this super hero themed coming of age film, an introvert doodler is forced to face his fears.
Monday is a film about a shy high-schooler named Dustin Doblin, a complete introvert who finds solace doodling in his marble notebooks. But when Dustin's bully nominates him for school president as a prank, Dustin will stop at nothing to get home. If he fails to escape, he'll have to give a speech in front of his entire school at the end of the day. Will he survive THIS Monday?

The purpose for telling THIS story is to inspire  kids, teenagers, and adults to be themselves and be proud to express themselves without discrimination.Growing up everyone faces different problems at school. This film is not about fitting in and living to whatever the standards are for "the cool kids," its about doing whats right and standing up for yourself.  Our hope is that this film will be an encouragement for people of all ages to be themselves. 
Here's a sneak peek:

I've had the idea for Monday rolling around in my head since Spring  2013. It's taken many twists and turns, but the final draft of the script is something I think you'll truly enjoy when it's brought to life.
 Personally, I've poured many of my own experiences growing up into this film. One thing's for sure -  I LOVED to doodle just like Dustin. In fact, I've been drawing "Dustin's doodle" since 4th grade. I drew him as a way to express myself as an alter ego. The doodle's original name was "Blue-Man" and later changed to "Super Chenzy." It was important to me that something that had such a huge impact in my life would be integrated into this film.  I guess you can say this project has been 11 years in the making!   

Vincent "Chenzy" Graziano
Writer & Director
Chenzy Graziano is a senior at Regent University and the creative mind behind Monday. Originally from Long Island, Chenzy is a career-driven film student with a love for producing and directing commercials, short films and music videos. His most recent projects include producing two short films, The Owner and The Dream Machine. He's enthusiastic about storytelling and is incredibly passionate about its ability to inspire and help others. Chenzy is also passionate about missions and would like to fund humanitarian work in the future with some of the profits he receives from filmmaking. He's very excited to be working on Monday with his hardworking and talented friends, and he cannot wait to see where the project takes them!

Megan Winn   

Megan is a graduate production student at Regent University. She has a strong passion for producing short films, and her most recent short film was Pearl.  Megan has worked in both radio and television  broadcasting for the last 4 years statewide in Indiana. She plans on pursuing production and broadcasting in the future.

Eric Reebel 
Directory of Photography & Camera Operator 

Eric Reebel is a Director of Photography and Steadi-Cam Operator in his senior year at Regent University. He has been involved in over 35 student projects, most of which as the DP or camera operator. This year he is working on his first professional feature film set as a camera intern, as well as working as the DP for three portfolio projects. After school he will continue working as a Steadi-cam operator and 2nd AC in the state of Virginia and beyond.

Sarah Eberwein
Production Designer

Born and raised a home-school kid 20 minutes outside of Philadelphia, Sarah graduated high school a year early and intended on graduating from Regent University with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications. Since coming to Regent, her life has more or less been flipped and turned upside-down. Thanks to the faith of some very gutsy student directors, she has been able to use her natural gifts of aesthetics to contribute to the production design of different films such as The Dream Machine directed by Chelsea Motherwell, and Crumbled Love by Jonathan DeMelkon. Since finding her niche in production design, she has become most passionate about her work. She has decided to double-major in both communications and CTV, and aspires to be the absolute best production designer in the business.

Detailed Breakdown of the Budget:

Camera-Team: $500

Costumes/Props: $600

Meals/Craft: $1,200

Transportation: $300

Duplication: $800

Locations: $200

Backer Gifts: $700

Festivals: $300

Emergency: $200

      If you like what you see but you can't contribute financially, that's okay! All we ask is that you share this campaign with others who can share in your excitement in seeing this film made! In the meantime, go check out some of our other awesome social media and our previous projects on the Graziano Productions Youtube channel!  

      Thank you!