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CrowdFunding promotion Hitting The Reset Button

posted Jan 20, 2015, 2:02 AM by J Shaw   [ updated Jan 20, 2015, 2:05 AM ]

Hitting The Reset Button is a comedic heart felt motion picture budgeted to be produced for $4.5 million for theatrical and television exhibition globally.

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The Film

Adam Cole is miserable. He hates his life, hates his friends, hates his hometown. He’s in a rut, and doesn’t know how to get out of it. He doesn’t want to end it all, he just wants to “hit reset” – start over. He decides to use his credit card to travel. His plans are almost set when he meets Julie, and that changes everything. It’s a film with laughs and heart. It’s 40 Year Old Virgin meets The Notebook.

The Approach

“Hitting The Reset Button” is a comedy with a heart that takes us on a multi-cultural odyssey inside the strange and humorous world of Adam Cole. We’re introduced to his friends, family, school, dead-end job, and discover the crazy, challenging journey a small town boy takes to move forward in life when he finds himself in a rut.


The goal is to produce a critically acclaimed, quality motion picture that will entertain and surprise through provocative story-telling. It will also make significant returns, and create real value for investors.

Ingredients for Success

“Hitting The Reset Button” has multiple significant advantages over other independent motion pictures including:

  • A unique and well-received script
  • Exceptional personnel involved on all levels
  • The interest of a number of notable actors to create an outstanding cast
  • An “A” list Executive Producer/Producing partner
  • Strong interest for international and domestic distribution
  • A viable plan and path to commercial success

Funding Requirements and Budget

We are raising an initial $450,000 (approximately 1,191.61 Bitcoin) (initial 10 % of the budget) with the goal of being able to fund a viable film that will be capable of returning the levels of ROI we’re seeking -- $4.5 million is the film’s budget, but depending on multiple factors the film could still be viable at a slightly lower or higher budget.

The Market

There are multiple potential target audiences for “Hitting The Reset Button” including:

  • General audiences
  • Comedy/Dramedy fans
  • Independent film-goers
  • Fans of the specific actors in the film

Distribution Strategy

I intend to utilize multiple strategies to gain distribution:

  • Ideally, I am locking in a strong cast able to garner distribution via a studio like Sony Pictures, a mini-major studio like Focus Fox Searchlight, or international entities such as Peace Arch or E1 Entertainment for international distribution before production commences.
  • Screenings of production edits will also garner excitement from distributors and sales agents as the production progresses.
  • Film festival success will be the next path followed. However, the film will not depend on this path to enable distribution, but will generate buzz based on its own artistic merits and commercial appeal.

The Project

  • "Hitting The Reset Button” is a motion picture budgeted to be produced for $4.5 million for theatrical and television exhibition in the United States and globally .
    • The film genre is romantic dramedy, with attributes of drama, comedy, and redemption.
    • The production desires to hire name talent for roles in the film, thereby adding to the film's commercial value and audience appeal.
    • The project has a highly castable script with multi-ethnic casting potential.


The goal is to produce a critically acclaimed, quality motion picture that will entertain, move, and surprise. Most importantly though, it will make significant returns and create real value for investors.

  • The film will touch the soul, push artistic barriers, and above all, entertain in groundbreaking new ways.
  • Expertise and originality will be employed to develop an award-winning independent feature film with commercial mass appeal.
  • The intent is to generate exciting box office, rental, and VOD returns that will stand the test of time across multiple media platforms.

Ingredients for Success

“Hitting The Reset Button” has multiple significant advantages over other low budget studio or independent motion pictures.

  • It has a well received, fully developed and industry supported script.
  • It also has a castable script with the potential for top name actor attachments with global appeal.
  • It has cross-cultural appeal due to the multi-racial nature of its characters and the exciting combination of comedic and dramatic elements.
  • It has the commitment from industry experts for participation, and the possibility of A list producing and crew attachments.

Fundraising Strategy

  • I am seeking donations (with great rewards) to gain the initial 10%, and aim to target larger, more traditional film funds/investors and production companies as elements are added to the production.
    • The initial 10% (approx. $450,000.) of the projected budget is being sought as a first phase. This will allow the production to make offers to talent and gear up for the next phase of funding, which will most probably be from a studio.
    • Regarding state tax credits (e.g. 25% of below the line costs in California), we will be pursuing them along with all other opportunities. If necessary, we can decide to film in alternative states or countries including: Nevada, Washington, Illinois, Hawaii, South Carolina, Louisiana, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.
    • Direct cash refunds of up to 30% of in-state expenditures might be attainable and tax credits of up to 40% could be applied to aid funding.
    • State sponsorship such as that of the New Mexico film office, which offers a 0% loan, with backend participation in lieu of interest, for up to $15 million per project (which can represent 100% of the budget) could be looked to as a potential last resort.

The Budget

The $4.5 million budget was derived at through a process of working with industry experts including producers, line producers, production executives, cinematographers, lawyers, and equipment rental houses.

  • In thinking through the budget, the idea was to establish a budget that allows the production to create a film of the highest artistic level and experience for a budget that would be realistic.
  • We also had to determine the shooting schedule, which we determined to be 30 days over a 6 week period. This was key in assessing a budget.
  • Overall, the budget might be adjusted by two primary factors: tax credits and cast. If we are able to garner tax credits, that will reduce the budget, and if we are able to interest a top cast, the Above-The- Budget budget may need to be considerably enhanced.

The Market

  • Overall, there are multiple targets for “Hitting The Reset Button”: • General audiences - Global movie-goers from age 18 upwards. This includes comedy buffs, drama lovers, and fans of the specific actors in the film. • The specific target markets include:
    1. US Box ($10.1billion)
    2. General Drama/Action Market (2nd and 4th highest of the 14 tracked - - $2 billion and $1.3 billion respectively),
    3. US DVD & Blu Ray Sales ($10.5 billion)
    4. US DVD Rental ($2.5 billion).
    5. VOD market ($4 billion)

This film has the potential to be a wonderful dramedy that will cross multiple boundaries, and as a result, avenues for revenue will be high.

Distribution Strategy

Our primary focus is to have distribution in place before commencing production. This will typically be based on cast, and as a result, we are aiming to target an “A” list and international cast that can open films in multiple regions and across multiple media formats. Along with that, we hope to partner with a major or mini major studio that has pre-existing distribution agreements. However, like most things in the industry, this will most probably also be cast dependent.

The Synopsis

Adam Cole is 27 years old, and he feels like his life is over. He lives with his parents, still goes to college (with no end in sight), works a dead-end job and hasn’t accomplished anything he thought he would by this point in his life. He decides he needs to make a big change to get himself out of this rut. He has two credit cards, each with a $20,000 limit (he lied on the applications, claiming to make over $100k a year at his dead-end job), which he considers his ticket out of town. Adam decides to fly to Ireland to sing on the streets, and see where destiny carries him. His friends and family are dismayed, and try their best to talk him out of it, but Adam is determined. He books a flight to Ireland, gets his passport application completed, and looks into the cheapest places to stay in Dublin. He has two months to prepare for his trip, and he’s ecstatic, counting the days! Knowing that he’s leaving, he starts to actually enjoy life again, and appreciate the little things that are so great in his life (he lives in a beautiful town, has great friends, and a great supportive family). Still, he’s determined to leave when the time comes. Adam goes to a party with his friends Bobby and Marcos. It’s a work party for Bobby, so Adam knows no one, and figures he’ll pretty much blend into the wallpaper. Bobby’s co-worker Julie walks in, and Adam makes a joke (completely out of character, but he’s not the same old Adam anymore). Julie jokes back, and they end up in a conversation. Adam asks her out, she says yes. He plans the date out. He has a little money, but he’s trying to save as much as he can for Ireland. They meet for burgers, and get to talking. Julie is fascinated with all the same things as seems like a match made in heaven. They decide to go on a second date, and the romance takes off from there. They go on a weekend trip to Las Vegas, where Adam has a mishap with the masseuse (misunderstanding about their nudity policy). Julie hears about the misunderstanding, and thinks that she might be wrong about Adam...he might be a scumbag after all. Slowly, he begins to win her trust back, all the while nearing his departure date. Adam is still not sure if he should cancel his plans. He likes Julie, she likes him, but he’s afraid if she breaks up with him, he’ll end up in the same old rut as before. Adam starts to distance himself from Julie to prepare for his trip. She doesn’t understand, and is extremely hurt. Adam lies to cancel a date they had scheduled, and she catches him at the local bar. She confronts him, and he tells her of his plans, and as he goes down the list of all the things he hates about his life, he realizes that he doesn’t hate any of them anymore. Knowing Julie made him appreciate everything that he has, and what he would be giving up if he went away. They decide to make it work, and Adam cancels his trip to Ireland. As Adam and Julie are relaxing, and settling into their domesticity, Bobby and Marcos show up at the door. They have decided that if they can’t talk Adam out of going to Ireland, that they’ll go with him. They have their tickets and passports in hand. Adam tells them he’s not going, but Bobby and Marcos decide to go anyways. Each is going down a new road...a new adventure awaits.

Screenplay Rights

The rights to the film are owned by Joe McGaha. The screenplay is WGAw registered, and has a clean chain of title.

Development Highlights

For the key lead roles, a list of actors of a similar type and stature has been drawn up. The actors on the list are well-suited for the roles, potentially attainable, and would potentially bring financing with their involvement:

Adam Cole Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Michael Pitt (Boardwalk Empire) , Zac Efron, Ryan Gosling, Kellan Lutz (Twilight)

Bobby Donald Glover (Community), Kelly Perine (One On One, Between Brothers), Derek Luke (Antwone Fisher)

Marcos Wilmer Valderrama (That 70’s Show), Gael Garcia Bernal, Danny Arroyo (General Hospital, 24)

Julie Emma Stone, Kristen Stewart, Christina Hendricks, Ashley Greene (Twilight)

Teddy Andrew Garfield (The Social Network, The Amazing Spiderman), Matt Lanter (90210)

Captain McNeely Louis C.K., Colin Quinn, Denis Leary

Artistic Highlights

“Hitting The Reset Button” takes us inside the world of a young man torn between the life he has and the life he wants. The wonderful dynamic of filming in small town U.S.A. as well as in Las Vegas gives the film real “flavor”. Music also plays a role as it does in the lives of those who’ve experience the rhythms and the excitement of youth.

Marketing/Release Strategy

From a marketing/release perspective, “Hitting The Reset Button” will have tremendous potential given its story and different take on romance.

It will be able to draw a buzz given the different interesting elements. Clearly, A-List actors getting involved with the project will be a key marketing point. However, until that is a reality, there are several conceptual ideas at this stage that could be explored.

  1. The exciting novelty of it being youth-based film centering on a life-changing period.
  2. The comedy elements.
  3. The social issue of a young man struggling in a difficult economy.
  4. A man seeking redemption.

“Hitting The Reset Button” is a unique film with a range of marketing angles.




Any investment in film production involves a high degree of risk. This investment should not be made by anyone who cannot afford the loss of his or her entire investment. Before investments are made, the following risks must be carefully considered:

a) The success of any medium, whether film or TV, depends on the public’s tastes and opinions at any given time. The likes and dislikes of the public vary greatly from day to day and can never be confirmed. As a result, it is impossible to determine the success of this, or any, film.

b) The release of a similar film may affect the popularity of this film.

c) As a result of the above factors, and others not listed here, only one of every five films made recoup their cost.