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CrowdFunding promotion Your Cloud Platform to Socialize-Collaborate-Automate

posted Apr 17, 2015, 12:26 AM by J Shaw   [ updated Apr 17, 2015, 12:26 AM ] is an integrated cloud service to socialize, collaborate, organize and automate both personal and work activities.

About this project is a cloud service that brings together social networking, collaboration and SmartApps under a single platform for both personal and business use.

With a single free account, you will be able to

  • Interact and collaborate with colleagues, friends and family members;
  • Create and manage one or more Microsites (which can be as simple as a Facebook Page or as elaborate and customized as a small website);
  • Create and manage custom database forms to store your private data on the cloud or share them with others;
  • Purchase one or more dedicated cloud instances, install your favorite SmartApps from the AppStore, and invite others to your cloud instances;
  • Customize your installed SmartApps to meet your personal or business needs (similar to or Podio but with a lot more features); 
  • Subscribe to any service offered in the AppStore

And for the more advanced users and developers, also provides browser-based drag-and-drop user interface for authoring new SmartApps to use or for sharing or selling on the AppStore.

An SmartApp is a database oriented application that:

  • Consists of one or more Data Templates that is constructed and can be customized on the web with simple drag-and-drop interface;
  • Runs in the cloud platform and can automatically integrate with other SmartApps running in the same instance;  
  • Fully integrates with the platform's socialization and collaboration features;
  • Takes advantage of the platform Workflow builder and execution engine so processes can be automated and tasks can be assigned and tracked;
  • Integrates with the platform reporting and dashboard capabilities; and  
  • Is fully mobile with no additional development effort.  

In effect, a SmartApp can be as simple as a customer database and as complex as a full ERP system, and everything in between, born in the cloud for the cloud and mobile access.

With the free account, you will be able to socialize and collaborate with others, organize any part of your life and store your data in the cloud and access them from anywhere anytime. More specifically,

  • Post status updates (including text, photos, videos, locations and links);
  • Create a custom database form or use any of the prebuilt forms in the AppStore to accurately capture your posts (e.g. food recipes, golf rounds) or store private data;
  • Discuss and collaborate with others around any post
  • Create tasks or calendar events around any of your posts or data entries
  • Customize your Microsite or create additional ones including custom look & feel, pages and page content.
  • Get your own email forwarder to match your Microsite name, so if you choose John_Doe as your Microsite name, you can setup to forward to your email address.

A cloud instance is a dedicated workspace (or a virtual server) in the cloud that can house SmartApps and all of their data. An administrator of a cloud instance can manage SmartApps and user access. There are different types of cloud instances that vary in size, maximum number of users and whether it needs to support an anonymous access, and each has a different monthly cost accordingly.

A Cloud Instance is needed if

  • You want to build your own SmartApp for your own use or to market in the AppStore
  • Install and/or customize a SmartApp from the AppStore
  • Work closely with a set of users (e.g. employees, friends, or family members) on the same set of SmartApps
  • Maintain your data and archive policy separately from the general population

With a cloud instance, you also have access to more advanced features:

  • Support the creation of more complex database forms (Data Templates) for your data with a great deal of customization
  • Instantly build a fully collaborative application by simply uploading a spreadsheet (or CSV) file
  • Full workflow builder and engine to automate processes, activities and task assignments
  • Fully customizable reporting engine for all of your instance data
  • Create dashboards and business graphics for any part of your data

Here is a demo of some of the common features available to an user across all SmartApps:

And another demo for of the Tasks & Calendar Events Helper Tool also available to all SmartApps, which captures tasks and events specific to an object within a SmartApp:

The following demo covers the Notes & Attachments Helper Tool that can be used to add additional information to any object in a SmartApp.

 The following demo shows the Collaboration Helper Tool that can be used for making a post, review request, approval request or a poll regarding a specific object.

The AppStore is where SmartApp developers can load their applications and promote them, and where users can explore and search for SmartApps that meet their needs. Once a user finds an application they like, they can install on one of their existing Cloud Instances or request a new instance.

With the rapid development environment, you’re able to translate your ideas to full fledge cloud applications without any programming experience. And once you’re happy with your application, you can upload it to the AppStore, document its key features, upload some screenshots and set the desired pricing options. The AppStore will make it available to the user community to find, install and start using right away with no additional effort on the developer side. We believe this will open the opportunity to numerous number of creative applications similar, yet even greater, than what we’ve seen with Mobile Apps.

If this is a free service, why should I back this project? Here is why:

  • Help us to cross the finish line and bring this technology to the masses. It is a game changer!;
  • Get some bragging rights. Once becomes popular like Facebook and Instagram, you can always say, I was one of the early adopters, backers and its first users...I have the badge for it;
  • Get in before anybody else and pick the best Microsite (Page) name for yourself, which affects your Microsite URL and your email forwarder;
  • Be eligible to Backers-only promotions that would give you advantage over the competition down the road;
  • Cloud Instances are not free, and the SmartApps you might like might not be neither, so check out the reward packages that can give you one-year of free access;
  • And, if you have an idea and want to build a SmartApp, check out the App Developers package. There is only few of these offered.

Intelliun was founded with the primary goal of empowering end-users to automate their everyday activities. Initially focused on businesses, but with the rapid advancement of cloud computing, mobile technology and social networking, Intelliun is broadening its focus to include individuals and families alike.  

Building on its advanced Model-Driven Development (MDD) Technology, The Virtual Enterprise (VE), Intelliun prototyped several versions of IU/OS (the underlying platform for as early as 2004.  

In 2008, Intelliun developed a new implementation of the IU/OS and marketed it privately to businesses resulting in around 40 installations. In 2014, the development of a cloud service around the IU/OS platform begun with a target release in the summer of 2015.

The majority of the platform has already been developed. The underlying platform, IU/OS, is already in production in many global businesses. We’re currently in the final phase of development and testing. The main purpose of raising the Kickstarter funds is to

  • Conduct wide scale stress testing
  • Complete the online documentation and produce helper videos
  • Cover the Amazon cloud hosting cost until becomes profitable
  • Develop more SmartApps to seed the AppStore including: CRM, Project Management, Timesheets Tracking, and Issue Tracking. Additional SmartApps will be added if we start meeting our Stretch Goals.