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CrowdFunding promotion Just Curves- Activewear for the Fashionable Curvy Girl

posted Apr 22, 2015, 1:19 AM by J Shaw   [ updated Apr 22, 2015, 1:19 AM ]

We motivate, inspire & empower women to love themselves from the inside out with our fashionable, supportive, & innovative activewear

About this project

"I just found the coolest Kickstarter for activewear for plus and I just backed it, because I thought it was brilliant! I mean, seriously smart"- Marie Denee of the Curvy Fashionista

Just Curves is fashionable, figure-flattering plus size activewear that combines the support of shapewear with the function of activewear and the fun of streetwear: all custom-designed for women with curves sizes 14-28!

 The Activewear Dilemma

Nothing is worse than trying to workout while pulling and adjusting on your clothes the whole time.  Well, actually, there may be something worse...wack, ill-fitting workout clothes.  You know what I'm talking about! Pants with a small waistband and low rise, giving you a muffintop that won't quit and boxy shirts that don't do your lovely lady lumps any justice.  No...You deserve better my curvy sister.  You deserve activewear designed with your curves in mind.  You deserve to feel beautiful, comfortable, and confident so you can conquer your workout like a BOSS!  You deserve Just Curves!  What's so special about Just Curves? Well...

It's ONEderFul!

Just Curves has designed an innovative open-bust bodysuit that gives you all-over coverage and support which shapes and contours your body for an amazing fit and beautiful silhouette.  This patent-pending design is a Just Curves exclusive for plus size women.  It's called the ONEder Suit.

The Problem

The problem with most activewear pants is that they're not made specifically for plus size women. The average waistband is about 2.5 to 3” set on a low or mid-rise, which cuts right across the midsection creating a muffin top…not a good look. Not to mention the waistband usually shifts, so you’re always adjusting and fumbling with your clothes instead of concentrating on your workout.  

Before in XL pantsBefore in XL pants

 The Solution

The Solution is the ONEder Suit. The patent-pending design ensures that the pants can’t shift uncomfortably or fall down because it's one piece!  The TummyFlex waistband is lined with powermesh across the front and back for extra compression and shaping. The moisture-wicking fabric also smooths the back and diminishes cellulite everywhere else. On top of all that, it’s comfortable and easy to get into.

After in XL ONEder SuitAfter in XL ONEder Suit

 When you put on the ONEder Suit, you'll feel empowered, like you can conquer whatever your ex-Marine boot-camp instructor throws at you. You won't spend your workout adjusting and fumbling with your clothes. You will be confident, secure, and you will rock your workout!  Notice how her stomach or back doesn't show while she's exercising?  That's the power of the ONEder Suit!

Concept and Design

Finding workout clothes that fit me properly was always a problem, so I created my own solution. I would wear shapewear tops that would help hold my pants in place while also smoothing my waistline and lower back.  One day, I had an ah-hah moment and joined the two pieces together, making the ONEder Suit...

Transitional, Fashionable Activewear

Another reason to love Just Curves is that our designs easily transition from gym to drinks with friends.  The super stylish pieces will motivate you to keep keepin' on at the gym while the compliments roll in. Swap your sneakers for some heels or cute flats and paint the town curvy!

Made in the U.S.A.!

Nothing makes us prouder than being able to offer affordable, high-quality activewear for plus size women that's also made in the U.S.A. in the heart of Los Angeles, CA.  We've partnered with local manufacturers, seamstresses, pattern-makers, and fabric houses to negotiate great terms so we can pass those savings on to our customers.  We want to do our part with helping to build a strong, American economy.

Join our Tribe of Curvy Fit Chicks

You're not in this alone!  There are so many women, myself included who are working to adopt a healthier lifestyle.  Just Curves wants to arm you with activewear that makes you feel secure, confident, and beautiful so you can take that first step into loving your body, which will motivate you to keep working to be stronger and better every day.  I'm right here with you ladies!  I have some weight to lose too, so we'll be rocking our ONEder Suits together, pushing our bodies and exercising our minds toward self-love.   Come join the Just Curves Facebook page for support, encouragement, tips, and recipes.  You CAN do this! 

That's me in my ONEder SuitThat's me in my ONEder Suit

Reward Style Options

The Just Curves Woman is Fun, Fashionable, and Fly!

We Need Your Help!

Just Curves is so close to becoming a reality, but we need your help to fund out first production run.  Every pledge helps us to fulfill orders and open up our website to ship regularly.  Having the money to go into production is the only thing stopping us from being the best plus size activewear line in the world, helping countless curvy women reach their goals with confidence.  

Special thanks to the following people who helped make this Kickstarter possible:  Taryn, Eric, Vanessa, David, Kristin, Bilory, Laksma, Mina, Rachel and are amazing!

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Risks and challenges

We've already overcome most of our challenges. We have partnered with industry trusted manufactures, located in the heart of Los Angeles, to ensure a smooth production process. We made sure to choose quality fabrics that are always in stock so our deadlines will be easily met. Our patterns and samples have been adjusted, tweaked, and fit on models to ensure the fit is perfect for your curves. As with every big project, there may be some unforeseeable challenges, but we are equipped to handle whatever may arise.