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CrowdFunding promotion LUNALUXX

posted Apr 29, 2015, 1:54 AM by J Shaw   [ updated Apr 29, 2015, 1:54 AM ]

The levitating lamp that is first of its kind, Brilliant in design, Brilliant in technology.

About this project

Flight...levitation.. and the defiance of gravity! The sights of such events tend to challenge our perception and stirrup intrigue. The LUNALUXX was designed with precisely this in mind. 

It is truly the first of its kind featuring a minimalistic design, generating a smooth atmospheric light with a futuristic touch.
 By combining both magnetic suspension and remote-phosphor lightning technologies, a light emitting disc is freely suspended in mid air!

So please help us crowdfund this amazing project by finding the funding amount that fits you best! 

Scroll down for more information about the LUNALUXX, the different rewards for funding us, and technical details. 

And feel free to contact us with any questions or remarks!

Turning the LUNALUXX OFFTurning the LUNALUXX OFF
Disc returns to its stationary position in case of a blackout or accidental power disconnect.Disc returns to its stationary position in case of a blackout or accidental power disconnect.


In order to get the LUNALUXX into your hands, the unit production costs will have to be reduced substantially. The raised funds will be used to further optimize the electronics and to produce the tooling required for us to scale up and get unit costs down.

This is how we plan to achieve that:

June: After our funding goal is reached, the manufacturers and development partners will be approached based on prior meetings. 
July-August: During these two months, the LUNALUXX will go trough final engineering iterations, in preparation for production. The focus wil be on optimizing the circuitry and designing the tooling required for the injection molding.
September: Once the design iterations are done, the orders for the tooling are placed. During this month the tooling will be produced.
October: To ensure that all preparations for manufacturing result in a product that meets all functional and quality standards, final testing will be done prior to initiating the actual production proces.
November: Once we are satisfied with the preparations the production will start.
December-January(2016): We expect to be able to assemble all lamps and start shipping within two months after all parts have been manufactured.

Regular updates will be provided on the project's progress. So you will immediately know if and why the planning changes.

Risks and challenges

While we have been able to bring LUNALUXX this far, the main challenge we will be facing once funded, is to ensure that every single unit produced meets the set quality and performance standards. 
To achieve this, high demands are placed on the production readiness of the design, and on the quality and organization of the supply chain. 
To mitigate the risks involved in this challenge, we have researched the options and met with numerous local companies. 
Based on this we have decided that we will partner up with a selection of local highly knowledgeable and experienced companies extensively versed in the areas of high-tech research and development, electronics production, design and tooling for injection molding. 
Having access to such expertise locally, will easily allow for face to face communication and for on-site inspection and involvement in every step of the production process.