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CrowdFunding promotion LetsLoveGoodMusic

posted Apr 21, 2015, 12:45 AM by J Shaw   [ updated Apr 21, 2015, 12:46 AM ]

The “#LetsLoveGoodMusic” Kickstarter campaign is to reach my supporters both old and new in hopes of launching my new music.

About this project

Click Here for Behind The Scenes!Click Here for Behind The Scenes!

I have been creating music since I was 10 years old and truly believe that music has the power to change people.  It's always been my desire to take my career to the next level while inspiring others to live out their life passions as well.  Just spreading love.  That's what this single and project are all about.

I am raising funds to release my new single and album project.  The goal is to engage my current fan base while extending my reach to new listeners abroad.  Some basic promotional costs for the single will include $3750 for a 10 week visual marketing campaign, and $10,000 for marketing the single to the radio. The single release date is May 26th and securing marketing and promotional dollars are so important because this date is less than 8 weeks away. The remaining $10,000 will be allocated to album production costs. The prospective completion of the album is set for late third quarter (late September). 

I am confident that we will pull this off because most importantly the music video to the single is complete! The video for the single features accomplished actress and recording artist Chelsea Tavares.  Also, I've already written and identified the songs that will be on the sophomore album and a lot of the pre-production has been completed. Additionally, I have a committed band that will work with me on finishing the recordings for the album. 

Promotions and marketing will be handled by industry professionals who have 30 plus years of experience working with artists such as John Legend, Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake, Cee-Lo, Akon, Toni Braxton, and Common to name a few. 

I have years of experience in producing music and this project is no different than other projects that I have executed in the past and completed successfully. 

Risks and challenges

The challenges related to this project are making sure that the single is promoted successfully while working with less funds than it normally takes to execute projects of this caliber. With that being said, my team and I are still confident that we will pull this off. Making sure that the funds are allocated properly, in addition to correct timing, are imperative in the success of the single. Once the single is promoted successfully, the main challenge is tackled, and the album is sure to be a success.

Preparing for the album release by the end of 3rd quarter will be a challenge, but not a significant one. The good thing is, I've already recorded a good amount of the new project. Finalizing the project would be a matter of mixing, mastering, and some final creative contributions from band members.

I have a good supportive team behind me with many leading industry professionals ready to take on this project with me. That is why the funding is imperative now because a deadline has been set and many other things, all at once, need to be put in motion and to stay in sync in order for the project deadline to be reached successfully. If setbacks arise, the collaborative team will pinpoint where the weakness is in moving this project forward, tackle the setback, and continue to move this project forward. No matter what, it will get done.