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CrowdFunding promotion MIOT, the first analogue and hackable Internet metrics board

posted Jun 10, 2015, 11:52 PM by J Shaw   [ updated Jun 10, 2015, 11:58 PM ]

About this project

  Very limited Edition

      Today we live in a society where everything is connected and where Internet is permanently present.

      In fact, thanks to the internet we can do almost anything. We can talk to anyone, regardless of where we are, send and receive information, opinions, recommend places or businesses... In short, the Internet has changed our world. 

      Nowadays, we depend on mobile phones for everything. We want to change this. 

      That's why, we have decided to create MIOTtech, to offer our users a range of products that allow them to be aware of what happens on the Internet in their daily life, without the need for any computer, tablet or mobile.  

      We decided to develop our first product, MIOT. A smart counter, with a strong classic look that emulates the old departure boards of railway stations before 80 's and has been designed to be the bridge between the online world and the offline world. Everything that happens in your net, you will see it in your precious MIOT.

      We have designed and manufactured a scoreboard that tracks and displays to the public the impact you have on the social networks as well as the impact of campaigns carried out on them. 

      Furthermore, it can be set to display any notification or relevant Internet metric, whatever you want! In short, we have created the ultimate social tool, both for individuals and businesses.

      Are you proud of your social community? So what are you waiting to show it to the world?SPREAD THE WORD!

      Want to increase the number of followers in your networks? Let MIOT help you and see how quickly and effortlessly increase your followers. Why? Because MIOT has also been designed to be used as an attractive, interactive, innovative and powerful marketing tool. It has been specially designed to capture the attention and organically increase the size of your social communities.

      But only this would be sort of boring. That's why we opened it. We don't want MIOT to be just a social counter, we want it to be the Internet counter. That's why it is Open Source, we want people program MIOT for their purposes. We have designed the hardware, now you have to design the software. This software would change the metrics or the messages MIOT gives.

      The MIOT is multi-platform, so it can be used with major social media networks, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

      In addition to these features already included in the product, our counter has the advantage that it is open source.

      What are the most important metrics for you? Well ... Let MIOT show them!

      MIOT comes pre-configured to perform the following actions.

      As said before, MIOT is Open Source, so you can program any metric you desire. 

      Here are some examples we give, but remember, the limit is your imagination.

      The MIOT is very easy to use. 

      You only have to plug it into the mains, connect from your computer to the Wi-Fi network and sync your device from our website. 3 easy steps you just have to do the first time. 

      Once paired, all you have to do is plug it to the electrical net and go.

      So easy, so fast.

      The counter is made of high quality materials, handmade, and assembled carefully at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, where we work. 

      All this makes the MIOT a product of the highest level and quality in terms of materials used and in its meticulously cared finish.

      This exquisite woodwork is made in One of the most traditional carpentry of Valencia (Spain). 

      We believe in the Spanish craftmanship and we want it to grow with us. We don't know if we can change our country and this crisis that concerns it, but at least we will try to help other small businesses like ours.

      Special thanks to Joan Castellano, our carpenter and big friend. 

      Its outer shell has been made using solid natural beech wood natural, cut and made by hand. Lacquered stainless steel front, protector made of high strength acrylic, laser cut, engines and electronics strength and durability and controlled by Arduino.

      Special thanks to Nacho López, our friend and expert in graphic design and

      All this, without forgetting the design, one of the most important parts for the team. It has an attractive design that seeks to combine the simplicity and elegance of classic and high technology of today. 

      With its attractive design, the counter can be placed anywhere. Whether it be in a shop, a hotel lobby, the living room,a children's room, a restaurant, a conference room, leaning on its desk, hung on your wall, placed in the garden... It will fit anywhere! 

      You will see that it gives your home or business that touch of distinction, classicism and technological vanguard it is missing.


      All started in Valencia, when Javi and Sergio met at an enterpreneurs event in the city of Valencia, get along perfectly and decided to start an IOT's project. They both are passionate in hardware, electronics and social networks applied to marketing. 

      Javi has studied Business and Sergio is a Junior Industrial Engineer specialized in electronics. Soon they realized that to carry out work of this level, they would require the help of a stronger team. At this point is when join the team Pepe, Senior Industrial Engineer specialized in Mechanics who lives in Madrid, friend of Javi; and Lluís, Junior Industrial Engineer specialized in Design of product, Sergio's classmate. A few months later Edgar, Graphic Designer and Engineer, joins the team to become the fifth member of MIOTtech.

      But this path does not cross it completely alone. In the 14 months leading working on the project have been supported by Beatriu, Alba, Kiko, Sandra, Álex and Amparo, specialists in marketing, design, computing and electronics.

      We have formed a large family and without them, this would not have been possible.

       * Special thanks to Alba and Kiko for starting this adventure with us. You know how important you are.

      A lot of handwork and material goes into building one single MIOT. Backing us means we will be able to procure new tools, equipment, materials for production, and set up our production process. 

      We would be able to reduce our price to make MIOT an economically approachable gadget.

Our little evolutionOur little evolution

      Special thanks to "Metropol" for offering their song "There are no losers here" for the campaing and to their vocalista, Ray Molinas for dubbing the video.

      Thank you very much Pau, you made it! (Eres un pedazo de artista).

      After manufacturing, we will ship worldwide to our backers directly by the most effective express shipping after packaging it in Spain. Shipping prices for your home country are shown in the rewards.

Thank you for supporting people like us that love to build and create stuff. This project would not be possible without YOU.

 Do I need to have an internet connection? 

  • Yes, MIOT works connected via Wi-Fi. 

How does my MIOT connect to the internet? 

  • Connect it to a local energy source and simply select the MIOT network on your PC or mobile device. Once on the welcome page enter your usual network and password as you would when connecting to your local Wi-Fi network. Take a look at our step by step guide. 

How many social networks can MIOT display? 

  • All you want! MIOT is an Open Source device, so you can programme it to track any metric. Anyway, it comes pre-configured to work with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

What does Open Source mean? 

  • That means you can set your MIOT as you need. You can program it to track any metric on the Internet you want. 

Do I need to have a Facebook/Twitter/Instagram account? 

  • If you want to use MIOT as a Social Media counter, yes, you must have an account. But if you want to use MIOT as a metric counter, you don’t. 

I don’t have programming skills, what should I do? 

  • If you don’t know how to do it, or you prefer we do it for you, just ask. Remember that our MIOT is pre-programmed to be used with Facebook, Twitter and Facebook. 

Can the MIOT be tailored made? 

  • Yes, if you want some special customization or design, let us know. We would be happy to personalize your MIOT with your logo, brand colours and design. We would love to hear about that. Remember our devices are handcraft made. 

How many letters and numbers does MIOT have?

  • MIOT has got numbers from 0 to 9, and letters to create the following words: Hello, setup, tweet, like, photo, thanx, go go, come on, cloud, storm, count, cool, yeah, cute. But if the community wants to change them we can think about it.

I want more information I need more than 6 modules, is it possible? 

  • Yes, contact us and tell us what you need. Something’s not quite right with my MIOT. 

How can I contact customer service? 

  • Sorry to hear that, but don’t worry, contact us and our customer service will get in touch with you. 

Are VAT and shipping costs included in the price? 

  • No, they aren’t. VAT and shipping costs are applied after pre-ordering (they depend on the customer country). 

Are you associated with the trademarks that appear in the campaign?

  • No, we aren't associated with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Lucas arts films, Google, USPS.

Do you have more questions? 

Risks and challenges

Hardware is hard, no doubt there. Mass production is by far our greatest challenge. The challenge we want to meet is to recreate that special experience we achieved on each and every device that comes out of production and deliver it to you worldwide. With large-scale production and shipment, there are often risks you can’t predict. We are grateful to our partners that help us minimize the risk and deliver the product perfectly and on time.